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calendula stem cells

reality of cosmetics

We use cosmetics like lotions and creams all the time to look younger and more radiant. We eagerly reach for them because they instil in us a sense of comfort that we are taking care of ourselves. But do these cosmetics offered in the market really help us?

power of herbs

Elma Skin Care offers a variety of oil and lanolin-based products that contain natural and active substances extracted from calendula stem cells. We have a found a way to keep these stem cells dormant until they are applied to your skin.

plant stem cells

Plant stem cells have raised hopes of solving several skin-related problems such as sun damage, wrinkles, and visible capillaries by supporting the cellular modifications in human skin. They are the most recently discovered ingredient that is effective and harmless in thwarting the premature aging process of the body.

encyclopedia of herbs

With over 15 years of research and writing, herbs2000 has become an astounding reference guide to all things herbal. Click the link below to read about therapies, medicaments, ailments, flowers, and much more.

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