Eucalyptus globulus

The essential oil obtained from the eucalyptus leaves is among the most familiar organic oils that can easily be distinguished owing to its camphor-like aroma. Eucalyptus is native to Australia, but has been naturalized in many places across the globe now. The oil obtained from the leaves of this tall growing variety of tree is refined; it is used for multiple therapeutic purposes. Eucalyptus oil is highly resourceful that helps to energize the body, fortify the immune system as well as offers protection from cold during the winter months. Eucalyptus oil possesses an earthy feature that aids in calming down excited sensations. In addition, this oil also possesses purification and balancing properties that make it valuable for topical application in body areas that have been affected by emotional or physical inconsistency and also in locations where one may feel painful or discomfiture.

Eucalyptus oil possesses a potent head clearance property that makes it extremely useful in alleviating congestion. The same quality of eucalyptus oil also helps to enhance concentration. When applied topically on the body, this oil has the aptitude to penetrate deep inside and, hence, it is effective in loosening up weary, firm and painful muscles and joints. In addition, eucalyptus oil is also used as an antidote to bites and stings by venomous insects and animals. The oil is so versatile and useful and, therefore, is found in almost all homes for emergency treatments for different disorders. The antiseptic properties of eucalyptus oil are very useful in disinfecting and cleaning the air. This particular property of eucalyptus oil makes it an excellent disinfectant for use in hospitals and sick rooms.

Among all the essential oils, eucalyptus is perhaps the most familiar. This essential oil is pure and has a curative aroma that brings to mind some types of medications. There are several varieties of eucalyptus and one of them - Eucalyptus citriodora, possesses an aroma similar to that of lemon. The essential oil obtained from eucalyptus leaves is a must for any cabinet stocking aromatherapy medicines. While the potent medicinal scent of eucalyptus does not make this essential oil suitable for use in making perfumes, it is a precise medication of several conditions. Eucalyptus oil is highly effective in treating any type of respiratory problem and is also useful for additional purposes.

It is interesting to note that the eucalyptus forms the sole source of food for the koala bear. While the eucalyptus has its origin in Australia, presently this plant is grown across the world. Often they make attractive and aromatic potted plants. Eucalyptus is rarely grown in gardens as the tree not only grows to a great height, but also has an inclination to overpower other plants growing in the vicinity. Nevertheless, when grown in a garden it also proves to be useful tree. Apart from the essential oil from the eucalyptus leaves, the potent antiseptic feature of the plant helps to eliminate fleas and all other parasites in the garden.

The essential oil obtained from eucalyptus trees are usually blended with one or more essential oils of peppermint, lavender, rosewood and wintergreen and a carrier oil, for instance sweet almond to form the base, for aromatherapy massages intended to stimulate energy, vigor, strength and enthusiastic feelings. It is believed that eucalyptus oil has a cooling influence on turbulent people or anyone suffering from anxiety. Therefore, this essential oil is frequently added in aromatherapy products for treating people enduring stress and pressure.

Over the years, the use of eucalyptus essential oil for aromatherapy has been growing steadily since this oil easily blends with several other essential oils, such as rosemary essential oil, thyme essential oil, lavender essential oil, marjoram essential oil, frankincense essential oil, cedarwood essential oil and several others.

Eucalyptus essential oil is also a potent inhalant and hence, it forms an active ingredient in several cold and sinus formulations available commercially from any drugstore or chemist shop. This essential oil is so potent that if you simply smell the aroma from an open bottle containing the oil, it will instantly clear any nasal congestion and make breathing easy. If you are suffering from a severe head cold accompanied by nasal congestion, take a large bowl and fill it with boiling water. Add around three to five drops of pure eucalyptus essential oil to it and inhale the vapor. Remember to cover your head with a towel and keep your face above the bowl. This will enable you to inhale the entire vapor without letting any of it to escape. While inhaling the vapor, close your eyes and take deep breaths so that you may take the vapor deep inside your lungs. In case you are not too comfortable with the aroma of eucalyptus oil, you may also include a few drops of lemon or sage oil - two very effective inhalant oils. If the water in the bowl becomes cool, add some more steaming hot water, add a couple of drops of the essential oil to it and continue inhaling the vapor no less than five minutes at a stretch. Repeat this treatment as many as thrice daily. Eucalyptus oil also possesses germicidal properties and, hence, it may be used in a vaporizer in a sick room to eliminate all bacteria present in the air.

An effective chest rub can be prepared at home using eucalyptus essential oil and white camphor essential oil. To prepare the formulation, you need a small glass jar similar to the baby food jar to blend the ingredients for the chest rub. Next, take a little quantity of beeswax. You may also buy beeswax in the form of crushed 'beads' as these will melt more easily. Combine a carrier or blending oil like grape seed oil, jojoba oil or apricot kernel oil to the beeswax in the jar. Add the carrier oil in proportion to four or five times the beeswax. For instance, in case you are using beeswax in the measure of one tablespoon, you need to combine four to five tablespoonfuls of the carrier or blending oil. Remember, adding more of the oil will make the blend all the more soft. Next, put the glass jar containing the ingredients in a saucepan containing hot water. Keep the jar in the hot water till all of the beeswax melts. Remove the heat and take out the glass jar from the saucepan when the beeswax has melted. When the blend begins to cool, it will transform into a dense gel. At this stage, you need to add the eucalyptus and camphor essential oils in equal measure to the mixture. Remember, adding the essential oils to the mixture when it is very hot will result in the evaporation of much of the active elements in the volatile oil. You may use a small beater or a small seafood fork to mix five drops of eucalyptus essential oil and five drops of camphor oil for every tablespoon of the base. As discussed above, you have prepared a base in the measure of six tablespoon (one tablespoon of beeswax and five tablespoon of the carrier or blend oil). Hence, you will be required to add 30 drops of each of the essential oils to the base. Now, whisk the ingredients repeatedly while it cools down further. Store the chest rub in a cool, dark place and use it to rub it on the chest for treating colds. This chest rub may also be used for relieving sore muscles due to excessive physical exertion.

Eucalyptus essential oil has an inspiring and stimulating aroma and it may be used while working with a view to help enhance concentration and temperament. It is advisable that you always carry a cotton ball soaked in eucalyptus oil, lemon and sweet orange or bergamot in a Ziploc bag. You may open the bag and take a few deep inhalations anytime during the day, especially after lunch, as the energy level and concentration are at their lowest ebb at this time of the day. Carrying the cotton ball saturated with the inhalants to work during the cold and flu season may also help to protect you from the germs exhaled by your colleagues.

General properties

  • anticatarrhal
  • antiseptic
  • stimulant


While inhaling the potent eucalyptus essential oil helps in providing relief from most types of nasal congestions, some precautions too need to be taken while using this aromatic oil. Potent odors often set off a number of types of asthma. Hence, eucalyptus essential oil should be used carefully as well as prudently. In fact, taking large measures of eucalyptus oil may prove to be noxious and detrimental for the overall health. In addition, use of this potently aromatic essential oil may also interact with homeopathic medications.

People need to be aware of the fact that this aromatic essential oil has the potential to result in fatal outcomes if it is consumed orally. It is important that you always keep this essential oil out of the reach of children. In addition, it is advisable not to use eucalyptus oil on babies and small children since a number of researches have hinted that even if they simply inhale or come in oblique contact with this essential oil, it may cause grave and detrimental reactions in them. If any individual, either a child or an adult, consumes this essential oil orally, it may result in brain damage, adversely affect the central nervous system, cause seizure, and result in coma or even death. According to a number of medical experts, oral consumption of even one teaspoon of this herbal oil has the potential to cause everlasting physical harm.

In addition, pregnant women or nursing mothers who are breast-feeding their child should avoid this powerful essential oil. If this oil is used by pregnant women, they are at the risk of causing damage to the fetus. On the other hand, nursing mothers should avoid using this essential oil as it is known to pass on to the breast milk. People enduring specific medical conditions, especially acute and chronic ailments like heart problems, seizure disorder, lungs diseases and stomach or intestinal problems should also avoid using this essential oil. In case they desire to use the oil to treat certain medical conditions, they should necessarily consult a doctor before doing so.