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Palma Rosa

Cymbopogon martini

Palma Rosa (botanical name Cymbopogon martini) is basically a grass that grows in the wild. This herb-like green and straw-hued grass has elongated thin stems and produces flowers at their terminals. The leaves of this wild grass are aromatic. While the grass is generally harvested prior to the appearance of the flowers, the maximum yield is attained when the grass has dried completely - usually after a week of cutting them.

Palma Rosa is native to India and the oil extracted from it has an aroma similar to that of rose. Owing to its fragrance Palma Rosa oil is widely used as an ingredient in perfumes, soaps and cosmetics. In addition, Palma Rosa essential oil also has several medicinal uses and is particularly effective in skin care, as it possesses moisturizing properties. Use of Palma Rosa oil encourages cell regeneration and also controls the production of sebum, thereby bestowing the oil with age-defying attributes. In addition, Palma Rosa oil is beneficial for the digestive system and was incorporated into Indian curry dishes as well as the meat dishes of West Africa with a view to eliminate bacteria as well as help in digestion. Palma Rosa essential oil is popular among aromatherapists owing to its skin conditioning attributes as well as its soothing and flower-like aroma.

Palma Rosa essential oil is extracted by means of steam distilling the dried grass, which is collected prior to their flowering. Chemical analysis of Palma Rosa essential oil has revealed that its main constituents include dipentene, geraniol, geranyl acetate, limonene, linalool and myrcene. As mentioned earlier, the aroma of this essential oil is akin to that of rose oil and this is why the herb has been named Palma Rosa. In fact, the similarity of its aroma and rose oil is also one of the reasons why Palma Rosa essential oil is occasionally used as a substitute for rose oil. In addition, Palma Rosa essential oil is also frequently adulterated with rose oil, as it is inexpensive compared to the latter.

The essential oil of Palma Rosa or Cymbopogon martini possesses the ability to reduce fever, as it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral as well as anti-septic. Hence, irrespective of bacteria or virus being responsible for the fever being, Palma Rosa essential oil is useful in cooling the body temperature and also calms the system.

Treating viral infections is a difficult task - in fact, more problematic than eliminating bacteria. Viruses usually form a protective coating over them, which is known as a cyst. This coating protects viruses from extreme conditions prevailing in their environment and is so strong that it is able to endure nearly all things in their surroundings. Moreover, viruses possess the ability to remain dormant inside the cyst till the time they find a suitable host. When they have found a host, the cyst breaks open and the virus also emerges from its dormant stage and begins multiplying rapidly. Applying Palma Rosa essential oil on the viruses or viral infections at this stage (when the microbes just start multiplying) helps to curb as well as restrain their ability to spread and eventually eliminates the microbes.

Palma Rosa essential oil also possesses anti-bacterial property and, therefore, its use is effective for holding back bacterial growth and ultimately eliminating them. This oil is also wonderful for treating internal bacterial infections, such as colitis as well as the infections of the stomach, colon, urinary tract, urinary bladder, and urethra, prostate and also the kidneys. The essential oil of Palma Rosa also aids in putting off bacterial infections on the head, skin, ears, eyelids, eyebrows and armpits.

The essential oil of Palma Rosa possesses cytophylactic properties. In other words, use of this oil stimulates growth of new cells as well as reprocessing cellular matter. As a result, this oil is useful for repairing the damages to the body due to the aging process. At the same time, it helps the harm done to the body due to wounds as well as a number of other issues. Palma Rosa oil also promotes the body's general growth. As this oil also encourages the growth and development of the body's defensive cells, its use is believed to be a wonderful means to reinforce the immune system.

Palma Rosa essential oil also aids digestion. In fact, this oil encourages the secretion of various digestive juices, including enzymes and acids, into the stomach. As a result, it promotes digestion. In addition, this essential oil also facilitates the body in absorbing the nutrients present in the ingested food, thereby making the digestive process further efficient.

Although most people are well acquainted with the word "septic", it appears that several of them actually do not comprehend the seriousness of the condition. This is mainly because most people have not endured the condition in their life. Briefly speaking, septic is an extremely excruciating condition that occurs when wounds become infected. In fact, wounds are very susceptible to infections as they are mostly open as well as unprotected. Washing wounds with Palma Rosa essential oil helps to protect them from being infected.

It has been found that Palma Rosa oil is most effective when used during convalescence and also helps to bring down the temperature during fever. At the same time, this oil also facilitates digestion, thereby aiding in keeping the intestines clear from infections, anorexia nervosa, and digestive atonia. It is also useful in providing relief from tender and stiff muscles.

The essential oil obtained by steam distillation of dried Palma Rosa grass is also a good moisturizer. Apart from keeping the skin moist and supple, it also helps in balancing the levels of hydration in the body and stimulates regeneration of cells. This oil also helps to regulate sebum production, which is necessary for maintaining the elasticity and suppleness of the skin and effective for treating dermatitis and acne. It also helps to prevent scarring. In addition to regenerating and rejuvenating the skin, Palma Rosa essential oil also helps to combat minor infections of the skin, tender and tired feet as well as the condition called athlete's foot.

Palma Rosa essential oil can be used in the form of blended massage oil or diluted in bath water of convalescent patients with a view to combat fatigue, exhaustion, stress, nervousness, and boosting the digestive system. At the same time, this oil is beneficial for the skin's health.

The essential oil of Palma Rosa also has the ability to eliminate infections as well as put off scarring. For this purpose, you need to dilute the oil by adding water and use the blend to rinse the wound. This essential oil is also incorporated in lotions and creams, as it has a hydrating and moisturizing effect on the skin. This property of the oil makes it an excellent remedy for combating wrinkles. In addition, Palma Rosa essential oil helps to regularize the normal secretion of sebum, which is useful for maintaining the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

At the level of the cells, Palma Rosa essential oil aids in new tissue formation and this is the main reason why its use is excellent for rejuvenating as well as regenerating the skin. This oil is most effective when combating any dry skin or while treating infections of the skin. According to many people, they have obtained excellent results when they applied Palma Rosa essential oil to the areas affected by the condition called athlete's foot.

Regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin is a comforting attribute of Palma Rosa essential oil. This property of Palma Rosa oil aids in retaining the moisture of our body inside the tissues and, at the same time, maintains the balance of moisture all over the body. Hence, this oil can also be employed to alleviate inflammation and specific symptoms related to dehydration. Precisely speaking, this essential oil is excellent for the health of your skin. Use of Palma Rosa essential oil helps to keep the skin moist, soft and youthful looking.

General properties

  • antiseptic
  • antiviral
  • bactericide
  • cytophylactic
  • digestive
  • febrifuge
  • hydrating

General uses

  • athlete's foot
  • bacterial infections
  • colitis
  • colon infections
  • eating disorders
  • exhaustion
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • immune system
  • infections
  • kidney infections
  • sore, stiff muscles
  • minor skin infections
  • nervousness
  • prostate infections
  • scarring
  • sore, tired feet
  • stomach infections
  • stress
  • urethra infections
  • urinary bladder infections
  • urinary tract infections
  • wrinkles


The essential oil of Palma Rosa is believed to be absolutely safe for use by most people. Use of this oil does not cause any irritation and it is a non-toxic and non-sensitizing substance.

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