Archived Articles - 2013

January 2013

BPA hazardous for human health - Jan-02-2013
Asparagus may help to relieve a hangover - Jan-03-2013
Depression may be related to diet - Jan-06-2013
About 70% double mastectomies are useless - Jan-07-2013
Everyday foods that help to avoid gallstones - Jan-11-2013
Fasting may help reduce epileptic seizures in children - Jan-12-2013
Forget antibiotics; Chinese herbs, medicine more effective for coughs - Jan-14-2013
Blueberries, strawberries may help women to reduce heart attack risk - Jan-17-2013
Use natural remedies as alternatives to flu shots to prevent and treat flu - Jan-18-2013
Study reveals how damaged eye cells may prevent blindness - Jan-20-2013
Vegetables, fruits, fish oil, probiotics cure childhood asthma naturally - Jan-22-2013
Binge drinking and its consequences on the liver - Jan-24-2013
Black cumin: A miracle panacea - Jan-28-2013

February 2013

Excessive sugar consumption linked to cancer - Feb-04-2013
Excellent remedial powers of five green foods - Feb-09-2013
Young adults using cannabis face two-fold more risk of stroke - Feb-10-2013
Magnesium helps to improve overall health - Feb-11-2013
Scientists suggest 'neem' might help in eliminating cancer cells - Feb-16-2013
Five top therapeutic herbs that aid in combating influenza - Feb-18-2013
Diet drinks not responsible for increased appetite - Feb-21-2013
Six power foods to detoxify your body naturally - Feb-22-2013
Overcoming ADHD while avoiding prescription drugs - Feb-27-2013
Intense acupuncture may advance Bell's palsy patients' muscle recovery - Feb-28-2013

March 2013

Heart arteries blockage a warning for stroke - Mar-02-2013
10 remedies from preferred foods help sleep better, overcome insomnia - Mar-04-2013
Study finds organic tomatoes are tastier and healthier - Mar-06-2013
Study shows processed meat may lead to premature death - Mar-07-2013
Black mamba snake venom a potent analgesic: scientists - Mar-08-2013
Six most life-saving, health-boosting practices - Mar-12-2013
Vital vitamin D deficiency symptoms you need to identify - Mar-13-2013
Popular antidepressants further enhance bone fracture risk - Mar-15-2013
Acupuncture proven effective for reducing dysmenorrhea - Mar-19-2013
Consumption of Greek style coffee may lead to a longer life - Mar-20-2013
How extra virgin olive oil defends against Alzheimer's disease - Mar-21-2013
Studies show chocolate definitely lowers blood pressure - Mar-22-2013
Probiotics show potential in putting off toxic shock syndrome - Mar-24-2013
Simple foods may facilitate counteracting inflammation - Mar-25-2013
Eat mindfully, as food memories may help lose weight - Mar-26-2013
Cinnamon, chromium, bitter melon can alleviate high blood sugar risks - Mar-29-2013

April 2013

Study shows fish oil enhances the immune system - Apr-01-2013
Antibiotic resistance may lead to a disastrous threat - Apr-02-2013
Meditation may help to make one more compassionate - Apr-03-2013
Useful natural remedies for spring allergies - Apr-05-2013
Flu vaccine may enhance risk of narcolepsy in people below 30 - Apr-08-2013
Selenium may decrease risk of advanced prostate cancer - Apr-09-2013
Study says increased cholesterol aggravates atherosclerosis, macular degeneration - Apr-10-2013
Study finds sorghum safe for celiac disease patients - Apr-11-2013
Rosemary smell might improve memory - Apr-15-2013
Vitamin B deficiency may cause, worsen IBS - Apr-16-2013
Regular work-outs may enhance attention span - Apr-18-2013
Nine effective blood pressure lowering foods - Apr-19-2013
Cinnamon and its health benefits - Apr-24-2013
Consuming beetroot juice daily may help lower BP - Apr-25-2013
10 Herbs Frequently Used In The Treatment Of Chronic Candida Albicans - Apr-30-2013

May 2013

Study finds worrying toxic metal levels in lipstick - May-03-2013
Systemic review finds citrus fruits reduce risks of breast cancer - May-04-2013
Diet, natural remedies for preventing, curing and reversing heart ailments - May-05-2013
Whole walnuts and extracted oil from them lessen chances of cardiovascular disease - May-09-2013
Quacks say feeding sugar before vaccinations pacifies babies - May-10-2013
Consuming peppers may help avoid Parkinson's disease - May-11-2013
Six best fruits that provide energy - May-12-2013
Soy, tomatoes potentially effectual in avoiding prostate cancer - May-13-2013
Maitake mushrooms restrain tumor growth, enhance immunity - May-16-2013
Coffee consumption may lessen risk of damaging liver diseases - May-21-2013
Breathing helps control emotional states - May-24-2013
Probiotic microflora help to lose weight - May-27-2013
Study reveals copper obliterates norovirus - May-28-2013
Research reveals bee propolis averts cancer, enhances immunity - May-29-2013
Probiotics help avoiding diarrhea due to antibiotic use - May-31-2013

June 2013

Use vitamin C to naturally lower blood pressure - Jun-05-2013
Multiple health benefits of consuming shiitake mushrooms - Jun-07-2013
Coffee enemas offer several amazing health benefits - Jun-13-2013
Fish oil supplements help to naturally eliminate acne - Jun-14-2013
Walnuts excellent as brain medicine - Jun-18-2013
Probiotics aid in easing stress - Jun-20-2013
Turmeric protects the heart, combats autoimmune disease - Jun-25-2013
Five super foods that cure digestive disorders - Jun-26-2013
Natural and safe means to eliminate bad body odor - Jun-28-2013
Eight foods that combat allergies effectively - Jun-30-2013

July 2013

Air pollution causes autism? - Jul-01-2013
Iodine can put off or aid healing breast cancer - Jul-03-2013
Natural ways to overcome irritable bowel syndrome - Jul-05-2013
Use magnesium supplements to prevent, put off migraines - Jul-06-2013
Infertility reports stop Japan from promoting HPV vaccines - Jul-07-2013
Cherries are excellent for treating cancer, insomnia, hypertension, gout - Jul-11-2013
Ayurvedic massage helps to slow aging, enhance awareness, removes impurities - Jul-17-2013
Seven irrefutable reasons for consuming avocado daily - Jul-18-2013
Choline ingestion augments memory, ability to retain attention - Jul-20-2013
Use turmeric to prevent osteoporosis, tooth loss - Jul-22-2013
Top herbal teas for treating high cholesterol, clogged arteries - Jul-24-2013
Parsley helps prevent diseases, offers various health benefits - Jul-29-2013
Omega-3 deficient diets cause anxiety, hyperactivity in adolescents - Jul-30-2013
Garlic repels mosquitoes naturally, treats West Nile Virus - Jul-31-2013

August 2013

Use home remedies to treat stretch marks - Aug-08-2013
Dietary benefits of using quinoa - Aug-09-2013
Babies born by Caesarean section suffer more from allergies - Aug-10-2013
Vitamin D not effectual in lowering high BP in hypertensive patients - Aug-12-2013
Ginseng is aphrodisiac and much more - Aug-14-2013
Three natural weight loss foods - Aug-15-2013
Fish oil may help to reverse liver ailment in kids with intestinal failure - Aug-20-2013
Bioactive elements in green tea, red wine stop progression of Alzheimer's disease - Aug-21-2013
Five potent foods that heal Candida infection - Aug-27-2013
Study finds vitamin C reduces detrimental outcomes of air pollution - Aug-28-2013

September 2013

Five easy ways to include kale in your diet - Sep-03-2013
Past or present smokers: Six simple means to rinse, rejuvenate the lungs - Sep-04-2013
Scientists believe reishi mushrooms possess life extending attributes - Sep-06-2013
Six potent anti-carcinogens that shield you against cancer - Sep-09-2013
Consume apple cider vinegar to hasten weight loss - Sep-10-2013
Use natural remedies, rather than vaccines, to prevent flu - Sep-16-2013
CoQ10 naturally helps to boost fertility in men - Sep-17-2013
Simple, natural remedies for combating common cold - Sep-25-2013
Red grapes, blueberries contain immune response boosting flavonoids - Sep-26-2013

October 2013

Cucumbers are versatile and need more attention - Oct-01-2013
Cure rheumatoid arthritis with rose hips - Oct-02-2013
Grape seed extract offers super health benefits - Oct-09-2013
Ten foods that put off and cure diabetes - Oct-10-2013
Astonishing facts regarding carrots - Oct-15-2013
Cinnamon is a spice for life - Oct-16-2013
Consume Nigella sativa seeds to treat Candida albicans effectively - Oct-20-2013
Clove spice offers numerous health benefits - Oct-22-2013
Tests confirm spirulina, Siberian ginseng, skullcap alleviate allergic rhinitis - Oct-28-2013
Probiotics may protect premature babies from contagious disease - Oct-30-2013

November 2013

Antibiotics detrimental for our health - Nov-02-2013
Spirulina extract consumption increases antitumor natural killer (NK) cells - Nov-04-2013
Acai berries offer loads of health benefits - Nov-10-2013
Jojoba oil beneficial for your skin and hair - Nov-12-2013
Dozen top herbs that relieve stomach pain - Nov-19-2013
People with depression more likely to develop Parkinson's disease - Nov-24-2013

December 2013

Dandelion offers surprise health benefits, restrains cancer cell growth - Dec-04-2013
Broccoli offers numerous health benefits - Dec-12-2013
Use natural supplements to get relief from arthritis pain - Dec-19-2013
Tree nuts consumption reduces death risks by up to 20% - Dec-27-2013

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