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Six comprehensive means to treat a fever

Traditional medical practitioners have been trained to cure all the symptoms noticed by them. For instance, often they prescribe medicines to lessen childhood fever. Nevertheless, fevers are a mechanism of the body to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it becomes necessary to work with the body, as it is important as adopting holistic approaches to reduce a fever naturally.

A healthy substitute for medications

Practitioners of alternative medicines usually adopt a different approach to deal with fevers. They try to boost as well as support the immune system of a child to enable it to distinguish and quickly respond to infecting microbes. In reality, specific childhood infections may be beneficial for a child's immune system and, as a result, may help to reinforce it.

Rather than taking aspirin or acetaminophen, you can use other safer and inexpensive alternatives, which do not have any side effects such as homeopathy, which boost the immune system and also possess antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral attributes, and  herbal remedies.

Six natural, holistic approaches to treat fever

Homeopathy: Dr. Moskowitz, M.D., says that when a child has fever, it shows that the baby is healthy. With the development of the immune systems in infants, they react severely and strongly to infections. While parents continue to worry when their child is infected or develops fever and consider treating them by a doctor, Dr. Moskowitz is of the view that the best thing they can do is to keep an eye on the child's response and see if they are really sick, in pain, vomiting, not eating or they do not respond at all. When the child appears to be managing the problem, parents may be confident that homeopathic remedies will facilitate the immune system of the child to deal with the ailment. It is important to note that homeopathic remedies prescribed in this case do not actually do away with fever, but aid the immune system to complete their healing task. Some of the homeopathic remedies that are recommended for fever include Aconite, Bryonia, Belladonna, Gelsemium, Ferrum phos., and Pulsatilla.

Ayurvedic medications: According to Virender Sodhi, M.D., any fever under 102°F is beneficial for a child and he is not in favour of recommending medications like aspirin or Tylenol to children. He suggests cold sponging, a light, nourishing diet, or homeopathic remedies Aconite, Belladonna and Sulfur.

Herbal medicine: On the other hand, David L. Hoffman, B. Sc. M.N.I.M.H., is of the view that often fevers can be valuable for an infant and that there is no need to reduce a low-grade fever using medications. At the same time, the child needs to be provided with adequate support and placating together with lots of fluids. Herbal teas like elderflower, peppermint, and yarrow may facilitate the body in dealing with a fever, but not repress it.

Aromatherapy: Use essential oils extracted from bergamot, peppermint or eucalyptus to soothe the system. Use basil, chamomile, cypress, lavender, and peppermint and / or rosemary oils to encourage sweating.

Hydrotherapy: Using an immersion bath or a soaked sheet pack will help to lower high fevers. In addition, you may use a neutral application to lessen fever to a level that can be managed.

Topical treatment: You may employ a poultice made from Echinacea root to reduce fevers. Applying a cold compress to your forehead and a cold pack to the body's trunk may help in lowering fevers. You may also rub apple cider vinegar on the body for relief.

In addition to the above mentioned approaches, you may also mull over using fermented cod liver oil, probiotics or taking therapeutic soups using vegetables and spices which help to kindle the immune system. But, at the same time, remember that a high fever may even lead to acute brain damage. Therefore, check with your physician if required.

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Chelating heavy metals from the body with cilantro

Findings of a new study suggest that we include more cilantro, also known as Chinese parsley or coriander, in our diet, as this aromatic herb is loaded with numerous vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and essential minerals. A hot favourite in Mexican cuisine, cilantro is also known to possess antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory attributes and consuming this green herb regularly and for a prolonged period helps to cure digestive problems, heart disease, exhaustion and even autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. Precisely speaking, in addition to being a delectable garnishing herb, cilantro offers much more in terms of health benefits.

Nevertheless, many people are ignorant about one health benefit of consuming cilantro - it effectively chelates several heavy metals amassed in our body. In fact, this is a great attribute considering that we intake various types of contaminated foods as well as dietary supplements, which cause extensive toxicity owing to the presence of heavy metals.

Cilantro and lead

In 2001, scientists in Japan undertook a study, findings of which were carried in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, to probe cilantro's effect on lead deposits in the body. During the study, male mice enduring elevated lead levels in the body were given cilantro through gastric intubation. The researches used dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA), a proven chelating agent, in the form of a control.

After 25 days, the researches examined the mice for the level of lead in their body and it was found that cilantro as well as DMSA were effective in reducing the lead deposition considerably in the femur, and also the acute lead injury in their kidneys. In addition, cilantro also augmented excretion of ALA (delta-aminolevulinic acid), which is responsible for lead intake, through urination. The scientists came to the conclusion that cilantro enclosed compounds that helped to remove lead from the body.

Cilantro and other heavy metals

Findings of another research carried in Acupuncture & Electrotherapeutics Research suggested that in addition to lead, cilantro is also effective in chelating aluminium and mercury from the body. Interestingly, this discovery was by chance.

Yoshiaki Omura, a physician as well as Medical Research director at the New York-based Heart Disease Foundation, found that antibiotics continuously failed to treat specific eye infections, as they would reappear soon even after subsiding completely. Following further research, Dr. Omura discovered that the microbes responsible for the infections seemed to conceal themselves in different body areas, especially when in people bearing profuse heavy metal concentrations. It seemed as if these microbes were using the heavy metals as a defence against antibiotics.

Soon, Dr. Omura began examining the urine of his patients, as our body normally expels heavy metals through urine. After it was found that the urine of a patient contained high levels of mercury following cilantro consumption, the physician started testing cilantro for all the potential chelating properties of the herb. He discovered that cilantro hastened the pace of removing heavy metals from his patients' bodies, thereby enabling the antibiotics to get rid of the infections for ever.

A year later, findings of a follow-up study published by Dr. Omura showed how cilantro was effective in removing three fillings based on mercury amalgam from the body of a patient who suffered from heavy accumulation of mercury in the liver, kidneys, lungs and also the heart. The mercury level in the patient's body decreased considerably following regular consumption of cilantro for some weeks.

Cilantro for detoxification

It is advisable that you consume one-fourth cup of cilantro leaves and stems daily if you wish to make use of the herb's chelating properties. However, avoid consuming more cilantro during the initial two weeks, as you may face the risk of eliminating additional heavy metals from the body than what the body is actually capable of. When the initial heavy metal has been removed, you can consume more cilantro daily. Moreover, you may also consume other chelating foods like chlorella and spirulina with this herb for further effective detoxification.

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Five potent herbs that relieve pain naturally

For millions of Americans, pain is major issue, more so because the country is increasingly turning out to be an aging society. Unfortunately, generally pain is attributed to chronic conditions like arthritis that distresses people for their remaining life. Although loads of prescription and non-prescription painkillers are available now, often they result in undesirable side effects like liver damage (for instance, Tylenol which contains the active ingredient acetaminophen) and dependence (as in the case of methadone). Hence, herbal pain relievers may prove to be healthier solutions in the long run.

For sever thousand years, Chinese have employed ginger for treating headaches and pains accompanying arthritis, menstruation and sore muscles. This root is also a potent as well as well accepted remedy for nausea and is able to augment circulation, thereby supports the remedial process. You may use ginger internally or also apply it topically to painful body areas in the form of a compress.

A popular Indian spice, turmeric possesses proven palliative properties. Turmeric also possesses powerful anti-inflammatory attributes that make it a wonderful remedy for conditions like joint pains, sprains, bruising and swelling. In addition, turmeric also promotes circulation, thereby reducing pain by means of supporting the healing process.

Tonic oil
This natural amalgam encloses a potent blend of essential oils of peppermint, fennel, camphor, eucalyptus and wintergreen. Applied externally, you may rub tonic oil on the forehead or temples for alleviating headaches. Alternatively, it may also be applied to heal trivial pains and sprains all over the body.

Valerian root
Majority of people consider this supplement only as a remedy for sleeplessness (insomnia). Nevertheless, this herb can also unwind and soothe the nerves, thereby reducing anxiety, stress and tension. In fact, all these conditions may either contribute to cause or aggravate pain. Hence, valerian root is also rightly called "nature's tranquilizer".

White willow bark
White willow bark is a wonderful natural resource of salicylates - the active ingredient present in aspirin and some topical painkillers. Salicylates possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory attributes that make it a perfect remedy for pain associated with arthritis. However, its use does not cause side effects like stomach disorder and other gastric problems caused by aspirin occasionally.

Before concluding, it is needs to be emphasized that the approach to dealing with pain should be holistic. Effective pain management involves following a suitable proper exercise regimen and diet, in addition to learning means to lessen anxiety and stress. Apart from these changes in lifestyle, use of the above mentioned herbs may be of great help in dealing with chronic pain and facilitating people with arthritis and other conditions to lead a full as well as normal life. Adopting these measures will also help people to avoid the horrible side effects of using the traditional pain relief methods.

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Moringa oleifera - a wonder tree offering super health benefits

There is no doubt that Moringa oleifera is among the best kept secrets of the world. For centuries, people of several developing nations across the globe have been using the leaves, flowers, bark, fruit and root of this unassuming tree for dietary as well as therapeutic purposes. In fact, people in the West have only become aware of this plant's existence just 50 years back. Since then, the potential of Moringa oleifera to prevent and cure diseases as well as its gift of providing the much-needed nutrition to infants in several deprived areas has been surprising scientists.

In fact, researchers have come to the conclusion that Moringa oleifera provides us with more vitamins as well as minerals compared to all other plants.

Moringa oleifera contains more vitamin C compared to what is found in seven oranges, while its vitamin A content is four-fold more than in a carrot. It also has more calcium compared to one glass of milk, and three times more potassium found in a banana.

Moringa oleifera is all the more amazing because its protein content is more than that of any other plant. It provides double the amount of protein present in yogurt. Precisely speaking Moringa oleifera is much more than all these.

Traditional healers in several parts of the world discovered the wonderful therapeutic properties of Moringa oleifera several centuries ago. For instance, Ayurvedic practitioners used this plant to cure more than 300 ailments. As this plant possesses antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, it is useful for treating an assortment of health conditions, including high cholesterol, diabetes and even cancer.

All parts of Moringa oleifera, including its leaves, seeds, roots, fruits and bark are used for therapeutic and nutritional purposes. While the juice extracted from the plant's leaves and the oil from its seeds are applied topically for healing wounds or alleviating pain in conditions such as arthritis, the leaves are also consumed raw or after cooking or their powdered form is added to foods.

Recently, an infusion prepared from the plant's leaves and flowers and called Moringa tea has become popular in the West, where people use it to enhance their energy levels. Different from caffeine and sugar, which provide instant energy for a brief period and affect our metabolic process negatively, Moringa provides steady energy all through the day. At the same time, this plant provides a variety of nutriments that are deficient in contemporary diet. These attributes of Moringa oleifera make the plant perfect for use in weight loss programs, more so because it is a natural source of protein and energy.

Nevertheless, one needs to be cautious while purchasing Moringa products, because you can only reap the full benefits of this herb when you ingest it in unadulterated from and not blended with any other substance. While it is best to use the parts fresh from the Moringa tree, it may not be always possible - especially in places where Moringa is not a natural plant. Therefore, you should always purchase it from a trustworthy health store or supplier.

Before concluding, it needs to be mentioned that of the 13 different Moringa varieties, only Moringa oleifera provides us with the benefits discussed above.

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7 ways to cure chronic constipation naturally

Nearly all people suffer from constipation at some time or other. Although they are uncomfortable discussing this matter, this problem is quite common, particularly among aged people and countries like the United States, which have an aging population. One can avoid this problem to a great extent by taking a diet rich in fiber, drinking plenty of fluids and undertaking regular workouts. Nevertheless, some specific lifestyle changes can also help to ensure healthy bowel movements.

Never "hold it"
Generally speaking, all medical practitioners are of the view that the tendency of some people to "hold it" even after they have an urge to visit the bathroom, is a major reason for developing chronic constipation. Irrespective of whether this is owing to one's hectic schedule or detestation to visit public toilets, the fact is that this tendency may not only reduce the awareness of his/ her body regarding the appropriate time to go to the bathroom, but also cause the feces to solidify, thereby hampering regular bowel movements.

Supplementing your diet with enzymes before a meal is one natural means to put off constipation. Often supplementation may become essential, as enzymes form a part of raw plant foods and if one is not consuming plenty of raw vegetables and fruits (which is not the case with most Americans), they may be deficient in your diet.

Begin the day with lemon water
Drinking a glass of water with some lemon or lime juice in it in the morning soon after you wake up will help to reduce the chances of developing constipation. Lemon or lime water encourages the liver to produce more bile, thereby facilitating the digestive process. When foods are digested properly, risks of constipation are reduced.

Try an aperitif
Drinking water blended with apple cider vinegar in a small glass prior to a meal helps to promote secretion of stomach acids, which are essential for proper digestion. In turn, good digest will reduce the chances of developing constipation and related problems. This type of aperitif is particularly beneficial for elderly people, who often develop constipation.

Add triphala
Triphala is an herbal formula containing equal parts of three herbs - Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki and is widely employed in Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic medicine system developed in ancient India, for promoting digestive health. It is especially effective when taken in early morning with lemon water after awaking. While this herbal product does not work right away, it is immensely beneficial when used regularly over a period of time.

Stay away from low fat diet
Often it has been found that people taking diets low in fat content may be more susceptible to develop constipation compared to those who incorporate healthy fats into their meals. Avocado oil, eggs, coconut oil, safflower oil, and olive oil are a few vital sources of healthy fats.

Use probiotics
Findings of medical researches are increasingly establishing the fact that the presence of healthy flora in the intestines not only promotes good digestion, but also provides immunity against ailments and supports our overall health. You may take probiotics in the form of supplements or consume yogurt having live and vigorous cultures.

Apart from being bothersome, constipation may also result in grave health problems, especially in elderly people. In fact, people suffering from constipation have a greater chance of developing colon as well as different digestive cancers. Nevertheless, modifying your lifestyle a little and adapting any of the means discussed above can prove to be helpful in lessening the risk of constipation and chronic problems related to bowel movements.

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