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Active ingredients in kale combat cancer

In recent times, the popularity of kale also known as borecole (Brassica oleracea) is on the rise as more and more people are discovering its delectable flavour and simultaneously learning about the many health benefits offered by it. Findings of recent studies have revealed that one of the health benefits of kale is related to combating cancer and reducing the chances of developing this deadly disease.

As of now, cancer is one of the greatest health threats to humans and is known to be among the top 10 killer diseases in the United States as well as other nations across the globe. However, there is ample evidence that kale possesses the aptitude to not only reinforce the immune system, but also prevent the development of some lesions into carcinogenic cells. Findings of studies have shown that it is effective for treating oral, breast, colorectal, oesophageal, prostate and kidney cancers - which are some of the most common cancer forms today.

Active ingredients in kale neutralize cancer cells

To a great extent, the anti-carcinogenic properties of kale are attributed to the presence of several active compounds in it, counting indoles such as I3G and isothiocyanates, the latter being derived from the high amounts of glucosinolates in kale. In fact, Chinese researchers were the first to detect the anti-cancer attributes of isothiocyanates. They published the findings of their study in the noted journal Nature. Chinese researchers found that kale was successful in deactivating the carcinogenic cells and, at the same time augmenting the ability of the body to detoxify as well as eliminated them from the system. This study has, in fact, encouraged a series of similar studies that examined the innumerable health benefits offered by kale in diminishing the risks of developing cancer.

Kale and IgA

As immunoglobulin A (IgA) is responsible for supporting the robust functioning of the mucosal lining of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary tracts, it plays a vital role in the immune system of our body. In fact, all the organs mentioned above are vital in the form of first-line defence against pathogens that attack our body. When the IgA is not robust it increases the chances of the mucosal lining being attack by viruses, bacteria and other microbes. When this happens, the disease causing agents invade our bloodstream and affect the cells, thereby resulting in unusual cell division and perhaps make it easier for them to turn cancerous. The active compounds in kale possess the aptitude to support IgA and, thereby, the health of our entire body.

Precisely speaking, if you are interested in reducing the risks of various forms of cancer, it is advisable that you incorporate kale into your regular diet and consume it in salads or in its steamed form. The anti-cancer properties of kale will be enhanced if you toss it in some amount of coconut oil and add raw chopped up garlic to it. This healthful food combination will protect your body from several grave ailments.

Therefore, it is advisable that you consider incorporating kale in soups, salads, casseroles and other dishes with a view to enhance the consumption of this remarkable vegetable. The active ingredients in kale will help to reinforce the natural defences of the body against cancer as well as several chronic ailments, thereby offering numerous health benefits. Already, kale is considered to be among the best super foods available.

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Incorporating clay in your diet can transform your health dramatically

For a person who strictly follows a clean lifestyle, it would actually seem to be nonsensical to eat dirt and that too every day. However, many ancient cultures and also the present day scientific community have discovered that ingesting clay is among the healthiest practices that one can incorporate in their lifestyle. However, it is not just ingesting dirt, but consuming particular types of clay may prove to be very beneficial for one's health.

Global Healing Center founder Dr. Edward F. Group III advocates consumption of superior quality bentonite or zeolite clay for strengthening one's immune system, promoting healthy or beneficial bacteria inside the gut, purifying the colon as well as detoxifying the body of heavy metals. Apart from this, findings of a study carried in the Journal of Molecular Medicine have claimed that the researchers have found finely pounded zeolite clinoptilolite has the potential to be an effectual compound for treating cancer.

The concern about heavy metals

In contemporary life, environmental heavy metals have turned out to be a regrettable reality. In fact, most of us are saturated with these toxic substances, which are a by-product of industry as well as energy production. These toxins are present in the water we drink, food supply as well as the air inhaled by us. Precisely speaking, it is virtually impossible to avoid these heavy metals. Some of the most prevalent heavy metals in the environment are discussed briefly below.

Cadmium: This is an extremely toxic metal, which is present in several soils as well as rocks. In addition, cadmium is also present in coal as well as mineral fertilizers. Cadmium is used in several substances, including plastics, batteries, metal coatings and pigments. Exposure to cadmium for long periods may harm one's lungs, kidneys and bones.

Mercury: In the United States, power plants that burn coal to produce energy are said to be the major source of mercury emissions. When mercury enters the soil, several micro organisms present in the soil transform this compound to methyl-mercury, which is a bio-accumulating toxin that has an adverse effect on the lungs, nervous system, kidneys and cardiovascular system. Mercury also has an adverse effect on the brain, counting irritability; memory related problems, shyness as well as changes in hearing or vision and even tremors.

Aluminium: This metal is present in a wide variety of personal products, ranging from cosmetics to anti-depressants. It is also found in various foodstuffs, baking powders, pharmaceuticals, drinking water and even many utensils. In fact, it is extremely difficult to avoid this heavy metal. Aluminium is believed to be a neuro-toxin and has been associated with development of diseases like Alzheimer's as well as Parkinson's disease.

Lead: Lead is another prevalent heavy metal in the environment and is considered to be an all-encompassing environmental toxin. It enters the environment owing to fossil fuel burning as well as manufacturing and mining activities. Some of the sources that usually cause exposure to lead include contaminated soil, paints, household dust, water pipes particularly in old homes, toys, cosmetics, lead crystals, pottery glazed with lead and even our drinking water. Lead is suspected to give rise to carcinogenic activities in humans and being exposed to elevated levels may seriously harm the brain and kidneys, eventually resulting in death.

Edible clay and detoxification of the body

We are lucky enough not to be unable to get by without heavy metals. In fact, zeolite has especially been valued for its healing properties by eliminating the obstinate toxic metals from our system. Like in the case of all other clays, zeolite encloses molecules that are negatively charged. However, the honeycomb structure of zeolite is itself unique. When zeolite moves through our digestive tract, heavy metals, which are basically positively charged toxins, are drawn by the zeolite molecules. As a result, there is an exchange of ions and the molecules bind together. This leads to "locking" the toxic heavy metals into the clay and they are subsequently removed from the body safely with no hazard of being reabsorbed.

While many may shirk at the idea of incorporating clay into their daily routine, the entire process is very simple. Simply add one or two teaspoons of clay and blend it with a glassful of water. In fact, this is the common recommendation for routine, long-term use. At the same time, it is important to drink lots of water all through the day.

Safety concerns

While several people have been advocating consumption of edible clay to get rid of heavy metals from the system, there is some controversy regarding its use. This is mainly because most clay contains mercury, cadmium, aluminium, and/ or lead. Nonetheless, usually powdered clay is insoluble and if there is any contaminant even after purification and firmly held within the molecules' structure. For instance, zeolite is a mineral based on aluminium, but still it does not cause any toxicity threat. Whatever may be the case, it is always prudent to purchase edible clays from suppliers who are reputed for testing their products for purity and only market food-grade edible clays.

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Healing, eliminating body pain caused by Candida, chronic inflammation

Whenever the body perceives a threat related to cellular damage, our immune system responds naturally and healthily by giving rise to inflammation. However, there is a common misunderstanding that inflammation can continue even without fulfilling any purpose. In fact, the absence of inflammation allows a disease to pass without being noticed and even ignored.

What one should always bear in mind is that inflammation in any part of our body denotes that either that area is damaged or healing or it has been damaged and the condition is worsening. Therefore, you should never consider inflammation to be something "unnecessary" or "wrong" or the condition may even go beyond control. Precisely speaking, inflammation never goes "out of control". On the contrary, inflammation not only rushes in cells that fight diseases to the affected areas, but also help to bring in the nutrition required to cure the area that has been damaged. Remember, in the absence of inflammation, it would not be possible to heal the damage.

Now the question is what is responsible for the damage. In this instance, the damage is known as cell trauma. Trauma or distress due to any external force or because of any internal stress due to some sort of toxicity or owing to any deficiency or absence of nutrition results in the malfunctioning of cells.

Hence, it is imperative to bear in mind that although nutritional deficiencies are among the main reasons for malfunctioning of cells, our diet is not always responsible for this. Occasionally, this problem is owing to the absence of the body's aptitude to take up as well as digest the nutrients owing to damages caused by toxic foods. For instance, there are several people who consume lots of nutrients, but also eat excessive sugar.

Candida responsible for inflammation

Inflammation is never the main reason for any disease. On the contrary, Candida is.

Candida overgrowth is usually responsible for an imbalanced gut, which is unable to absorb as well as incorporate the nutrients properly. Actually, Candida makes hideaways into the lining of the gut, thereby breaking through the gut wall allowing several substances like sugars, proteins, contagious microbes as well as other small particles into our bloodstream.

Precisely speaking, Candida Albicans is known to be an extremely opportunistic scrounger. Generally, it lives in harmony with bacteria in our intestinal tract. In this instance, the term "normally" denotes the natural conditions. However, in the contemporary society, people seldom have a balanced gut. And when there is any sort of imbalance in our gut, it certainly results in massive Candida overgrowth, which eventually penetrates through the intestinal walls to inundate the entire body, usually making way for other contagious agents that cannot flee the gut, resulting in infections as well as inflammation all over the body.

Candida Albicans as well as other microbes that are responsible for infections also cause inflammation when the body is able to perceive it as a contagious agent. This happens when our immune system is activated and also when Candida releases toxic substances all through its life cycle.

Whenever fungal infections as well as other different parasitic infections release huge amounts of toxins, it devastates the body, leading to cell damage at all places. Moreover, infections survive on dead and perishing cells and, in the process, they result in further dead as well as decaying cells. In brief, this is a perfect example of a malicious cycle.

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Avoiding foods responsible for inflammation

Foods that sustain Candida are responsible for causing inflammation. However, there are other foods too that cause inflammation in various other ways. There are a number of foods that possess naturally beneficial inflammatory properties, for instance quite a few omega-6 fats. Despite their inflammatory properties, these foods are not harmful, as they encourage the healing process in our body.

In present times, most people are aware of the fact that sugar possesses inflammatory properties. However, white sugar alone is not to be blamed for this attribute. In fact, sugars sustain Candida as well as nearly all other familiar infectious microbes. Sugars also cause inflammation by other different ways. It has been found that most people take excessive sugar in their diet. When we are enduring problems related to the gut and they need to be healed, it is important to reduce our intake of sweets, counting fruit juices. It is worth mentioning here that we also need to cut down our intake of even fresh, slow pressed fruit juice, raw honey, brown rice syrup, agave and all sweeteners, except stevia, while healing the gut.

Foods that form acids

When we remove fiber and minerals from foods such as sugar, table salt and white rice, we also remove several minerals that help to alkalinize our body as well as the beneficial fats. Therefore, it is very important to reduce our intake of every type of refined or processed carbohydrates like rice, refined flours, pasta and all processed starches.

GMOs and conventional foods containing pesticides

It is important to note that GMO foods, pesticides and herbicides kill the beneficial or good bacteria present in the gut. The absence of the naturally beneficial flora in the gut will encourage Candida and other infectious microbes to invade the stomach, as foods containing toxins continue coming into it.

Factory farmed animal products

Animals that are farmed in factories are generally raised on genetically modified grains, which already possess inflammatory properties, even when they are not modified genetically. For example, hay, wheat, oats and specific types of grasses are all inflammatory, particularly when these are not balanced with a broader assortment of natural foods in the diet of the animals.

Wheat, bread and gluten

These days we ingest a new type of gluten molecule and this is attributed to rampant hybridization. In fact, the gluten molecule present in the wheat we consume today is more inflammatory compared to the earlier varieties. However, inflammation is not only caused by the gluten molecule present in bread, though it is very prominent. This gluten molecule was not present in the ancient wheat strands.

"Bad" fats

By now, nearly all people who are informed are aware of the fact that avocado and coconut as well as lots of other fats possess wonderful healing properties. Moreover, consumption of these fats does not add to obesity. On the other hand, "bad" fats comprise commercial and extremely refined fats, trans fats, rancid fats and fats that are otherwise considered abnormal. These fats not only result in inflammation, but also contribute to all autoimmune diseases.

Other toxic constituents

Substances like casein, soy lecithin and protein isolates usually have intense omega-6 profiles and, at the same time, cause acidity. On the other hand, excitotoxins such as MSG, aspartate, and glutamates excite the nerves, thereby harming our nervous system.

Inflammation and free radicals

The normal physical functioning of our body results in the creation of free radicals, which have several vital roles in our system including riddance of the feeblest cells like infectious microbes in the adjoining areas. However, excessive inflammation signifies the presence of a plethora of free radicals, which are overpowering the body, thereby obstructing the healing process.

Specific nutrient deficiencies responsible for inflammation

No matter how, deficiency of any nutrient in the body can result in inflammation. In fact, deficiency of two common nutrients is known to directly cause inflammation. They are vitamin B and vitamin D.

Any deficiency of vitamin B may result in and aggravate inflammation. On the other hand, inflammation can also be responsible for the deficiency of this vital nutrient. Our body finds it difficult to assimilate ingested vitamin B when the digestive system is not in sound health. In fact, additional B vitamins in the body sometimes give instant relief from inflammation in some people. This is all the more true for people who are handling excessive stress.

On the other hand, deficiency of vitamin D is associated with conditions like pain, depression, augmented general inflammation, inflammatory bowel disease, an unproductive immune system, several different auto immune diseases, several cancer forms and many others.

Whole foods or foods that do not require any ingredient list aid in healing the body. In fact, several conditions may cause sensitivities, allergic reactions or different inflammatory reactions even from food that are otherwise considered healthy. For example, an individual enduring acute hypothyroidism may experience that their condition aggravates when they consume cruciferous vegetables.

When we eliminate whole and healthy foods from our diet, it results in deficiency of nutrients and this, in turn, aggravates the health problems. Therefore, it is important to get rid of all unhealthy or harmful foods from our diet. If you have to you may also eliminate some healthy foods from your diet for the short term, but you should include them at the earliest possible.

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