Archived Articles - 2016

January 2016

Marijuana can literally replace five prescription drugs - Jan-02-2016
Breastfeeding helps develop babies' digestive systems to prepare for solid food - Jan-09-2016
8 common practices that wreck the immune system - Jan-12-2016
Three top foods for protecting cervical health - Jan-21-2016
Lemon juice: A natural cure for asthma - Jan-27-2016

February 2016

A phytochemical in spirulina halts breast cancer - Feb-02-2016
Tea And Coffee Offer Multiple Health Benefits - Feb-10-2016
Five top anti-anxiety diets that soothe the nerves - Feb-15-2016
Fermented foods effective for preventing gastric cancer - Feb-23-2016

March 2016

How Fasting Can Help In Healing - Mar-01-2016
How to cope with morning sickness during pregnancy - Mar-08-2016
Broccoli, watercress important vegetables in eliminating 75% carcinogenic cells in a day - Mar-16-2016
10 super natural foods to combat aging - Mar-23-2016
Secrets of a healthier, youthful skin - Mar-31-2016

April 2016

Major Health Benefits of Consuming Kiwano - Apr-07-2016
Five healthy therapeutic roots that protect your health - Apr-12-2016
Avocado Offers Six Potent Anticancer Benefits - Apr-21-2016
Using natural remedies to effectively repair receding gums - Apr-28-2016

May 2016

Essential oils effective for treating constipation - May-05-2016
Drugs for hay fever may hinder body's capability to heal - May-12-2016
Rosehip oil is beneficial for your skin and hair - May-19-2016
Treating water retention effectively with home remedies - May-26-2016

June 2016

Benefits of regular papaya consumption - June-02-2016
Use coconut oil to lose additional flab - June-09-2016
Oregano - the most effective antibiotic - June-15-2016
Best natural foods to remove toxins and boost immune system - June-22-2016

July 2016

Rhubarb offers several amazing health benefits - Jul-01-2016
Sweet potato - healthy and natural medicine - Jul-05-2016
Shiitake used as medicinal vegetable to treat hormone imbalance, liver disorders - Jul-14-2016
Some fascinating details about red onion - Jul-22-2016
Amazing health benefits of guava and its leaves - Jul-28-2016

August 2016

Here's scientific evidence why drinking kombucha tea is beneficial - Aug-04-2016
Essential nutrients for your eyes' health - Aug-10-2016
Why you should eat blueberries every day - Aug-18-2016
Use Epsom salt to heal your sunburn and bruises - Aug-25-2016

September 2016

Make your teeth whiter and shiny naturally, without using chemicals - Sep-01-2016
FDA admits antibacterial soap components are hazardous - Sep-15-2016

October 2016

Is walking better than running? - Oct-12-2016
Natural foods that can combat Alzheimer's disease and dementia - Oct-26-2016

November 2016

Smarter food choices may help delay aging process - Nov-10-2016
Herbs and spices effective for weight loss - Nov-22-2016

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