Essential Oils

Various ancient cultures were aware of the nourishing as well as restorative properties of various essential oils. They were also aware of the benefits of essential oil for skincare and used the best quality essential oils in various cosmetics as well as formulations meant for skin care (for example Damask rose). Over the centuries, man has not discovered anything that can be compared to the resourcefulness, the regenerative attributes as well as the effectiveness of essential oils for the health of our skin.

An essential oil is described as a liquid which is usually distilled, often by water or steam, from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, barks or other parts of a plant. It is worth mentioning here that despite the term "oil", the feel of essential oils is not essentially like any other oils we are familiar with. Nearly all essential oils are basically clear. However, some oils, for instance orange, patchouli and lemongrass, have a yellowish or amber color.

Essential oils enclose the real quintessence of the plants they are obtained from. Moreover, all essential oils are extremely concentrated and using only a few drops of it works wonders.

The valuable physical and psychological benefits of essential oils are attributed to their chemical composition and aroma. Usually, people derive the benefits of these essential oils either inhaling their aroma or by applying diluted forms of these oils to the skin.

All essential oils are aromatic, and contain the plants' nutrients in a highly concentrated state. In fact, they are responsible for the characteristic smell of the plants they are derived from. They also possess the curative properties of the plant they are extracted from. Provided you use the right amount of these essential oils and in the right manner, they will offer you an assortment of health benefits, which is different from the present-day drugs. Most importantly, essential oils do not have any side effects if they are used appropriately.

A classic essential one is one that contains over 100 dissimilar chemical compounds and each of them possessing a particular remedial attribute. This is the main reason why several essential oils are considered to be very versatile and used for treating a variety of health conditions. One therapeutic property is common to almost all essential oils - they are all effective antiseptic agents. In addition, several essential oils also possess anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

How are essential oils extracted?

More often than not, we obtain essential oils by means of a process called steam distillation. However, several other methods are also used to extract essential oils from the plants. The essential oil of citrus fruits is obtained by a method called cold press using machines. On the other hand, a more refined process is employed to extract essential oils from delicate flowers. This substance obtained through this sophisticated process is called an absolute, and not essential oil. It is vital to employ this special process to extract absolutes from the dainty flowers because they are unable to endure the high temperatures necessary for hauling out essential oils by means of steam distillation.

Essential oils are in a very concentrated form soon after they are extracted. These aromatic liquids possess vital curative properties of the plants from which they have been derived. If the essential oil is meant for use in aromatherapy, it should be left in its original state without adding or taking away anything from it. In order to obtain the utmost remedial benefits of essential oils, it needs to be ensured that they are 100 percent pure and natural. True essential oils are precisely the same as they are extracted.

Health benefits of essential oils

All essential oils possess a variety of therapeutic properties and hence they are also used for various purposes. They not only help to ensure good health, but also make one look good and youthful. The health benefits of essential oils are numerous and include promoting cell renewal, providing relief from aches and pains, combating microbes like bacteria and fungi, keeping the emotions in control and fighting various types of infections. In fact, essential oils are used for innumerable therapeutic purposes and every year scientists are discovering new therapeutic uses of these essential oils.

A primeval beauty secret, the essential oils are an ideal means for erasing fine lines and spots, the perceptible signs of aging, as well as bringing back the glowing appearance of our complexion. It is worth mentioning here that all Elma products are advanced skin care formulations and none of them contain any harmful chemical. All Elma skin care products contain essential oils that help to restore the natural beauty of the skin. In fact Elma skin care products are meant for delivering all the desirable results, while eliminating all elements that may harm the skin.

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