Olive Oil

Olive (botanical name Olea europaea) is a small tree belonging to the family Oleaceae. This tree is native to several areas in the Mediterranean Basin extending from Portugal to Levant, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, southern region of Asia extending as far as China, Mauritius, Réunion and Canary Island.

The fruit of the olive tree is known as the olive. This fruit is a vital agricultural produce throughout the Mediterranean region, because it is the source of olive oil. The olive tree as well as its fruit impart their name to the plant family it belongs to. In fact, this plant family also comprises other species like jasmine, lilacs, the true ash trees and Forsythia.

Olive oil and skin

Olive oil has a very high reputation for its skin care properties. Precisely speaking, olive oil is a beauty secret from the ancient times. This oil was discovered more than 5,000 years back and soon became an essential element of skin care.

Aside from being beneficial for your skin, olive oil is also excellent for your overall health. This is particularly true for people who have a very dry skin or those who have allergic reactions when they use any lotions and creams topically.

In fact, olive oil is a widespread folk medication for treating dry skin. This oil has a silky smooth texture and it usually does not result in allergic reactions. In addition, olive oil is also said to be effective for protecting the skin from damages caused by the sun's ultra-violet rays and even cancer.

People who are not worried about allergic reactions may try and use olive oil blended with any other lotion or perfume in order to avoid the characteristic smell. This will possibly help them to prepare their individual cologne. However, it is important to be careful while applying the blend, as olive oil may be excellent for the health of your skin, but it may not be suited for fabrics you wear. One way to avoid this problem of spoiling your clothes is to add few tablespoons of this natural oil to your bath water. Nevertheless, in this case too, you need to be cautious while getting out of the greasy bath tub. In addition, you need to ensure that you clean the oily remains of the oil from the bath tub afterward.

In case your hands need to be moisturized, you may cover the hands with olive oil and wear gloves before going to bed. On the other hand, if your feet need moisturizing, massage them with a few drops of olive oil and wear socks to prevent the moisture from escaping or spoiling your bed sheet. Also be careful while walking so that you don't slide.

As the skin on your lips is very thin, it is vulnerable to dehydration or being chapped when it is exposed to the sun, arid climatic conditions, cold weather, wind and also something that you do not notice doing - breathing via your mouth. If you don't have your favourite lip balm handy, there is yet another way to protect your lips quickly and easily. You may apply a light coating of olive oil a number of times every day to cure the damaged skin and make your lips smoother and softer. Ideally, you should keep the oil on your lips overnight, as it will prove to be helpful. In addition, you can also apply olive oil in the form of a mild exfoliator by blending it with just a pinch of sugar and rubbing the mix on your pucker.

A thick emollient hand cream that helps to trap moisture may prove to be effective in curing dry, cracked skin during winter. You can get the same results if you apply extra virgin olive oil from your pantry. Alternatively, you can also ingest this oil for similar results.

Unrefined or unprocessed olive oil is loaded with antioxidants that help in inhibiting inflammation. In other words, using this type of olive oil will help in alleviating skin complaints like eczema. Olive oil contains a particular antioxidant called squalene, which is known to provide several benefits for the health of the skin. In addition, squalene is also effective in combating cancer cells. This antioxidant found in olive oil is useful for repairing damaged skin. It helps to soothe as well as provide relief from itchy, chapped and cracked skin and help in trapping moisture. Aside from preventing any further loss of moisture from the skin, antioxidants in olive oil also help to lessen the skin damages that are responsible for discoloration and wrinkles.

If you are suffering from any type of skin problems, it is recommended that you use Elma skin care products. These products contain olive oil and other natural compounds that help to heal your problems quickly and easily.

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