Beauty Colors For Four Different Seasons

    Posted before Dec-31-2007

For several centuries people have been researching as well as developing formulations and methods to make natural cosmetics. Unlike the chemical products available in the market these days, these natural cosmetics are not only safe for use, but also inexpensive. Another addition benefit of using natural cosmetics is that they do not disturb or damage the ecology.

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In addition, when you prepare your own natural cosmetics, it helps you to bring out your best creative talents. In fact, while making your own cosmetic, you are free to experiment with different substances available naturally till you are satisfied with the appearance and the feel that you desire your skin to have. And this is irrespective of the mood, occasion or the type of skin you have, the complexion of your skin as well as its physical characteristics.

In this article we will offer you some tips and guidance regarding the manner in which you may combine different colors in the natural cosmetic that you can make at home. This will enable you to manage the precise appearance that you desire to achieve. In this article, we will discuss about creating four different moods or 'looks' - summer, autumn, winter and spring. You may begin working with these four moods and go on to experiment to create innumerable delicate assortment of properties within each of these four fundamental 'moods'. You are at liberty to select any of these looks which you think may suit you best or alternately, even decide to modify your cosmetic conditional on the circumstance or your personal disposition - for instance you may exchange between summer and spring.

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To begin with, it is advisable that you select two fundamental colors that go well with you. Blend these two basic colors in two separate proportions and as a result, you finally get numerous illustrations of dissimilar characters or tones that you are able to make. Next, blend these tones with black with a view to blacken the tones or, alternately, add silky white, mother of pearl white or titanium dioxide to cheer up the tones. Following this method, you will be able to create several dissimilar colors making use of the same fundamental colors and not having to purchase anything in addition to the four fundamental colors mentioned earlier. While blending these colors, it is advisable to mix small amounts every time and examine its effect on your skin. Testing the blended colors on the skin is essential because the powder is not enough to give you an idea regarding how its application on the skin will appear like.

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The best colors to use to make home made cosmetics with natural substance for a 'Spring' mood includes a temperate, radiant, lucid, neutral or pastel gold. In order to make the blend appear more like a pastel, you may use silky white in the color combinations. Additionally, include a little amount of warm yellow in order to make the tone appear much warmer.

Here are some tips regarding the most appropriate colors that you may use for the 'Spring' types - salmon pink, coral, royal blue, ivory, gold, light turquoise and bronze. At the same time, the worst colors that one may use for the 'Spring' type include dark brown, black, dark green and grey.

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Usually, the grey shades like ruddy, blue and purple comprise the 'Summer' colors. You are able to create grey colors by beginning with 'Winter' colors and subsequently adding a tinge of pale grey to it. The equation would be something like this: light or pale grey = white + a tinge of black.

The most appropriate colors for the 'Summer' type include silver, which is one of the best basic colors of this 'mood'. On the other hand, any strong or earthy color is enough to make the summer types fade away. In fact, any strong or earthy color is considered to be the worst hues for the 'Summer' mood.

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Warm, profound, concentrated or passionate, down-to-earth, golden colors are most appropriate for the 'Autumn' mood. In order to tone down the colors, it is advisable you use a tinge of silky black or dark brown. You can make the colors warmer by blending a gold or orange-yellow color to it.

The best colors for the 'Autumn' types include warm orange, vivid yellow, olive, dark turquoise green, gold, copper and bronze. The orange-brown color is also well suited for the 'Autumn' mood.


Potent, clear and passionate colors, such as black, white, silver, bright blue, vivid red tinges with blue and bright red with a shade of red are the colors for the 'Winter' mood.

The most appropriate colors of the 'Winter' types include profound red, black, vivid blue, clear and icy pastel hues (blended with mother of pearl white) and silver. On the other hand, any earthy color and/ or olive green are considered to be the worst colors for the 'Winter' types.

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Here is a brief list of the best or most appropriate basic colors for the four main moods. You may use them to gain the utmost benefits.

Gold bronze, copper sienna red, silky white, salmon pink/ coral, pale orange, silky black and yellow ochre.
Any type of white color, violet, pearly pink, lilac, purple, Bordeaux red, vivid red, silver and both shades of black.
Silky white, yellow ochre, sienna red, brown, orange, silky white, gold, copper red, bronze and silky black.
All types of white colors, purple, lilac blue, Bordeaux red, pearly pink, silver, vivid red and both shades of black.

Eye-shadow, eye-pencil and eye-line colors

Here are some recommended colors for use of eye-shadows, eye-pencils and eye-liners for the four basic moods - spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Turquoise blue, sky blue, silky white, silky blue, turquoise green, pigeon blue, pearly green, violet, gold and bronze.
All shades of whites, silver, lilac blue, violet, duck egg blue, sky blue, pearly green and both shades of blue.
Silky white, silky black, olive green, turquoise green, peacock blue, purple, silky black, gold and brown.
All white shades, sky blue, pigeon blue, turquoise blue, ultramarine blue, lilac blue, silver, violet and both shades of black.
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