Hair Problems

Different people suffer from various types problems related to the scalp and hair. These problems may include hair loss, problems related to scaling and itching and/ or infections.

Both men as well as women are troubled by hair loss (alopecia). It is a widespread problem. However, our body sheds some hair every day and this is generally replaced by new hair growth. When this does not occur, it may result in receding hairline or baldness. Many people who suffer from rapid hair loss, more than what is normal, may actually have inherited the predisposition to the condition known as "common baldness".

Most bald men suffer from a widespread condition called male pattern baldness. This is said to be the most widespread reason for hair loss in men, which usually results in receding hair line as well as baldness on the middle of the head. On the other hand, women may endure female pattern baldness, wherein the density of hair becomes very thin all over the scalp. At the same, ailments or recent child birth may be responsible for abrupt and temporary hair loss; in some cases the hair loss may be substantial. The condition known as alopecia areata results in hair loss in small, circular patches. Sometimes using very tight elastics may also result in hair loss from the hair line - a condition called traction alopecia. In addition to these, specific ailments like diabetes, thyroid disorder and lupus may also cause hair loss. Baldness may also occur due to certain medications and/ or poor nutrition.

Often, scalp infections may also result in hair loss - for instance, folliculitis or hair follicles' infection by bacteria, lice infestation on the head (pediculosis capitis), and tinea capitis or scalp ringworm infection by fungi. Moreover, people suffering from psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis (dandruff) also experience too much flaking and itching of the scalp.

A gleaming hair is definitely most attractive, besides being a sign of natural health. Nevertheless, hair loss is a very widespread problem, as many people suffer from it.

Several different factors may be responsible for hair loss. Such cases may include aging, ecological effects, excessive stress, smoking excessively, hormonal imbalance, deficiency of nutrient, scalp infections, genetic issues, using the wrong or synthetic hair care products. In addition, use of specific medicines as well as health conditions like autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems, anemia due to deficiency of iron, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and various chronic ailments may also be responsible for hair loss.

In all, an individual has roughly 100,000 hair strands on their scalp. Normally, one loses anything between 50 to 100 strands of hair daily. In the case of a healthy individual, this loss is compensated with the growth of new hair strands every day. However, when an individual starts losing more hair than what is considered to be normal, it is necessary for them to initiate some action to ensure that the hair loss doesn't progress to the stage of bald spots or baldness. Fortunately enough, several ingredients are available readily and these may be employed for treating hair loss at home.

One of the first steps that people losing hair alarmingly may take is regularly massage their scalp using Elma HR 01 product. Massaging the scalp and hair properly will help to augment blood circulation to the hair follicles. At the same time, it will condition the scalp and also make the hair roots stronger. In addition, massaging with Elma HR 01 product will encourage relaxation and lessen stressful feelings.

Since massaging the scalp helps to increase blood circulation in this part of the body, it offers several potential benefits. In fact, massaging the scalp to prevent hair loss is actually an act of stroking, squeezing and applying pressure to the scalp's skin using your fingers and hands. There is an assortment of potential benefits of massaging the scalp and the greatest benefit of doing this is perhaps ensuring the flow of blood to the skin's surface on the scalp. This is the main reason why more and more people enduring hair loss are opting for scalp massage to alleviate the problem.

When your rub and knead the skin of the scalp, the actions make it warm, conditioning the skin. This, in turn, results in increased blood flow to the scalp's skin. When the blood circulation is boosted, it makes sure that the cells lying inside the hair follicles receive additional nutrients. When all these happen concurrently, they help to make optimal hair growth possible.

Massaging and kneading the scalp offer another benefit and that is release of endorphins, which are responsible for lowering the levels of stress. At the same time, endorphins ensure happiness and relaxation. Precisely speaking, any type of massage helps to lower the elevated levels of stress, provided it is done in the proper manner.

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