Beeswax is a natural product secreted by bees from a number of glands placed on the side of their bodies. Beeswax is used as a construction material, bees scrape the wax, chew it to change its shape and then deposit it inside the honeycomb. It hardens after it is secreted and forms the walls of the comb were honey is stored and the young bees are raised. The wax has multiple properties; it protects the nest from infections and toxins while acting as a physical structure.

Beeswax is a cheap and very useful ingredient in the cosmetics and healthcare industry. It is present in many skin care products, for example hand moisturizers, lotions or creams, as well as lip balms or lip gloss. Wax is an ingredient in some pharmaceutical products and cosmetics like eye liners or shadows.

Beeswax can also serve as a material for various crafted items. The Easter Eggs that are traditional in Ukraine are covered in layers of colors from light to darker tones. Wax is used to protect the light ones from being covered by the dark colors. Batik is another product with multiple dye layers, which used wax for the same purpose.

The most common use of beeswax is in the manufacture of candles, which are made since ancient times and feature in many religious rituals. They smell like honey when burned, without any toxic smoke. It can also serve as a base for yarn painting, collages or other artistic purposes. Veronese paste is a method of painting that makes use of wax to give brush strokes a balanced finish. Wax is soft and easy to work, so it can be a material for modeling jewellery or sculptures.

The didgeridoo is a musical instrument with a mouthpiece made of wax, just like the ones of oboes are made of reeds. It is also a natural sealing material with numerous purposes. Other instruments that need wax are guitars and basses, as a protective and shiny coating layer.

Before manufactured envelopes were invented, sealing wax was used to close letters. It did not only consist of beeswax, but included some coloring and special turpentine. Sealing wax was usually sold in the shape of a stick, which was melted as needed. A personalized stamp was then applied to seal the letter.

Musical instruments can be maintained in a natural way with beeswax, which is even the crafting material for the mouth part of the didgeridoo. Many wood instruments are normally stored in separate pieces and only assembled when needed for a show. Their cork joints are coated with cork grease, of which wax is the most important ingredient.

Beeswax is also edible and can be used to produce a natural chewing gum, as well as glazing for bakery products, fruits or candy. A number of protected foods also make use of beeswax, for example the traditional confection Canneles de Bordeaux, which is made in a mold coated with wax, or as a seal for various French cheese specialties.

Concrete countertops are sometimes covered by a coating made of beeswax that protects the color oil or water stains. Many kitchen items, such as wooden salad bowls, are finished with wax to give them a more attractive look.

Health benefits

Beeswax has been used by humans since the dawn of time for multiple purposes. It was especially important in the production of candles, which still remains the most important use. Candles made from beeswax are healthier than others, because burning them doesn't release toxins and soot. They actually clean the air by removing some pollutant compounds.

In ancient Egypt, beeswax was used to produce paint for artists; Romans kept this use but also widely employed it to soften the skin. Modern researchers are also investigating its properties, since it can treat digestive issues, reduce cholesterol levels and get rid of pain. According to the results of a 2007 study, purified wax is an effective antioxidant that provides protection to the liver.

Beeswax is a powerful natural product that is completely harmless. It benefits the skin without any toxicity, so it's a very popular ingredient in the cosmetics industry. It is extremely useful in creams because it thickens their composition, so they are a lot easier to apply and spread on the skin.

Beeswax has the ability to form a protective layer when applied on a surface and this also happens on the skin. The layer keeps the moisture in and prevents dryness, while also providing protection from outside factors like weather or toxins. This effect is very useful in lip balms, since it doesn't clog pores or asphyxiate the skin like the alternatives made from petroleum.

The antiseptic effects of beeswax have been claimed for a very long time and researchers recently tested them. Lab plates with cultures of both the Staphylococcus aureus and the Candida albicans fungus were treated with a mixture of wax, honey and olive oil. This natural combination reduced the growth of both pathogens. As a result, beeswax might be a good choice for curing minor bacterial infections such as diaper rash in a natural way.

Another beneficial effect of beeswax is the anti-inflammatory one. It can heal irritation and swelling, reducing the pain associated with these symptoms. At the same time, it restores the skin to its normal condition, repairing the damage and redness associated with inflammation.

Beeswax is good for the skin also due to its content of vitamin A, which is a strong exfoliate and antioxidant that makes it look younger.

Since ancient times, it was also known as a natural perfume. There is no need to use toxic chemicals for this purpose in cosmetics, since you can have an attractive smell using this cheap and healthy ingredient. Beeswax has a pleasant and light honey aroma that works great in perfumes and soaps.

Beeswax is a great general-purpose skin treatment. It can treat sensitive skin and itchiness, especially for people with reactive skin due to its anti-allergenic properties.

This natural product can be used on the skin of chemotherapy patients, in order to heal the sores caused by the procedure. Combined with honey and olive oil, it can also relive the itching, pain and bleeding triggered by hemorrhoids. It is a hypoallergenic agent, equally effective against other skin issues like dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

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