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A healthy and beautiful hair is very important in today's society. A shiny and easy to maintain hair is a key part of a successful look, since healthy hair can be arranged in any possible style.

However, it is increasingly difficult to maintain healthy hair because of the hostile environment. The hair can be damaged by harsh weather, pollution and various chemicals. Not only the products applied on the hair have an influence on its health, but also the food we eat. The quality of the food is reflected in the scalp, skin and hair, while the nutrients contribute to its health. A balanced and natural diet is critical for proper hair health and an improved diet will also improve the hair in time. We can say that an adequate food choice is essential for maintaining healthy hair.

Some people blame their hair problems on having a naturally bad hair, this is nonsense. The hair looks bad because it's not healthy and it's usually our fault. Most of the factors depend on our lifestyle and food choices, although there are indeed a few aspects that we can't control directly. However, it takes some time for healthier lifestyle to be reflected in the hair. It is a process that must be started as soon as possible and it's quite long, one month will not be enough to notice any kind of changes.

Human hair can be compared to a plant. While the vigour of a plant depends on the soil beneath it, the one of the hair is affected by the condition of the scalp that supports it. The scalp must have proper blood circulation, with open pores and a clean skin. Loose and thick skin are the hallmarks of healthy scalp, while one in poor shape will be dry, irritated and flaky. A sick scalp tends to have extreme features and is either very dry or too oily. The hair becomes oily if the sebaceous glands of the scalp produce too much oil. This oil is dangerous because it allows bacteria to reproduce in it and later attack the scalp.

Dandruff is a very common scalp condition, also caused by the development of bacteria on dry skin. Often, the scalp becomes dry because of remnants of hair wash products that were not rinsed properly. However, there are numerous other possible causes. Skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis can severely affect the scalp and sometimes a poor diet can also cause it to become dry. Bad blood flow is another possible cause, that's why scalp massage is important. Tea tree oil is one of the natural products that have been proven in lab tests to kill scalp bacteria and is included in some of the best hair treatment products.

It must be noted that a healthy scalp doesn't always guarantee healthy hair. Even if it starts healthy, it can be damaged by the hostile environment and even by our own cleaning and styling habits. The hair's growth speed varies from one person to another due to genetics and other factors and is not indicative of its health. Comparing the growth speed between two people is meaningless. As a general rule, normal straight hair will grow faster than curly one. It is also a good idea to preserve the moisture of the hair at all times, to choose a relaxed style that doesn't put a strain on it and avoid radical styling methods. In particular, heat styling can cause the hair to break and should be avoided.

The health of the scalp is very important but most people neglect it and only become worried if they get dandruff or another similar unpleasant condition. However, the health of the hair is directly connected to the one of the scalp, so it should be monitored at all times. There are many factors that influence the scalp. The most common problems are excessive styling, metabolic problems, genetic factors and stress. Regardless of the cause, the result is usually an excessive production of sebum. This wax-like secretion will block the hair follicles and eventually cause inflammation and infections. This leads to dry hair that grows slowly and falls off in time, causing baldness.

A proper diet is also extremely important for scalp health. Dry scalps are sometimes caused by low levels of omega-3, so increasing its level in the daily meals can have positive results. People who don't eat meat like vegetarians and vegans can also have problems due to insufficient protein intake and should take iron supplements to compensate for their restrictive diet.

The scalp is similar in many ways to facial skin. There is no reason not to apply conditioner at the roots, the hair will not weigh down but will actually benefit from the extra moisture. It is also advised to scrub the scalp once per week to remove dead cells and stimulate the others to grow, just like it happens with the exfoliation of normal skin. A very clean scalp will also prevent a very common hair problem, when it tends to become too thin and lose its strength.

Things you should do to promote healthy scalp and hair

It all starts with a massage, which can be done every day. The best massage method is similar to making bread, using all ten fingers at the same time, starting from the forehead to the hack of the head. This will improve the circulation of the blood in the scalp, which is crucial to its health. In order to prevent scalp damage, you should avoid using cheap plastic brushes or scraping the scalp with the nails, which can cause wounds. However, brushing is important and must be done daily, to evenly distribute the oils found in some areas of the scalp.

A good diet for healthy hair doesn't include processed food, too much burnt oil or sweets and carbonated sodas. Hydration is very important, so make sure that you drink enough water every day. The health of the scalp and hair also depends on the overall condition of the body, so daily exercises are advised.

The hair can be damaged by many outside factors. Protect it with a hat in the winter, don't wash it with water that is too hot or too cold and avoid temperature extremes in general. The best hair cosmetics are the ones that keep it hydrated, since dry hair tends to break. It is very important to rinse properly since any left-over of hair care products can cause problems in time. Some of the best hair care products for daily use have natural ingredients that moisture the hair and kill bacteria. These usually provide a mix of vitamins and natural oils like castor oil, jojoba oil and olive oil. Some examples of good quality commercial products are Elma 11 Hair and Scalp Revitalizer.

The selection of your hair style can also have a big impact. Loose styles are the best since they don't require a lot of treatment. You should especially avoid too many chemicals and thermal styling. Conditioners with proteins can repair the hair if applied monthly.

To prevent hair loss, splitting and breakage, the ends have to be trimmed often. Satin is a very hair-friendly material, one of the best choices for scarves and pillows. Other materials, especially the synthetic ones, can remove the oil from the scalp and cause it to become dry.

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