Caffeine And Skin Care

� � Sep-30-2009

Have you ever considered giving your skin an infusion treatment with skin-care products founded on coffee? If you haven't, it is just the right time to do so and see the sparkle!

It may be mentioned here that the thrill of caffeine is no longer confined to your morning cup of espresso coffee. Thanks to an assortment of skin-care products based on coffee, in addition to substances such as beer, gum, caffeinated water and also doughnuts, now you can also include caffeine in your routine beauty treatment. Today, the leaves of the coffee plant, its beans as well as berries are all being used to manufacture an assortment of skin-care products and many these are being extensively used to take care of the skin concerns. What is more interesting is that findings of a latest study by the scientists of The State University of New Jersey have validated that external application of caffeine has the aptitude to kill skin cancer cells originated owing to exposure to sunlight. In fact, several researches have established three major properties of caffeine. Apart from being an antioxidant, caffeine also contracts blood vessels and burns out fat cells. Below is a brief discussion regarding the use of coffee to tone up your skin from head to toe.

Body scrubs

The use of coffee in beauty care or skin care is basically a way of life in the Indonesian spas. These spas grind the coffee beans and scrub them on the body to peel off the dirt and dead cells from the skin and bring back its lost glow. However, since coffee encloses caffeine, it is also diuretic by nature and helps to extract surplus fluids from the skin, thereby aiding in diminishing the fa�ade of cellulite. It may be noted here that caffeine actually belongs to a cluster of chemicals called methylxanthines. These chemicals help in invigorating the enzymes that smash down the fat cells in the skin. In addition, the chemicals known as methylxanthines also help the passage of fluid out of the skin cells. As a result of the movement of water from the cells, there is a marked reduction in the size of the skin cells and the skin is tautened as well. However, it is important to remember that the impact of caffeine on indented or dimpled skin surface is only a provisional affair. You will find that majority of the skin-care lotions available in the market these days enclose caffeine that lessens the emergence of cellulite. However, it is significant to note that once you stop using these creams, the cellulite makes a re-appearance on the skin.

Good fpr eyes

Thus far, you had depended on coffee to awaken you every morning, now it is possible for you to use coffee to appear more stirring. In fact, it has been proved that skin-care products based on caffeine are able to diminish the dark shadows and bulges below your eyes. It may be noted that dark circles form around our eyes owing to very delicate skin and permeable blood vessels in that area of the face. Irritation or inflammation in the area around the eyes owing to exhaustion, pollution and/ or lack of moisture results in the blood vessels to turn out to be more permeable and fill up the region with fluid. Researches have established caffeine to facilitate vasoconstriction or constriction of the blood vessels. As a result it has the ability to lessen swelling and its diuretic exploits may perhaps add to removing the puffiness under the eyes. Findings of some studies have demonstrated that caffeine has the aptitude to draw out water from the body tissues.

Coffee berry

It is interesting to note that the latest fad vis-�-vis skin care orbits around the use of the coffee berry in cosmetic products. The coffee berry is the fruit of the coffee plant that has a ruby red hue. The extract of the coffee berry scavenges the harmful free radicals in our body and is said to be stronger compared to green tea as well as vitamin C and vitamin E. It may be mentioned here that nearly all skin problems, such as sun spots, wrinkles, crow's feet and loss of elasticity, are a result of the invasion of the free radicals. Hence, when you use skin care products containing caffeine, you are able to tackle the harmful free radicals and, thereby, are not only restore the original skin tone and texture, but also enhance the appearance of the skin. The coffee berry is an excellent and strong antioxidant, but this does not mean that you may use the skin care products containing its extracts randomly. As a result, one needs to be extra cautious while using them on skin that is susceptible to acne. If you are not careful, using skin care products with coffee berry extracts may result in facial spots or blemishes.

It is interesting to note that while the skin-care product manufacturers have been publicizing the multifarious advantages of coffee, a number of dermatologists are of the view that further research is necessary to reveal the complete gamut of the coffee berries' uses and utilities. They assert that medications based on additional proof are needed to explain precisely when coffee is most useful in skin care.