Chlorophyll Covers Halitosis Best


Believe it or not, breath mints are no more in vogues. It is better to forget about them, since if you really suffer from foul breath odor, no matter how much of breath mints you take, it is not going to help you in any way to conceal halitosis (bad breath). Hence, the only method to overcome halitosis or eliminate bad breath is to treat the condition within.

If you are wondering what we mean by solving the problem internally, you would be happy to learn that luckily, there is a very simple way to achieve this. Using chlorophyll – the incredible green cleansing mechanism provided by Mother Nature, is the way out. The more you use chlorophyll, the cleaner you will become.

Chlorophyll is collected from the green pigment present in the plants and its chemical structure is extremely comparable to the hemoglobin present in the human body – the only dissimilarity being that while chlorophyll encloses magnesium, hemoglobin contains iron. You many often find several people drinking alfalfa, wheat grass, spirulina or barley because these plants are rich in chlorophyll content and are able to facilitate in cleansing or purifying the body of the wastes and toxic substances present in our bloodstream. In this context, many of you may remember that not long ago you were recommended the use of chlorophyll gum to get rid of bad breath. In effect, people who endure bad breath usually have a toxic colon and ingestion of chlorophylls helps in eliminating the toxins from our system.

It is interesting to note that chlorophyll, the green pigment present in the plants, help us to achieve just more than keeping our world green or free of toxins/ pollutants. As far as the wellbeing of humans is concerned, chlorophyll acts as an antibacterial as well as an anti-inflammatory agent. Besides helping to get rid of halitosis, chlorophyll offers us several other health benefits too. This green plant pigment is used to speed up healing of wounds, support growth of new tissues, provide relief from flatulence and bloating and also prevent the occurrence of stones in the gallbladder. Nevertheless, most possibly the most familiar health benefit of chlorophyll is helping us to get rid of bad breath. The standard dosage of chlorophyll to eliminate halitosis is one teaspoonful of its powder or taking three 100 mg tablets daily – each after a meal.

Chlorophyll tablets work by cleansing the intestines of toxic substances and this, in turn, helps to refresh our breath. It is advisable to take chlorophyll supplements as per the instructions on the product label following each meal and once at bedtime. In case you have a feeling that the foul odour of your breath is associated with poor digestion or indigestion, you may try enhancing your diet by adding digestive enzymes to it. In fact, several non-prescription products using natural enzymespapain (extracted from papaya) and bromelain (extracted from pineapple), are available at the pharmacies or health food stores and these may prove to be useful for promoting the digestion process. However, it is important to strictly follow the instructions on the product label of these enzyme supplements.

Most of us are familiar with the fact that chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants, encloses a number of vital nourishments for our health, for instance, vitamin K (a helpful nutrient for blood clotting as well as bleeding problems). In addition, chlorophyll is highly rich in antioxidant carotenoids. Moreover, chlorophyll possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and it is beneficial as an antiseptic for wounds and in ailments related to the gums. Last, but not the least, chlorophyll is also effective in getting rid of the foul body smell.

Similar to parsley, dill (a plant having aromatic seeds) also has rich chlorophyll content. It is advisable that you try a cup of dill tea following meals; use a couple of teaspoonful of the finely divided leaves of the plant or squashed aromatic seeds of the plant in a cup of boiling water. Alternately, you may just chew a few dill seeds to refresh your breath. However, here is a word of caution. Pregnant women should avoid using dill as a medication as it may result in problems for them. Hence, it is advisable that dill should be set aside for intermittent and restrained use only.

Drinking alfalfa is extremely beneficial for health since it provides chlorophyll, which helps to purify the blood as well as cleanse the colon – the two places in the body which gives rise to bad breath or halitosis. In order to cleanse the body of toxins as well as eliminate bad breath, it is advisable to take one teaspoonful of alfalfa liquid mixed with juice or water thrice every day or 500 mg to 1000 mg tablets made from this long growing grass. People suffering from bad breath usually also endure gum diseases. In other words, the infections in the gums often give rise to bad breath. Therefore, in the instance of any infection of the gums, put a few drops of alcohol-free goldenseal extract on a small cotton piece and place it over the contagious gums or sores in the mouth. When this is done for two hours every day for three days continuously, it helps in healing the infected parts quickly. In addition, you ought to use myrrh, peppermint, sage and rosemary to rinse your mouth. In fact, myrrh may also be used to brush your teeth.

Similarly, parsley has high content of chlorophyll, a natural deodorizer, and it also makes the digestive tract sweeter. Taking a cup of herbal tea prepared with peppermint after every meal helps to facilitate digestion In case you occasionally have bad breath or halitosis associated with indigestion and usually along with diarrhea, upset stomach , constipation or plenty of burping. Alternately, you may also try drinking a cup of ginger tea two times every day during your meals with a view to augment your digestion.

Well, if you are keen on taking chlorophyll to get rid of bad breath as well as cleanse your bloodstream and colon, it would be an excellent idea to collect fresh stems of parsley as well as other plants that have rich chlorophyll content, such as cilantro and basil, and refrigerate them. This would help you to take these sprigs out of the fridge and chew them whenever you might require them. In this context, it may be mentioned that the people have been using the seeds of anise (botanical name Pimpinella anisum), a licorice-flavored herb, for several thousand years to refresh their breath. While this may seem to be incredible to many, the seeds of this herb are actually effective in getting rid of halitosis or bad breath. The best way to use the anise seeds is to take one or two teaspoons of the licorice-flavored seeds and boil them for a few minutes. Subsequently, filter the solution and drink it or use it in the form of a mouthwash. In addition, in Canton in China, coriander is a traditional herbal medication for halitosis or foul smelling breath.

Parsley, which is reputed for being an excellent source of chlorophyll for fighting halitosis, is very rich in zinc content. In effect, the zinc enclosed by parsley makes it an excellent remedy for men’s reproductive health. Parsley is especially effective in eliminating bad breath when onions or garlic are the reason for the foul smelling breath since it encloses high amounts of chlorophyll. Adolescents who have just consumed a meal that is seasoned with onions and garlic will find chewing a few fresh sprigs of parsley soaked in vinegar effective in immediately getting rid of bad breath. However, the effects of this are often temporary. Even ingestion of parsley leaves helps to provide continuous breath freshness as they are usually digested. Another health benefit of these plants containing considerable amounts of chlorophyll is inhibiting the production of intestinal gases as they endorse enhanced digestion.

There are a few other natural modes of getting rid of bad breath. It is advisable that you go on a raw foods diet for a period of five days. Once this period is over, ensure that your daily diet comprises of a minimum of 50 per cent raw foods. Simultaneously, drink plenty of clean water. In fact, following this diet on a routine basis is good for your health. Try and keep off spice foods as the odours of these foods can stay for hours and give you bad breath.


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