Delaying The Aging Process

� � Posted before Dec-31-2007

French actress Brigitte Bardot had once said, "It's sad to grow old, but nice to ripen". If you believe her perception of aging, you would also agree that, irrespective of age or sex, every one of us long for a youthful appearance. And as we grow older, we increasingly explore ways and means to keep the unavoidable signs of old age in check. In other words, we all are so concerned about retaining our youthful appearance, that, despite knowing the inevitable, we always try to keep the aging process at bay.

On an average, the lifespan of a human being is considered to be approximately 70 years. However, some people may live on for more than the average lifespan, while there are many who may survive for lesser number of years. And as we grow older, different symptoms of aging appears on our physique, especially the face and skin. Although aging is a normal process, many people begin to worry as they find the signs of aging, such as pallid skin, wrinkles, bags below the eyes and flaccid skin, appearing on them. On the other hand, majority of the people from both sexes are usually at ease with the signs of aging and are inclined to pay no attention to such indications. Such men and women also do not make any effort to conceal the signs of aging or adopt any action to inhibit them. However, there are a section of people, especially celebrities or people associated with creative fields, such as film stars, television personalities, politicians and others, who are highly worried regarding their physical appearance and are the ones who necessarily take actions to conceal or delay the aging process and its symptoms. However, when we say people from creative fields adopt anti-aging measures, it does imply that others, denoting the commoners or those not associated with creativity or public service, are not concerned about their looks and do not take any anti-aging measure.

It may be mentioned here that people use anti-aging measures or take anti-aging treatments with a view to put off or inhibit the natural process of growing old. In fact, they endeavour to turn around the consequences and symptoms of aging. Generally, when an individual grows old and looks his or her age, they also feel that they are old. Nevertheless, there are numerous people who not only repudiate the feeling of being old, but also continue to be youthful at heart despite their advancing age. In fact, such people do not allow the advancing age or the symptoms of aging to make them feel that they are aged or inhibit their activities. Many of these individuals, both men and women, look forward to the different techniques that delay or conceal the aging process as well as the symptoms associated with it. These people also use an assortment of anti-aging merchandise or medicines and cosmetics that help to inhibit or overturn the process of growing old. As the demand for anti-aging products, including medications and therapies are rapidly on the rise, scientists too have been engaged in continuing research related to tissue engineering and genetic engineering, while the medical sciences too have made rapid progresses in discovering or developing anti-aging therapies as well as anti-aging healing for ailments, such as Alzheimer's disease - a condition more common in aged people. In addition to using anti-aging products, anti-aging therapy also comprises changing one's mindset regarding the aging process as well as its impact on appearance. Anti-aging psychology trains an elderly or aging individual to be proficient in handling problems associated with the aging process - stress, detectable symptoms of becoming old as well as the changes that occur in the body owing to advanced age.

It is interesting to note that man's exploration for the ideal anti-aging technique that would help to retard the aging process has been in continuation since the birth of civilization. The suggestions or mentions found in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs or pictographs and books as well as in several manuscripts from the ancient Greek and Asian cultures provide enough evidence to establish this fact. In fact, the ancient Egyptians looked for different herbs and spices to improve upon their attractiveness, extend their lifespan and also turn around the consequences or signs of the aging process. On the other hand, the Greeks and several ancient cultures in the Asian region, including Indian, Japanese and Chinese, made use of turmeric, honey, milk and a multitude of spices and herbs to augment their good looks. In addition, they also used several medications, herbs and spices to prolong the lifespan as well as inhibit the natural aging process. Many of these medicines, herbs and spices are used by people even to this day for the same purposes. While people continue to use several edible substances, such as honey, milk and turmeric, for anti-aging therapies, several medicines, herbs and spices are used as ingredients in a number of anti-aging products - both cosmetics and medications.

As mentioned earlier, for several millenniums now, people have been on the look out for the ideal anti-aging treatment and products that would help them to inhibit the natural aging process. Such fanatic searches have often resulted in numerous myths and legends regarding miraculous locales where people were believed to remain ever young. For instance, the fable of Ponce de Leon's search for the 'Fountain of Youth' is famed worldwide. Therefore, people have been continuously searching for the perfect treatment or product that would help them to regulate the normal aging process and presently the pace of the search has only intensified with the rapid progresses made by contemporary science and medicine.

While the aging process after a certain age is normal, many people also suffer from premature aging. In fact, anyone and everyone may be affected by premature aging and hence, it is essential to try and avoid it prior to any harm is done to the skin. There are numerous ways that help a person to maintain a healthy skin enabling them to sustain their youthful appearance. A few tips in this regard are presented below with a view to help you to preserve the health of your skin and make it appear young-looking.

  • Make sure that you work out your individual skin care regimen and be trained in doing it properly. In fact, it needs a little amount of interest to precisely identify the kind of skin care items you would like to use for your skin tone as well as the manner in which they should be used. In this case, you may seek the help of a beautician in order to help you decide on the type of complexion you should have and also to show you the products that are suitable for your skin. In addition, it is important to use facial creams to shield your skin from any harm caused by the sun, wind and cold.
  • Always make an effort to take a well-balanced and nourishing diet and lead a healthy lifestyle as these two things will help you to sustain your wellbeing and a young look. Consume as much as fresh fruits and vegetable as possible and avoid eating processed foods. It has been seen that often people who eat too much of processed food endure premature aging since such foods enclose excessive calories, but little nourishment value. It is important to note that ingesting vitamins are essential for sustaining the vigorous and young look of the skin. And unprocessed foods, fresh vegetables and fruits are rich resources of vitamins. Hence, change your diet if you are consuming plenty of processed foods.
  • In addition to using therapies and taking the right kind of food, having adequate sleep is also necessary for maintaining a healthy and youthful skin. In other words, our body requires sufficient amount of rest in order to recover the strength and energy lost in performing various functions. Unless we allow the body to take rest and accumulate sufficient amount of energy, it will not be able to endure the troubles confronted by it routinely. In fact, one should have approximately eight hours of sleep during the night to enable the body to recuperate as well as replenish the energy reserves required for its proper functioning. It has been observed that deficiency in sleep often results in the emergence of dark circles below the eyes making the skin appear dull - a sign of premature aging.
  • In order to put off premature aging, it is also essential to stay away from stress or nervous tension. Stress is said to be an important factor in aiding the premature aging process. In fact, stress may have an effect on your health as well as the appearance of your skin. Some of the many symptoms associated with premature aging include greying of hair, loss of hair, eruptions on the skin and the skin having a dreary appearance. In order to avoid stress, you need to keep your body adequately hydrated and drinking plenty of water or fruit juice will help to overcome this problem. This will help the body to carry on with its normal functioning. Drinking sufficient water not only preserves the flexibility of the skin and, thereby, helps in extending the youthful and healthy look of an individual. In addition, water is also useful in getting rid of the wastes and toxins produced by our body. Hence, an individual should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water daily to sustain his or her health as well as the youthful appearance.

Therefore, in a nutshell, it may be said that if one looks after his or her health and skin properly, it will not only help them to have a youthful appearance, but also help them to remain young at heart. Remaining young both outside and inside is essential for the wellbeing of every individual and if one succeeds in maintaining a smooth and young-looking skin, they will certainly gain a lot - vis-�-vis their physical and mental health.

Techniques to prevent aging symptoms

The wonder Botox� has proved to be very useful in healing the signs of aging, such as crow's feet, wrinkles, fine lines on the forehead and frown lines. This is a virtually painless medication that entails administering an injection containing a minute quantity of the Botox� solution subcutaneously or just beneath the skin in the areas that require healing. The solution is injected using an extremely thin needle, something akin to the needles that is used to inoculate premature babies. All things considered, treatment with Botox only takes a few minutes - approximately 10 minutes. While the results of using the medication may be expected in only two weeks from the day of injection, on an average, the consequences of the treatment may last till four to six months.

Treatment of aging signs with Botox� is not a new phenomenon, but this wonder drug has been effectively used for more than two decades. What is more important is the fact that treatment with Botox� is endorsed by widespread clinical experimentation and there have been more than 1,400 medical studies that establish that using the medication is not only safe, but also extremely useful. Botox� treatment should always be administered by a qualified and extremely proficient medical practitioner. This medication acts by the botulinum contaminants binding themselves to the nerve endings and obstructing the indications that they would otherwise receive instructing the body muscles to shrink. The action of Botox� frees the muscles enabling the skin to refurbish the wrinkles from the beneath and upwards.

Another medication that is effective in treating the signs of aging is Restylane�, a preferred non-animal substitute of collagen replacement healing. Restylane� comprises of a transparent gel and application of this medication results in the skin becoming smooth and free from wrinkles and creases. Restylane� also gives the desired curves and is used effectively in lip enhancement. On the other hand, Juvederm is also preferred by many as an anti-aging product. This medication is basically a hyaluronic acid available as a clear and homogenous viscoelastic gel. Juvederm� has proved to be an effective medication that fills up the wrinkles. It may be noted that hyaluronic acid is a biological element of dermal tissue that preserves the moisture content locally and is absorbed by the skin slowly but surely over a period of time.

Obagi Blue Peel� is prominent among the several other anti-aging medications. This product has been developed with a view to enhance the look as well as the health of your skin considerably. Obagi Blue Peel� is appropriate for both men and women having any skin condition and complexion and it is effective for smoothing all problems related to pigmentation on the face or any other body part. Obagi Blue Peel� is the perfect skin care product for people who desire to improve their looks as well as turnaround the signs of the natural aging process. This skin care product will prove to be immensely useful for people who are inclined to have wrinkles, skin blemishes, sun damages, pigmentation troubles and have an inferior skin quality in general.

Yet another skin care product called the Glycolic Peel encloses completely organic alpha hydroxy acid obtained from sugar cane. In fact, alpha hydroxy acid is naturally present in a number of specific foods and fruits. It may be noted that glycolic has the smallest molecular dimension among the different types of alpha hydroxy acids. Actually, the minute molecular size of glycolic enables it to go through the skin and heal it. Compared to treatment with other chemical or synthetic peels, anti-aging therapy with Glycolic acid is considered to be more moderate. Treatment with Glycolic acid is generally administered to enhance as well as make the quality of skin smoother, as it helps to rejuvenate the skin by doing away with the damage external stratum. In fact, Glycolic acid is considered to be the best available treatment for renewal of the skin.

On the other hand, the IAL system is a bio-revitalization skin treatment regimen that helps to restore the young look and has a long-lasting effect. This skin care regimen acts by bringing back the suppleness and strength of the skin along with moisturizing it. It may be mentioned here that as we grow older in age, the intensity of hyaluronic acid that is present normally in our skin diminishes significantly resulting in the appearance of the symptoms of the aging process - wrinkles, lines on the forehead, crow's feet and dark circles below the eyes. In such situations, the IAL system invigorates the formation of new collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, which are all crucial elements to make one appear young and healthy.