Detoxification And Supplements

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During the course of a detoxification regimen, colon cleansing is considered to be a very useful and beneficial step. Many types of toxins accumulate in the large intestine and many of these toxins are expelled when it is cleansed out. The cleansing of the colon is ideal as an impaired or sluggish colon is almost a guarantee for a general increase in toxicity in the body. Colon cleansing is a step involved in the detoxification program of most people who go for a complete detox. Herbal and pharmaceutical laxatives will be good aids during colon cleansing, fiber is also valuable, especially in the form of psyllium seed husks either used alone or combined with a variety of supplements like betonite clay, powdered aloe vera, and acidophilus cultures. Colon cleansing is ideally carried out as enemas with water, various herbs; at times even diluted ground coffee can be used. Coffee is useful as a liver detoxifier as well. Ideally, a detoxification program should include the administration of a series of colonic water irrigations as the principal step; this is ideally carried out with help from a trained professional using sterile filtered water and safe disposable equipment - this must be combined with a high fiber supplements and a general cleansing dietary regimen. A good bowel movement will aid the detoxification process, the bowels need cleansing as a priority step in whichever way possible for the detox to succeed.

Physical activity and exercise on a daily basis is vital. Increased activity leads to sweating, boosting toxin elimination via the skin surface. The detoxification process is boosted as the general metabolism perks up with exercise. Ideally, aerobic exercise on a regular schedule will help keep the body toxin free. This is particularly true if, sugar or alcohol intake is not stopped during the detox regimen. A lot of fluids, supplemental antioxidants, essential vitamins, and minerals will aid in the expulsion of toxins as exercise frees up accumulated toxins in the body.

The skin is an area for the release of toxins and taking baths frequently will cleanse it of toxins on the surface, scrubbing also frees up blocked pores and aids toxin release. Toxin release from the skin is aided by saunas and heavy sweats during exercise. A skin brush can be used to rid the body of dead cells and to renew skin before baths. Toxin release from the skin is helped by undergoing massage therapy; lymphatic or deep massage being particularly helpful in this regard, this will also stimulates bodily functions and calm the mind. A thorough process of detoxification is possible when mental tensions are cleared away, massaging and skin rubs will be helpful.

The rejuvenating detoxification process is aided by planned rests and relaxation. It is necessary to have some quiet time, and plenty of quality sleep for the process to succeed. Rest is still essential even if energy levels perk up due to the detoxification. The relaxed mind stops interfering in the natural homeostasis mechanism in the body, this aids the detox process. A good way to relax is to go in for yoga, the breath awareness and respiratory regulation combined with stretching and meditation, increases flexibility and helps a person relax.

The detoxification regimen can be aided by using specific supplements. Detox programs that deal with specific addictions to caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine are best done with supplemental to reduce withdrawal symptoms, supplements are not vital for general detoxification. Supplements including the mineral potassium, fiber rich foods with olive oil help in cleansing the colon. Toxic heavy metals in the body are bound and eliminated by sodium alginate present in seaweeds. Excess mucus can be reduced using apple cider vinegar in water, made by mixing one tablespoon of vinegar to eight ounces of hot water. Increasing the consumption of fiber and drinking lots of water, along with the use of antioxidant nutrients will help free toxins accumulated in fatty tissues for weight loss specific detoxification programs.

General detoxification programs are aided by the use of multiple vitamin and mineral supplement at low dosages. This ensures nutritional requirements are met in the diet during the transitional stage of the process. Niacin in particular and the other B vitamins in general are helpful supplements. Minerals like zinc and calcium, as well as magnesium, and potassium are also ideal. The beta-carotene compound, the vitamin A, the mineral zinc, as well as vitamin E, the mineral selenium, and vitamin C in particular are ideal antioxidant supplements in all detox programs. The best way to neutralize the free radicals in the body according to certain experts is to take high doses of the vitamin A at 10,000 IU, along with beta-carotene at 25,000 - 50,000 IU dosage, as well as the vitamin C at around 8g - 12 g, and the vitamin E at 1,000 - 1,200 IU doses, during the detoxification program.

Nutrients and liver glandulars which support the liver are recommended during the general detoxification regimen as the liver is the mother of all detoxification processes in the body. The varied detoxification processes in the liver require plenty of water and glycogen as well as glucuronic acid to provide energy. A carbohydrate diet low in protein is ideal if it can be tolerated by the person. The liver detoxification processes are also boosted by supplementing with the B3 and B6 as well as other B vitamins, supplements of the vitamins A, E and C, the minerals zinc, selenium and calcium, as well as L-cysteine will also aid the liver. Repair process and detoxification in the liver is aided by the extract of the milk thistle herb - available in herbal stores as silymarin or Silybum marianum - botanic name.

The detoxification process is also aided by several amino acids. Sulfur containing cysteine and methionine, are particularly helpful in this regard. A form of cysteine called L-cysteine prevents oxidative damage to the cells by binding toxic heavy metals through the sulfhydryl groups in its structure. Toxic mercury ions can be bound in this way. Oxidative damage in the body from heavy metal ions is also inhibited by the vitamin C and selenium. The body's natural anti-oxidant compound glutathione is derived from cysteine; this compound is a vital detoxifier in the body. Glutathione particularly inhibits the action of chemicals and carcinogens at the cellular level. Detoxification enzymes are derived from glutathione, these synthesized detoxification enzymes include reductase and glutathione peroxidase. These inhibit the action of a highly reactive molecule called hydrogen peroxide. These enzymes stop the peroxidation of lipids and guard against peroxide toxins from smoke and auto exhaust, they also guard against free radicals produced in the body by drugs and other chemicals, while also inhibiting carcinogens and radiation induced damage at cellular level.

The amino acid glycine also helps in detoxification. Acting as a secondary helper in the synthesis of glutathione in cells. The toxins produced from phenols or formed by the common food additive benzoic acid are suppressed by glycine. The amino acid glutamine can reduce the carving for alcohol and sugar; it reduces damage to the gastrointestinal tract and heals the lining of the gut. The amino acids methionine, as well as tyrosine, and taurine also have mild detoxifying effects.

The detoxification process is also boosted by supplementary fiber. The ideal source of fiber is psyllium seed husks. This high fiber food is very often mixed with aloe vera, pectin, alginates, and colon supporting herbs. Fiber will ease stool movement and cleanse the small intestine of mucus; it can also bulk up the colon. Psyllium carries away toxins contained in the gastrointestinal tract lining. Toxins are bound up and expelled along with the fiber in the stool, when the supplemental fiber is taken along with one or two tablespoons of olive oil. This supplementary mixture will also lower the absorption of minerals and fats found in food. The body's capacity to absorb the ingested olive oil will also be reduced by the psyllium. This factor is beneficial for lowering the intake of calories and for binding all the fat soluble toxins accumulated in the body. The colonic complement of acidophilus bacteria is also responsible for suppressing certain toxins in the colon. The friendly bacteria also suppress the metabolic toxins released by other microbes in the gut, and lower toxicity in the body as a whole. The addition of an acidophilus supplement to a detoxification program is beneficial and helpful.


The process of detoxification in the body is boosted by several herbs. Some herbs can even be said to be natural detoxification agents in their own right. Indeed, the detoxification power of some herbs can be said to be the major plus point of herbal remedies. Herbal remedies that can strengthen various organs, cleanse the blood and body, as well as detoxify tissues can be found at most herbal stores. There are hundreds upon hundreds of herbs to choose for exactly such detoxification processes.

A general classification of herbs useful in detoxification.


The use of large amounts of water is always necessary for the success of any detoxification therapy. Water helps reduce toxin content in the body by diluting the chemicals. Water can be said to be the most vital detoxifier of the human body, as it is vital for the removal of wastes from the body. The health of the kidneys and the skin, excretion through sweating and all excretion activities in the body depend on water. Every adult must drink a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water daily to maintain optimal health. Though water intake may also be increased based on body size and level of physical activity. Only clean, purified water must be used during a detoxification program. The use of distilled or pure water in detoxification programs is also suggested by some experts, they state that the absence of any mineral or salts in the water will increase the chances of other particles like nutrients and toxins being dissolved into the water. This may not be practical or even safe, as water also affects electrolyte balance in the body.

New therapy and treatment options

Accumulated synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and chemicals in pharmaceutical drugs can now be detoxified and removed from the body thanks to the development of a new detoxification process. This technique finds employment in many clinics around the world. The basic program consists of several weeks of physical exercise, along with the consumption of a diet rich in fluids and juices, with the addition of high niacin intake along with a session in the sauna. Patients may be ask to undergo therapy in the saunas for several hours at a stretch during the process; this may be accompanied by the consumption of large amounts of different drinks. The vitamin B3 or niacin is given to patients to boost circulation as it is an excellent stimulator circulatory stimulant and vasodilator. The main principal behind the treatment is to completely cleanse the body of hidden chemicals in fat through the use of juices. The process also makes use of exercise as a form of therapy, and forces the patient to sweat out toxins.

The benefits of the niacin therapy combined with the sauna based treatment are of great therapeutic value as a detoxification treatment, especially if it is medically supervised. The treatment is still done on an experimental basis and may have hidden dangers that are still not accounted for fully. Though some unsatisfactory results have surfaced, some of the results from initial trails have been positive, particularly in individuals suffering from contamination with chemicals like Agent Orange. In addition, the time involved in the treatment is long and the costs are prohibitive. Deficiencies in nutrients can also be induced by undergoing this very severe form of detoxification that may be hard to recover from. It is also essential to restore the nutrient balance to a proper level, both during and in the period following the completion of the therapeutic process. One benefit of this treatment strategy is that is effective in countering the toxicity in the body brought on by long time recreational drug abuse, it is also excellent in dealing with toxicity due to regular alcohol and nicotine use. The use of a sauna, drinking fresh juices for a few days, physical exercise and gym sessions, and supplementing niacin at doses of about one hundred to two hundred mg daily, increased to two or three grams daily in a few weeks can all be considered to be a modified form of this treatment option. A large intake of different fluids and mineral supplements will ensure success. A qualified medical doctor must always be consulted if there is weakness, generalized physical fatigue, or vague symptoms during the treatment.