Alcohol detoxification – part 3

Pancreatic digestive enzymes among other nutrients and herbs can also be very effective when utilized after meals. Substances such as brewer’s yeast can also be used if tolerated by the patient; this is very rich in many of the B complex vitamins and in a variety of minerals. A reduction in the inflammatory prostaglandin’s can also be achieved by a supplement of essential amino acids.

The effects of alcohol toxicity can be lessened and minimized by using gamma-linolenic acid sourced from evening primrose or borage seed oil. Anxiety in the patient can be reduced by taking the herb extract of valerian root, which is a natural sedative, comparable to valium and white willow bark tablets can be used for pain. Herbs such as licorice root and chamomile can greatly ease and soothe the digestive tract.

Enzymes that break down the male hormone testosterone in the liver are increased by alcohol usage. Due to this, in teenage boys who drink, there may be a delay in the onset of sexual maturity because enough testosterone may not be available. The nervous system is depressed and its functions reduced by alcohol and this can very possibly reduce sexual performance or lead to impotence, even if desire is lessened at the same time.

There is a correlation between alcohol usage and malignancies of the mouth, the esophagus and pancreatic function, and in women even the breasts. A combination of cigarette smoke and alcohol is responsible for the creation of a chemical, and a strong mutagen called ethyl nitrite leading to genetic problems in the offspring and the rise of cancer.

There are a variety of other health problems such as a red swollen nose, dilation of the blood vessels, incidence of gout, an increase in yeast vaginitis infections due to alcohol, a suppressed immune system and the early onset of PMS, may be caused by alcoholism.

During pregnancy alcohol can easily cross the placental barrier and enter the fetal circulation, the fetus may thus become addicted to alcohol and this may lead to fetal alcohol syndrome and the resultant increase in undersize babies with mental deficiencies. It is therefore advisable for pregnant mothers to avoid alcohol during their term.

During the withdrawal, detoxification, and other herbs such as ginseng, cayenne, and peppermint are also good bets. Nutritional goals are best achieved through light amounts of proteins, found in non-fatty poultry products, in white meat such as fish, and things like chicken soup. Other effective supplements are powders like the amino acid powder. The amino acid L-glutamine, can effectively act against cravings for alcohol and sugar, which is a very common complaints, and is utilized in detoxification clinics for this purpose.

The detoxification process goes on for several weeks after the first signs of withdrawal symptoms for most alcoholics. The elimination of alcohol and its by-products is carried on during this recovery time, other toxins are also removed at the same time, and the body also gets rid of most stored fats sourced from alcohol around this time.

Therefore the ideal diet for the recovering alcoholic in order to get a balanced nutrition is a diet low in fat, with some protein, and a variety of carbohydrate sources. Blood sugar problems are often the first complaints of most alcoholics and in order to counter this a minimum regimen allowing for basic hypoglycemic principles must be adhered to.

Which is dependant on eating every three hours or so, a diet that avoids food groups such as sugars and refined foods, including soft drinks and candy. And vegetables in the complex carbohydrate diet must include whole grains and pasta, starchy vegetables like potatoes, greens such as squashes, legumes, and other leafy vegetables besides the protein complement.

For the proteins good sources are soy products, organic eggs, white meat such as fish, and poultry can also be added and these must be followed by some supplements of fruits and fruit juices, to provide for the missing sugars. Vegetables and fruits should be the primary diet because the primary aim is to maintain an alkaline diet.

Other good options during the day are an abundant consumption of water and herbal teas. All fast food and processed foods containing potentially damaging fats should be avoided these include fast foods like lunch meats, chips, burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream, as they tend to increase acidity in the body besides being congestive. The smoking of cigarettes and the use of caffeine should be avoided.

Supplemental nutrients are helpful as with other substances during the recovery process from chronic alcoholism. For easy sleep the herbal formulas, including valerian root capsules, or prescription medicines can be utilized, as sleeping is difficult. Mineral supplements can also aid in inducing sleep these include calcium and magnesium supplements taken at night.

Amino acids like L-glutamine, which is used in making the amino acid glutamic acid, by the body is a good source for energy and is an effective energizer. The essential amino acid glutamine aids in the lessening of a craving for alcohol and sugar and is found naturally in liver, meats, dairy foods, and cabbage.

During the detoxification process, antioxidant nutrients combined with multiple vitamins are an effective measure. The loss of minerals during the stages of alcoholism is great and therefore minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium, and magnesium should be taken to replace those lost, in a tablet form.

For the elimination of toxins fiber is important in the diet as it binds the toxins helping in their easy removal from the body. Fat utilization and digestion are greatly aided by compounds such as choline and inositol.

For the detoxification of the liver lemon water combined with a couple of teaspoons of olive oil and a quarter teaspoon or a capsule of cayenne pepper can be used. In clearing off the chemical toxins olive oil is thought to be useful, while at the same time being nourishing to the liver, a high fiber diet also causes a high fat absorption in the body and can help during recovery.

Many natural therapies for the liver utilize cold-pressed olive oil. Herbs such as the milk thistle also aid detoxification; this herb also offers protection and healing to the liver. For the toning and cleansing of the liver, include in the supplements about, one or two capsules of goldenseal root powder two times a day.

In cleansing the blood and in the boosting of the eliminating power of the kidneys parsley tea can be used. For the detoxification of the liver, the blood and the colon the amino acid L-cysteine is another helpful substance.



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