Allergies – part 3


An experienced homeopathic practitioner is usually the best guide to the remedies given here, especially when they fit the individual, in the form of a holistic constitutional remedy which in due course will gradually help a person overcome the problems in his or her system.

Arsenicum album

Arsenicum album is to be prescribed and is considered useful only for people who feel restless, ill and exhausted in combination with a high sensitivity to various substances and foods.

Common reactions in such people are asthma and digestive disorders including vomiting and diarrhea. People who feel a frequent burning sensation and are relieved only by warmth, and enjoy small sips of water frequently can be prescribed this regimen. Neatness, details and the maintenance of order may obsess the person who needs Arsenicum, who will also have a strong tendency towards feelings of anxiety.

Calcarea carbonica

Calcarea carbonica is a prescription for people who become fatigued and overwhelmed, and were previously often helpful and responsible, even very steady people who have become anxious and may display phobias such as a fear of heights or sudden feelings of claustrophobia. A low stamina, clammy hands and feeling cold distinguishes such persons.

Symptoms such as gas and heartburn are common digestive complaints in these people especially with regard to grains and dairy products. They are easily tired from even minor exertions and there may be a swelling of the lymph nodes and the tonsils, and the heavy sweats in the head region while asleep. Other physical signs may include besides the craving for sweets, things such as back pain, dizziness, and nightmares at night. Aspirin may bring on an extra reaction in such individuals.

Calcarea phosphorica

Calcarea phosphorica is to be prescribed when the symptoms include headaches and general irritability besides the craving for “junk foods” and other oily preparations and the appearance of stomach and abdominal pains. Sensitivity to cold weather and physical signs such as a stiffness in the neck and back and leg cramps are usually encountered.

A strong desire for change and dissatisfaction with the prevailing circumstances may mark the person and in addition a tendency to complain under fatigue and problems with health may appear in the person. Picky children who are restless and whiny, during growth can be aided greatly by this prescription, including those very particular about food and with constant headaches at school.

Carbo vegetabilis

Carbo vegetabilis is useful to people who react strongly to foods or substances with resulting weakness, a feeling of faintness, being chilled and cold, and various digestive problems. Frequent burping and flatulence and physical signs of bloating are usual.

The person may constantly desire cold and invigorating air even when breathing may be difficult for him or her and even when they obviously feel cold. The person may show signs of insecurity and may be very demanding and easily upset and these signs can worsen in the evenings and are shown with a lot of feeling towards the members of the family.


Gelsemium is a prescription for allergic reactions resembling flu-like symptoms and may include sudden weakness, trembling, aching muscles, droopy-looking eyes, and chills along the spine in the patient. Pain in the muscles of the neck and severe headaches in the back of the head are physical signs.

An internal shakiness with weakness and illness may mark the person who needs this remedy. The person may become mentally and physically agitated and feel under pressure to perform during things like exams, public speaking engagements and other social gatherings, and may not take well to bad news.

Hepar sulphuris

Hepar sulphuris is a prescription for extremely irritable and touchy people who are at the same time oversensitive to stimuli and react strongly to various substances, and often react badly to a exposures to cold weather or drafts.

Such people may develop various skin problems, ear infections, or as a result of the allergy respiratory problems with yellow discharges which are foul smelling and sour or cheese like in odor. Public engagements may be their greatest fear since they feel so vulnerable. Anger and despair about the state of their health are common signs in such people.


Lycopodium is to be used as a prescription in people with allergy problems and manifestations such as heartburn, gas, a rumbling abdomen and discomfort. Hunger typifies this person but the person quickly gets bloated from eating even a very small serving. By missing meals the person feels weak and at the same time fatigue or drowsiness develops after eating.

The symptoms worsen in the evening starting in the late afternoon. Discomfort on the right side of the body, a glazed and chronic worried look, a craving for sweets, a preference for warm drinks, distinguishes the person.

Natrum carbonicum

Natrum carbonicum is to be used for people on a restricted diet with digestive problems including the difficulty in assimilating many kinds of food stuffs. A variety of food stuffs may bring on indigestion, heartburn, and even ulcers when eaten. Diarrhea that can often empty the stomach can lead from eating milk and other dairy products, which may also bring on flatulence.

There is a craving for milk products and sweets and even potatoes, which usually leads to sickness. These persons may prefer to be alone and resting, although often pretending to be cheerful and considerate and they are sensitive to changes in weather and temperatures, as well as food stuffs.

Natrum muriaticum

Natrum muriaticum is to be used as a prescription for people who react to allergens in many physical ways for example with headaches, and mouth sores, and hay fever like symptoms, along with other respiratory problems, including back pain, and fatigue. These symptoms like asthma may worsen in the early evening and in the late mornings and the early afternoons the headaches may worsen.

These signs such as a weakness and headache can result from long exposure to the sun. Psychologically these people have deep feelings but are usually reserved, disliking consolation when ill or upset. The sign that this remedy should be used is a craving for salt and a very strong thirst.

Nux moschata

Nux moschata to be used as a prescription for people who react strongly to chemical or allergen exposure by becoming absent minded and are overcome by a feeling of sleepiness, dizziness and become progressively giddy. Characteristic symptoms include a very dry mouth, dry eyes, and a sense of numbness in all the extremities of the body and a feeling of weight on the chest. The other signs are joint pains and recurrent constipation of the bowels.

Nux vomica

Nux vomica to be prescribed to people subject to cramping pains, irritability and the cold. Other physical signs may include an over sensitivity to substances manifested through can lead to many bodily pains such as headaches, a runny nose, shortness of breath, presence of heartburn, stomach ailments, constipation, chronic back pain, and even insomnia.

Other signs for its use is shown by behavior such as people becoming irritable and impatient, having problems relaxing and are generally short tempered and show signs of frustration. Escape may be sought in a variety of stimulants, like alcohol, tobacco, sweets, and strong foods, which they may crave but which will probably worsen their condition. The patients may also be very sensitive to harsh noises, light and strong smells.


Petroleum to be prescribed to people who can become extremely sensitive automotive and industrial exhaust, typical reactions may include headaches, shivering and diarrhea, even a sudden emptiness inside translated into nausea. The patient may display signs of anxiety, disorientation and confusion on exposure to toxins. Skin may sometimes show signs of eczema especially on the palms and the fingers, becoming cracked and inflamed.


Phosphorus is to be used as a prescription in people who are often excitable, and have an active imagination, and are very sensitive to impressions, displaying very strong anxieties and fears. Other physical problems they may display may be a strong reaction to many foods and substances symptoms including tiredness, feeling spent and dizzy, along with headaches and nausea, signs like nosebleeds, respiratory problems and even diarrhea.

The symptoms may be minimized through regularity in eating and sleeping and may worsen if the patient misses meal times. Other indications for phosphorus use are craving for ice cold drinks, ice cream, and chilled foods.


Silicea is to be used as a remedial measure in individuals with a low stamina, who are sensitive to substances and are prone to fatigue. The health of the patients and their susceptibility to infection may be high symptoms like colds, sore throats, and swollen lymph nodes being common complaints.

Sweaty feet with a foul odor, thinning hair and tender skin, nails which are weak and brittle are often the physical signs in such persons, stubbornness is a trait in people who need this remedy although they usually display signs of nervousness, shyness and seem refined, and fragility. They may crave sweets, and moderate exercise can easily excite them, silicea is the remedy in these cases.



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