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The abnormal rhythmic contractions in the heart are called arrhythmias. Arrhythmias can be of several kinds but are generally mild or severe. The mild form can be as fleeting as a single missed beat during a contraction cycle in the heart; the more severe forms of the arrhythmias may cause the heart to beat irregularly or unusually fast or even very slowly for extended periods of time. The underlying reasons for the development of arrhythmias in some people continue to remain a mystery. There are certain factors for the cause of some types of arrhythmias, for example the presence of a heart condition, including diseases of the coronary artery disease, the presence of defect in the valves of the heart - and an infection of the heart can also give rise to arrhythmias in very rare cases. Other possible factors that can contribute to arrhythmias include problems associated with the thyroid glands or even the presence of kidney disease in the individual; the use of certain drugs and over the counter medications can also trigger arrhythmias. An imbalance of the minerals such as magnesium and others like potassium in the body can also be partly responsible for arrhythmias in many individuals. The excessive use of substances such as caffeine and intoxicants like alcohol, excessive smoking, and physical or emotional stress are all triggers for abnormal rhythms in the heart.

Supplements and herbs

The severe impact of arrhythmias must be remembered, as they can cause serious problems and affect health in a very serious manner. The recommended supplements are not meant to replace the standard medical treatments for arrhythmias and must be used as complements to the allopathic treatment methodologies. The advice of a doctor must be taken first before any heart medication is discontinued. The order of supplementation and the supplements that must be taken will be determined by your doctor-self medication and supplementation must not be undertaken in any event. The use of these supplements often produces affects only in the long term even though some of them may begin to have some perceptible effects within a week. People with arrhythmias often suffer from deficiencies of the essential mineral magnesium, and as such supplements of this mineral can often bring great benefit to patients with heart-rhythm disorders, and arrhythmias in general. The mineral magnesium within the body provides vital functions in coordinating the activity of nerves, with particular importance to those nerves that initiate heartbeats and many important muscles such as those found in the heart. Traditional use has been made of the herb called the hawthorn for centuries to treat ailments of the heart- as a heart tonic, this herbal supplement brings about an increase in the blood flow to the heart, and thus it restores rhythm and makes the beat stronger. The use of the substance called coenzyme Q10 to steady heart rhythm is also advised and this supplement is particularly beneficial to patients who have already suffered a heart attack at a previous time, this substance is also a very good supplement in people suffering from another form of heart disease and other related conditions. Additionally the use of supplemental fish oils is being thoroughly examined in people to treat heart ailments of all types. Their efficacy in this role is seen in encouraging early results that suggest they strongly help in relieving arrhythmias in many test subjects. Arrhythmias can also be stabilized by other supplements aside from the ones mentioned above. One particular herb often used in conjunction with the hawthorn is the herbal cactus called the grandiflorus. Some other alternatives that are used in treating arrhythmias are the trace mineral manganese; this mineral promotes healthy nerves within the body. Additionally the amino acids taurine and carnitine help in bringing about an increase in the supply of oxygen to the heart and thus help in restoring rhythm. The herb astragalus is also an excellent herbal supplement and is rich in various substances that stabilize heart rhythm, supplementation of this herb can be done in the form of a herbal tea, a pill or in the form of a tincture at dosages of thirty drops of the tincture taken thrice daily during the period of treatment. Supplements of potassium are also occasionally advised by many doctors to prevent the occurrence of arrhythmias in many patients. However, the optimal way in which the majority of patients can obtain the maximum amounts of this mineral is through the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables-these foods contain an adequate amount of this mineral.

Additional things you may do

Caffeine and alcohol consumption must be stopped or reduced in the diet of all patients. Patients must stop smoking immediately as it is a very big risk factor in all cardiovascular diseases. The long term cardiac damage due to smoking cannot be remedied by the use of any known supplement. It is important to keep healthy and to exercise regularly in order to enable the body to recover from injuries and metabolic problems. The heart muscles are strengthened through aerobic exercises. It is important to reduce stress and to learn how to relax throughout the day. In this regard the practice of many relaxation techniques such as biofeedback may be an excellent way to go-yoga and other meditation techniques will also take away the stress and improve health in a holistic manner.

Usual dosage

Astragalus, 400 mg two times daily or three cups of tea daily. Hawthorn, 100-150 mg thrice daily. Magnesium, 400 mg two times daily. If you have kidney disease, please don't take it. Manganese, 20 mg each morning. Fish oils, 1,000 mg thrice daily - if you do not eat fish at least two times daily. Coenzyme Q 10, 50 mg two times daily. Take it with food for best absorption. Amino acids, 1,500 mg L-taurine two times daily; 500 mg L-carnitine thrice daily. Cactus grandiflorus (night-blooming cereus), Twenty five drops tincture thrice daily. It can cause diarrhea.

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