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Cholera is one of the most serious infectious diseases caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae and affects the intestinal system of the body. In fact, this infectious disease has wrecked havoc with humans since time immemorial and, unfortunately enough, still continues to ravage mankind. Notwithstanding the best endeavors of the scientists to wipe out this disease, even today cholera claims hundreds and thousands of lives across the globe. An individual infected by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae experiences relentless vomiting, volatile diarrhea and acute dehydration. If immediate medical treatment is not made available, cholera may result in the death of the individual within four to 12 hours from the time the symptoms appear. Owing to a huge loss of body fluids, cholera is dreadful and takes a heavy toll even in the survivors. The disease is basically an infection of the lower bowel area and very contagious. The disease is caused by unintentional consumption of infected feces that pollute food and water. Cholera also spread through human to human contact and there are many who have been infected with the disease following consumption of substances like raw or under prepared shellfish. Cholera is especially rampant during the rainy season. Hence, if you reside in any location where monsoons are a predominant weather condition, you need to adopt additional preventative measures against the deadly disease. Cholera is basically a water-borne contagion that is considered to be among the harshest ailments of the intestines. Usually, food and water infected by bacterium Vibrio cholera is responsible for the occurrence of this contagious malady. The infection may vary from being gentle to restrained to harsh. In fact, cholera infection is spread further by flies. Below, find brief discussions on the different causes and symptoms of the disease.

What causes cholera

The deadly contagious disease cholera that claims millions of lives worldwide is caused by a number of reasons. Some of the causes of the disease are listed below:

  • Bacterium Vibrio cholera
  • Drinking well water
  • Ice frozen from polluted water
  • Consuming raw fruits and vegetables without washing them properly
  • Eating vegetables that are irrigated with drain or other polluted water
  • Consumption of food grains like rice and millet
  • Eating raw or improperly cooked fish and seafood
  • Consuming foodstuff and beverages purchased from street vendors
  • Polluted excrements

Indications of cholera

How does one know if he or she has contacted cholera? Well, there are a number of symptoms that will warn you of contacting the deadly contagious disease. These symptoms should make you exercise caution and seek immediate medical aid. Some of these symptoms are listed below:

  • Loose excrements
  • Minor diarrhea with subsequent fierce flush outs like extreme vomiting and a general queasy sensation
  • Intense thirst and a feeling of restlessness
  • Severe drop in blood pressure giving rise to intense painful spasms in the internal system that may possibly result in the physical collapse of the body
  • Rising body temperature
  • Feeble pulse rate
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Cold sensation along with sweaty skin
  • Low blood pressure
  • Debility
  • Crumpled skin on the fingers
  • Diminished urination or no urine passage at all
  • Voice becoming feeble and rasping
  • Severe drowsiness that may even lead to coma
  • Seizures and tremors

Home therapy for cholera

Believe it or not, the most effective manner in which one can naturally prevent having cholera is by drinking plenty of uncontaminated water. In order to avoid being affected by cholera, which dehydrates the body, it is essential to maintain the desired fluid level in the body to ensure that the water content in our system is quite high. Nevertheless, it must be ensured that the water we drink is disinfected. In fact, if you happen to have cholera, the best way to heal the contagious disease is to drink a solution of water, sugar and salt. To prepare this solution, you need to add four teaspoonful of sugar and half a teaspoon of salt in one litre of boiled water. The more you drink this solution, the better it is for curing cholera. Although it may seem to be incredible, even onions are effective in treating persons suffering from cholera. Grind approximately 30 grams of onions along with around seven to ten black peppers and administer the mixture to the patient twice or thrice daily. In addition, drinking lemon and orange juices is also beneficial for curing cholera. Individuals suffering from cholera will benefit immensely if they drink one full glass of orange or lemon juice every day. In addition, drinking a blend of cucumber leaf juice and coconut water also helps in curing cholera. In order to prepare this herbal drink, take a glass of fresh juice obtained from cucumber leaves and blend it with a glass of coconut water. Take this blended juice in doses of 30 ml to 60 ml every day to alleviate the contagious disease. Drinking butter milk is another effective way of curing cholera. For better results, add some roasted cumin seed powder and rock salt to butter milk and consume it as many times as possible. Another treatment for cholera is using a decoction of basil leaves. In order to prepare this herbal medication, boil some basil leaves in a glass of water. Next, filter the decoction, allow it to cool down and drink it once daily. You may also prepare another home remedy to cure cholera by blending two teaspoonful of bitter gourd juice with an equal amount of white onion juice. Add a teaspoonful of lemon juice to this solution and consume it twice daily to treat this contagious disease. There are several other home remedies to treat cholera. Among them, one is a solution prepared by boiling three liters of water with four grams of cloves. To prepare this herbal remedy, boil the cloves in water till half of the mixture is left. Then, cool the solution and drink it after every few hours. Apart from the different home remedies, treatment of cholera requires a light diet. To prepare a light diet for cholera patient add some corn flakes or rice flakes to his or her meals. You may also give them vegetable soups with rock salt, black pepper and ginger. These herbs will prove to be effective as well as beneficial in curing the patient from the contagious disease. You may also serve the patients an herbal tea prepared from mint, holy basil, black pepper and ginger. Consuming this herbal tea once every day will help in curing the patient.


Commonly used essential oils for cholera:

Natural substances as remedy

In addition to the above mentioned home-made herbal remedies to treat cholera, there are a number of natural substances that are effective in preventing as well as treating this deadly contagious disease that is still considered to be one of the most horrible maladies confronted by mankind. Below, find brief description of some of these natural substances that will not only help you to keep cholera away, but also cure patients suffering from the menace. Some of these are available right away, while you will be required to prepare some. Lime juice Lime juice is very effective for treating cholera patients and it should be given to them every day. Cholera patient can avail dual benefits by drinking lime juice. Consumption of lime juice will not only ensure that the body is adequately hydrated, but also eliminates the cholera bacilli, the primary cause of the disease. Mint juice Like lime juice, consuming mint juice regularly every day is beneficial for cholera patients. Mint juice helps in alleviating some of the symptoms of the disease, such as nausea and vomiting. Coconut water One of the main symptoms of cholera is a raging thirst. Thus, providing the patients with coconut water whenever they are thirsty is very useful in alleviating this symptom. For better results, you may add some juice prepared from cucumber leaves to the coconut water. Clove oil Ingesting clove oil with some sugar helps cholera patients to reinforce their poor immune system. For effective use, add some sugar to one tablespoonful of clove oil and administer it once daily to patients suffering from cholera. Onion and lemon Though little known, onion as well as lemon is extremely beneficial for cholera patients, as they help in quick recovery. You may add these two items in the food cooked for cholera patients or prepare a juice of onion and lemon and give them the preparation once daily. Asafoetida Consuming a blend of asafoetida and onion juice is also effective in curing cholera. To prepare this herbal remedy, add some asafoetida powder to a cupful of onion juice and give it to cholera patients once every day. Rice water Drinking a bowl of rice water on a daily basis is effective in curing diarrhea, which is one of the most common symptoms of cholera. Take some plain boiled rice and cool it, before putting it in a bowl of water. Allow it to soak for some time, before giving it to the patient to drink. Yogurt Consuming adequate measures of yogurt not only has several benefits for our overall health, but is also effective in curing cholera. Thus, cholera patients should consume some amount of yogurt with every meal.

Dos and don'ts for cholera patients

People suffering from cholera ought to exercise extreme caution regarding their food and drinks. It is essential that along with the medications, they should also follow a strict dietary regimen. Mentioned below are two important things - one they should strictly follow and the other they need to avoid. Take a light diet Cholera is a water-borne disease and also caused by consumption of contaminated food. These together have a severe impact on the digestive system, especially the intestines. Hence, it is essential for people suffering from this disease only to consume light foodstuff so that what they consume does not damage the already infected intestines. Keep away from junk food Usually, cholera is more prevalent in regions that experience heavy monsoons or rainfall. Hence, it is advisable not to consume foodstuff bought from outside during this season of the year. At the same time, it is important to advice young children not to consume any oily foodstuff or drink outside water. These measures will go a long way in preventing the occurrence of cholera.

Other beneficial herbs

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