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Excessive Hair

The growth and quantity of hair and its distribution differs from one individual to the next. There are specific regions in the human body that are more likely to have unwanted growth of hair these areas include the chin and the upper lip, the region of the breasts and the area of the inner thighs. Darker coarser hair, which often grows on unwanted on this regions is also unfortunately much more visible than fine and blonde hair on the other parts of the body. Levels of male hormones in the body are correlated to the extent of hair growth on the affected regions and on the body in general. However, it has to be remembered that the excess and unwanted hair growing on the body is still within the normal range of development in the body, this is especially so in women, since every woman has some amount of these hormones as a normal complement in her body. There are genetic regions for the causes of hair growth and abundance including its distribution on the human body. The usual thing is that however is that, the increase in the amount of body hair a person may have is connected to an imbalance between female and male hormones in his or her body. Even though the condition is not common any teenager who experiences a break or disruption in her menstrual cycle accompanied by the growth of excessive facial hair should be investigated for polycystic ovarian syndrome, as this could possibly be the reason behind the sudden hair growth and other changes. An increase in the amounts of facial hair is often triggered by hormonal changes in postmenopausal. Steroids and other substances such as cortisone, given as medication can greatly affect the hormonal balance can be the cause of problems leading to growth of excessive hair.

Supplements and herbs

Some supplements like fermented bee pollen helps to normalize hormonal levels inside the body, especially where if the excess hair growth has been triggered by hormonal imbalances within the body. For optimal absorption and ingestion, take one capsule and open it, place the powder on the tongue, and swallow normally. The female hormones called estrogens are a class of feminine hormones that are important, another class of plant based substances called bioflavonoids and the vitamin C help protect theses hormones, if used in a combination supplement. These two supplements increase the range of estrogen activity within the body by their action of preventing the estrogens from being metabolized too rapidly within the body. Some very effective and common bioflavonoids for utilization as supplements include substances such as rutin, citrus plant based hesperidin, bark based catechin and quercetin, easily available grape seed extract and pycnogenol. Some traces of neutral estrogens are found in vitamins like tocopherol or vitamin E if the vitamin is obtained from a natural source. This is an important distinction as estrogen may not be available in synthetic vitamin E, which is what is normally found in the market. A combination of the vitamin E and the oil of the evening primrose will help prevent some of the circulatory complications, especially in cases where a person is undertaking a course of estrogen prescriptions. This action can also be achieved by the vitamin B complex -namely pyridoxine or B6, the minerals zinc and selenium as supplements. There are some estrogenic compounds in many herbs and their products, but the strengths of the estrogen in them is not very high, the levels of estrogen in these herbs may be four hundred times less than pharmaceutical compounds, that are commonly used for supplementation. By its action of balancing the levels of estrogen in the body, the herb dong quai eases menopausal symptoms. Dosage for a total treatment time of four weeks will be 2 capsules two times a day after eating or ten drops of herbal tincture mixed in 1/4 cup of water thrice a day. The chaste tree by its action of supporting the pituitary gland stimulates hormone production in the body. Dosage should be 10 drops of herbal tincture in water or one 400 mg capsule taken once each morning. The action of harmonizing hormones and their internal regulation can be achieved by using the squaw vine as an herbal supplement. The herb saw palmetto nullifies the effects of the by-products of the hormone testosterone, which have a masculinizing role in the body. The effects of a low estrogen level in the body and many disorders in the female reproductive organs can be improved and aided using the true unicorn root - Aletris farinosa which is also an estrogen precursor as an herbal supplement in the body. The herb burdock used as a supplement has a capacity to regulate blood sugar levels in the body, it also has some estrogenic compounds. The ability to control blood sugar levels and estrogens levels in the body are some of the properties of the licorice root, it also greatly bolsters the immune system. A good precursor of estrogen is the Medicago sativa or alfalfa and can be used as an herbal supplement in this role. There area variety of other herbs which have a rich estrogen content this are namely herbs like damiana, shrubs and berries like the raspberry, the sage herb, the all purpose ginseng, common fennel and gotu kola.

Additional things you may do

Some physical methods are the most effective and easy way to rid the body of excessive or unwanted hair, hair can be plucked using tweezers, or it can be shaved off or removed using a wax strip or through permanent processes such as electrolysis. To prevent the inflammation of the hair follicles especially after shaving or waxing and part of the body, gently dab onto the area of the skin, aloe vera gel, creams made from the calendula or natural progesterone cream to soothe the smarting skin. You can also request your pharmacist to mix equal parts of rosewater and six percent hydrogen peroxide for your personal use as a hair remover. This mixture can be dabbed gently onto unwanted hair, two times a day. As the treatment proceeds, hair will lighten in the early stages, becoming brittle as time passes and eventually falling off completely in the late stages. Some very natural and easily available materials can be used, if your intention is to simply lighten unsightly hair, the fresh juices of cucumber, the lemon or an apple can be used as a rubbing lotion on the unwanted hairs in the affected regions daily.

Usual dosage

Vitamin E, 400-800 IU, with mixed tocopherols. Bioflavonoids. As recommended on the label. Bee pollen (fermented), 2 capsules each morning for 6 months.

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