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Hair Problems

Human hair along with the nails is the only nonliving tissue in the human body. Hair like nails is composed mainly of a fibrous protein known as keratin, its composition chemically is nearly identical to that of the material making up the fingernails and nails on the feet. New hair is continuously sprouting as keratin builds up in the scalp, the health of hair is maintained by a plentiful supply of essential nutrients from the nutrient-rich blood which reaches the hair follicles along the scalp via numerous blood vessels-follicles are areas from which hair sprouts anew. The growth of hair is a continuous process and taken on average, the human hair grows approximately half an inch in a single month-this corresponds to the growth of nails. When hair falls off, another new growth usually replaces it, though it is not rare for people to shed up to a hundred hairs in a given day-people with hair loss problems can lose much more hair in a day then the replacement and baldness may result in such individuals. Normally hair problems begin when the hair becomes dry or brittle due to problems with the scalp, it can stop growing back altogether-in some cases, hair can become flecked with a lot of dead skin from the scalp called dandruff. This common phenomenon is brought about by the excessive flaking and shedding of skin on the scalp due to various reasons. Hair loss is caused by a variety of factors, these can include the presence of excessive emotional stress, it can result from following a diet very poor in essential nutrients, and it can also be due to hormonal changes-such changes as which accompany a term of pregnancy-pathogens and diseases can also induce hair loss and chemotherapy drugs can induce hair loss as well. Hair loss problems can also arise due to the presence of certain types of nutritional deficiencies in the person, they can also come about due to environmental circumstances, they can result from an under active thyroid gland, due to immune disorders, or at times due to certain genetic factors inherited by the person.

Supplements and herbs

All of the herbs and herbal remedies along with the recommended supplements can be used to treat hair loss problems-these can be used in the form of a combination therapy. The use of these supplemental measures may help hair grow stronger and turn healthier-these supplemental measures directly nourishing the follicular roots of hair. These supplements must not be considered as miracle remedies which guarantee a lush head of hair, they are intended to strengthen hair and some improvement in the hair will become apparent within six months of continuous use-this is the normal time frame during which new hair has time to grow on the head. A lot of beneficial effects are brought to hair by the use of supplements which contain many of the essential fatty acids-such herbal supplements include the oils of the flaxseed and the evening primrose herb. Hair is often very dull looking and dry without enough omega-3 fatty acids in the body, flaxseed oil contains these fatty acids in abundance-the use of these fatty acids will restore life to lifeless hair. The use of supplemental flaxseed oil will also reduce the itching and flaking from the scalp which result in dandruff. This oil can also be very useful in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis affecting the scalp. The scalp and the hair are moisturized by regular topical use of the evening primrose oil (or black seed oil) as massage oil on the scalp. Hair loss is also slowed down by the consumption of many vitamins and minerals, including important ones like zinc, these supplemental measures will also promote the healthy growth of hair growth in individuals affected by loss of hair over a long period of time. The use of the essential mineral zinc can also result in the boosting of impaired thyroid function, this supplemental is thus of great importance in treating brittle or thinning hair arising from an under active thyroid-all individuals affected in this way must take regular supplements of the mineral. Supplements of the essential mineral zinc need to be combined with the essential mineral copper when taken in regular doses. This is suggested so as to maintain the proper balance of the minerals within the body of the individual. Another very important function is served by the mineral copper in the biochemistry of the body. Copper is an essential component in the skin pigment known as melanin, this chemical pigment is the compound responsible for coloring hair and skin on the human body. Thus these supplements may also help in reversing the graying of hair which may be due to a deficiency of the mineral copper in the body. Hair may also be strengthened by both the vitamin biotin and the vitamins of the vitamin B complex, these two may condition the hair and the scalp-they can thus aid in the prevention of excessive hair loss in a person. Hair loss may also be restored by supplements of the vitamin biotin-this will only be in those cases where the hair loss arises because of a deficiency in the biotin content. Hair loss can also be prevented by supplemental use of the compound called PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid); this chemical compound may also protect the hair follicles and encourage their growth. The restoration of gray hair to normal is often dealt via using supplements of this compound. Such a supplemental restoration may only work if the deficiency in PABA or other B vitamins is the cause for the graying of hair. Healthy growth of hair may also be promoted by the mineral selenium-supplements of this mineral can also be used on a regular basis over a long period of time.


Commonly used essential oils for hair problems:

Additional things you may do

At all times, you must practice sensible eating habits and follow a healthy dietary regimen. Make sure that you do not follow any of the fad diets-such dietary regimens may deprive you of many of the essential nutrients necessary for proper health. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair at all times. Use a towel to gently dry hair and apply a leave-in conditioner after washing it-follow this exercise on a regular basis. You must protect your hair from excessive wear and tear and therefore try avoiding contact with harsh chemicals; this can include the chlorine in swimming pools, and the high heat from common blow dryers or the heat of curling irons. Wear a hat when out in the open to protect the hair and the scalp from the harsh sunlight. A weekly scalp massage must be an essential component of your every day life. This will lead to the stimulation of blood flow to the scalp; in addition, it will also help relieve stress-a factor known to contribute to hair loss problems in many people.

Usual dosage

Evening primrose oil, 1,000 mg thrice daily. Can be replaced with 1,000 mg borage oil one time daily. Flaxseed oil, 1 tbsp. of flaxseed oil daily. Take it every morning with food. Vitamin B complex, one pill two times daily with meal. Look for a vitamin B-50 complex with 50 mcg biotin and vitamin B12; 400 mcg of folic acid; and 50 mg all other B vitamins. Biotin, 1,000 mcg daily. Should be taken with vitamin B complex. PABA, 100 mg daily. Copper / Zinc, 2 mg copper and 30 mg zinc daily. When you use mineral zinc longer than 4 weeks, add copper. Selenium, 200 mcg two times daily. Higher doses of selenium may be toxic, so do not exceed 600 mcg of this mineral a day.

Other beneficial herbs

From Carol Lervig - Oct-11-2011
I have found taking all of the supplements you gave along with Nature's Plus Hema-Plex iron and Enzymatic Therapy's Ultimate iron taken with folic acid, lysine and vitamin C has really helped get my hair to grow back. Many women are anemic and don't even realize it. I have found these two sources of iron do not make me sick while others did.

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