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Infertility, Female

We can speak of infertility as the condition where two reproductively functional man and women are unable to bring about conception in the women for some reason and may need help to do so. If a woman takes part regularly in unprotected sexual intercourse (without any contraceptive whatsoever) during the periods of the month when she is likely to be the most fertile-which are before she ovulates and during ovulation and if in such a case, pregnancy still eludes her, then she could be suffering from some form of female infertility. All experts agree unanimously that female fertility generally declines with age, and accordingly suggest that women who have crossed the age of thirty five should wait at least six months before they turn to a fertility. In most infertile couples, the woman ovulates normally and regularly, other female tissue like the fallopian tissues and the uterus are healthy and normal, while at the same time the production of sperm is normal in the man. Ovulation occurs as a regular and normal part of a woman's menstrual cycle through the release of an egg or ovum during the middle of the ovulation or menstruation period. Thus the woman is primed for pregnancy as the ovum or egg now finds its way from the ovary via the fallopian tubes to a place where it can be reached and fertilized by a spermatozoon during sexual intercourse, leading to the pregnancy of the woman. In some women suffering from infertility, there is scarring and obstruction of the fallopian tubes that blocks the passage of the egg, while other infertile women do not ovulate normally or regularly and some cannot ovulate. It may be safe to assume those women suffering irregular periods and in those in whom menstrual periods are irregular or absent are more than likely infertile, however a thorough examination by a doctor is essential to confirm infertility. No apparent underlying causes or reasons can be found or pointed out in some cases of the disorder, even despite thorough and extensive testing by the doctor. As women grow older, and enter their thirty's, ovulation becomes irregular and infrequent and infertility becomes more likely with age. Ovulation on the other hand can also be halted or inhibited by other physical conditions such as excessive exercise and weight problems, besides other underlying factors that can induce hormonal imbalances within the body affecting menstruation and ovulation. Physical conditions also play a significant role in causing infertility in many women and disorders like endometriosis, chlamydia, and pelvic inflammatory disease, can lead to the physical obstruction of the egg and consequent scarring of the ovarian tissue causing infertility.

Supplements and herbs

It is quite safe to utilize the given supplements along with conventional medications without any fear whatsoever of side effects and without consideration of the underlying reason behind the infertility. Effects and consequences of the supplements can start becoming noticeable within a time period of three to six months of continuous usage, if these supplements do not induce any change or improvement whatsoever, one should immediately contact a fertility expert for treatment and proper examination. The health of a properly functioning reproductive system requires the presence of sufficient quantities of the B complex vitamins in the body, at the same time the amount of vitamin B6 aside from the other B vitamins. These vitamins play a very important role in the development of a healthy fetus during pregnancy and are thus indispensable with regard to this. A case in point is the prevention of neural tube defects in the fetus through the use of folic acid as a supplement; this and other birth defects can result if folic acid or the other vitamins are deficient in the body of the mother. Proper cell division and tissue formation is controlled through some extent by the mineral zinc, and the mineral is important as a supplement, because of the fact that long term use of zinc will lead to a decrease in the copper content of the body, additional supplements of copper are also required to bridge this gap. The promotion of healthy uterus and its improved functioning can be effected through the use of the essential fatty acids and herbs like the Siberian ginseng. Unpleasant side effects can often be observed when ovulation is induced through the use of conventional medications such as clomiphene citrate, to avoid such side effects while dealing with irregular ovulation in an infertile woman, use can be made of a blend of chaste berry-commonly called vitex and false unicorn root in a bid to induce normal ovulation. Because of its ability to suppress the increase in the levels of the female hormone prolactin, the chaste berry can increase the production of the hormone progesterone, which is necessary for ovulation. This is so because of the fact that high levels of prolactin or lowered levels of progesterone inhibit the ovulation process.

Additional things you may do

Because of its adverse effects on fertility, cigarette smoking should be avoided altogether, please do not smoke. Additional to its effects on normal ovulation and fertility in general, pregnant women must not smoke at all as cigarette smoke severely affect the baby's health and consequent development, leading to low birth weight and other developmental disorders. It is necessary to undergo some form of moderate to mild exercises each day, and to lose weight if you are overweight. However some weight is essential to have a healthy child and accordingly gain some weight if you are underweight. The ideal weight is the weight prescribed for your height and body type. Avoid excessive physical activity since strenuous exercise affects the ovulation process and an interfere with it in an adverse way.

Usual dosage

False unicorn root / Chaste berry, half tsp tincture of each herb two times daily. Avoid it while menstruating or pregnant. Siberian ginseng, 100-300 mg standardized extract two times daily. Avoid it while menstruating or pregnant. Vitamin B6, 50 mg daily. Vitamin B complex, one pill every morning with food. (B-50 complex with 400 mcg folic acid; 50 mcg vitamin B12 and biotin; and 50 mg all other B vitamins). Essential fatty acids, one tbsp (14 gr) of flaxseed oil daily; 1,000 mg of evening primrose oil thrice daily. Evening primrose oil can be replaced with 1,000 mg borage oil daily. Copper / Zinc, 2 mg copper and 30 mg zinc daily. Use zinc for at least one month before adding copper.

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