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Irregular Or Delayed Menstruation

When adolescents mature to attain womanhood, it may take many months, sometimes even years, for their hormones to regularize as well as develop an undisturbed cadence or cycle. In fact, the hormones undergo the same kind of transformation when the reproductive years of a woman come to an end. When a woman enters the menopausal phase it may often take several months and at times even many years, before their menstrual cycle finally comes to an end. During this period, often erratic behavior of the hormones is considered to be something normal. However, in many instances one can just drink an herbal tea prepared with mugwort to normalize the sporadic menstruation. Mugwort is an herb that is a member of the outstanding Artemisia family. While all plants belonging to the Artemisia family are useful for women, mugwort is particularly valuable. The strange name of this herb denotes that this herb (wort) was related to the mug, hence, the name mugwort. Since long, mugwort has been employed as an herbal remedy especially for adolescents and was given to them to regularize their menstruations. As mugwort is an extremely astringent herb, it is essential to combine it with teas having a pleasant flavor before use. Alternatively, the herb can be used to prepare a tincture, which is consumed as per requirement.

Supplements and herbs


Specific herbs and supplements are useful in regularizing inconsistent or belated menstruations. Some of these are discussed here. It is advisable that women enduring irregular or delayed menses should drink anything between two to four cups of liver/ endocrine tonic tea or hepatonic tea every day. Alternatively, you may also take capsules containing evening primrose, borage oil or black currant seeds. The standard dosage of these capsules is 500 mg taken two times daily or, as per the dosage suggested on the bottle. You may also take Liver/ Endocrine Capsules or Endocrine Strengtheners in tincture form. The appropriate dosage is 1/ 4 teaspoon of the tincture taken twice or thrice every day. You may also take Liver/ Endocrine Capsules or Endocrine Strengtheners in tincture form. The appropriate dosage is 1/ 4 teaspoon of the tincture taken twice or thrice every day. Alternatively you may also take dong quai capsules every day. You may purchase dong quai in herb as well as capsule forms. Or else you may also purchase the powdered form of the herb and prepare the capsules yourself. In order to strengthen your liver and/ or the endocrine gland you may also take the liquid form of Floradix in combination with iron every day or any other liquid containing vitamins and minerals. You need to follow the recommended dosage mentioned on the bottle containing the formula. In fact, you may also prepare a similar remedial formula by adhering to the guideline for preparing Iron-Plus Syrup. It is also suggested that women suffering from menstrual disorders should take any biochelated chemical supplement every day. Take it as per the suggestions on the bottle containing the product. It is possible that a young woman may often experience delayed or total lack of menstrual cycle owing to absence of necessary nutriments in her diet. Especially absence of proteins may result in such problems. Therefore, young women ought to ensure that their diet incorporates high-quality proteins, particularly if she is participating in active sports. In fact, taking a protein shake rich in calcium will work as a wonderful nourishing snack. An active young woman should drink this protein shake a few times every day.


Just before the expected menstrual cycle, women should drink anything between two and three cups (500 ml - 750 ml) of tea prepared with pennyroyal leaf every day. You can prepare this herbal tea by adding six tablespoon of pennyroyal for each quart of water. Take the herbs in a clean vessel and pour steaming water on it. Cover the vessel and allow the herb to permeate for about 20 minutes. Finally, filter the liquid and drink it in the form of a tea. In addition, women enduring menstrual problems may find rubbing some pennyroyal oil on their pelvic area either in the evening or prior to retiring to bed. However, it is important that you apply this oil very carefully and ensure that it does not come in contact with the vaginal opening, which is very sensitive. In case the oil goes near the vaginal opening, it may possibly cause irritation to the sensitive vaginal tissues.


Aromatherapy is an excellent way to deal with menstrual problems. For instance, juniper essential oil possesses antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, anti-rheumatic and astringent attributes that cause a soothing effect and aid in regulating menstrual cycles. In addition, this essential oil is also effective in alleviating painful menstruation, fluid retention as well as cellulite. It is extremely valuable in treating bloating as well as obesity related to the premenstrual period. Juniper essential oil is also highly effectual for treating associated conditions like acne, eczema, dandruff, other skin complaints and comforting the inflamed skin. People suffering from arthritis and gout may also find the essential oil beneficial, as it helps to alleviate pain. Similarly, rose otto oil helps to clear, regulate as well as cleanse the female sex organs and is extensively employed to treat several gynecological problems, including functional infertility, controlling hormones, sporadic or erratic menses, bleeding from the uterus, menorrhagia (profuse menstrual flow) and also for alleviating cramps during menstrual cycles. Like juniper essential oil, rose otto oil too has a calming effect that helps to alleviate premenstrual tension, in addition to stimulating vaginal discharges. The oil of rose is a wonderful remedy for skincare, particularly for mature, sensitive or dehydrated skin. It helps to pacify various unpleasant feelings, such as fear, anger and anxiety as well as stress and nervous tensions. This oil is also employed to alleviate skin inflammations and it is also useful for treating herpes. The essential oil extracted from sweet marjoram has comforting effects and is employed to treat painful or sparse menstruation discharges, delayed menstruation and also to alleviate menstrual cramps. This essential oil is useful in providing relief from stress and anxiety, besides comforting people who are hyperactive. In addition, sweet marjoram essential oil is also beneficial for people suffering from asthma, colds, bronchitis, and sinusitis. It is also useful for treating headaches, indigestion, constipation, cramps and insomnia.

Other beneficial essential oils

Additional things you may do

Apart from the things discussed above, women suffering from delayed menstruation ought to assess themselves on the basis of the factors that actually play a role in women enduring this health problem. Some of these factors are mentioned below. In fact, the overall health of a woman is a vital aspect that may result in her suffering from delayed menstruation. Therefore, in case a woman has been ailing for a prolonged period, she ought to never be surprised if her menstrual cycles are delayed. This is primarily because the menstrual cycle of a woman actually provides indications of her health condition. Problems related to the thyroid gland are also among the various factors that may lead to delayed menstrual periods. Therefore, women enduring delayed menstruation should ensure that they check the health of their thyroid glands on a regular basis with a view to find out the actual reason for their delayed menstruation. In addition, thyroid problems may often have serious consequences and, hence, no one ought to assume that the health of their thyroid is perfect. A woman's diet is also a factor that may result in delayed menses. Therefore, it is essential that they should always assess everything they consume, particularly if they have a craving for junk foods and snacks. Ensure that you always take a balanced diet, which includes sufficient amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits along with drinking plenty of water. In the same way, the body size of a woman also influences the uniformity of her menstrual periods. It may be noted that the risks of having delayed menstrual periods is more in the case of women who are obese or overweight compared to others. Another important factor responsible for delayed menstrual periods is hormonal imbalance. Since it takes a detailed medical examination to detect hormonal imbalance in a person, women enduring delayed menses should ensure that they undergo such tests whenever their menses do not occur regularly or on the expected dates. It has often been found that taking specific medicines, supplements and birth control pill also have a role to play in delayed menses. If a woman has been using any of these recently, she ought to talk to her physician to find out if any of these really are responsible for her delayed menstruation. It may be noted that practising specific yoga asanas or postures is one way to treat delayed menstruation. In fact, menstrual delays can be treated by a number of means. Nevertheless, majority of women have a preference for yoga to treat this disorder. Many women prefer yoga because it is considered to be among the most natural means to cure menstrual disorders. Continue reading to learn more about the yoga postures that are effective in curing menstrual problems.

Yoga postures for delayed menstruation

Practising yoga can do wonderful things for people suffering from various health problems. It is also effective for curing delayed menstruation. Some of the yoga asanas (postures) beneficial for women enduring delayed menstrual cycles include Baddha konasana (the cobbler's posture), Dhanurasana (the bow posture), Janu Shirsana (the head to knee posture), Matysyasana (the fish posture), Pachimottansana (the back to the spine stretching posture) and Virasan (the hero's posture). Practising the yoga postures mentioned above on a regular basis will facilitate in treating problems related to delayed menstruation. In fact, practising yoga regularly may also help in dealing with additions problems related to the menstrual cycle, such as painful menses, profuse vaginal discharges during menstruation and others. Nevertheless, if the menstrual problems persist even after trying these yoga asanas, it is essential for women to check out with their physician. Alternatively, women suffering from delayed menstruation may also turn to Ayurvedic medicines or use home remedies. However, these medications should always be used under appropriate supervision. In addition, such women should also ensure that they talk to their physician prior to taking any medication to treat problems related to their menstrual cycle, counting delayed menstruation. Prior to practising yoga, it is extremely important that you do some research to detect the actual reason for delayed menstruation. In addition, it is essential to ask your physician as well as the yoga specialist whether practising the above mentioned yoga asanas will be appropriate for your body and also the condition. In case you have any physical injury or are enduring any serious medical condition it is advisable that you stay away from practising all yoga postures. You should always endeavour to collect increasing information regarding yoga and the manner in which you will be able to cure your problems by means of yoga. Gaining this knowledge will facilitate using yoga in the most optimum manner and also improve your health as well as life. Remember, yoga is a valuable present that has the aptitude to enrich every human's life. In Sanskrit yoga means 'Yuj' denoting unison of all aspects of one's life and, hence, when you practise the yoga postures suitable for you, it assists in eliminating all your health disorder and, at the same time, aids in lessening stress. Therefore, it is extremely vital that you practise yoga every day in order to get the utmost benefit from it and remain healthy and happy throughout your life.

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