Morning Sickness

A severe form of morning sickness can cause difficulties in eating and the excessive production of saliva from even the faintest smells of food including sensations of nausea, vomiting. By it very name the disorder is manifested in the mornings, however the queasiness can also appear at other times of the day, persisting through out the day and late into the night in some cases. Pains in the chest and belching caused by heartburn during pregnancy are also very common The insufficient consumption of liquids and in adequate quantities will also lead to incidences of dehydration in the person. If the mother was in good health before the term of the pregnancy, inadequate nutrition during the first trimester is not a problem. Morning sickness is a very mild condition in the majority of pregnant women. Persisting only during the first trimester, morning sickness usually begins in the second month of the term of pregnancy in all women who are affected. The vomiting and nausea, which are tell tale signs of morning sickness in a person are caused by changing levels of hormones in the blood. What is still a mystery is the reason behind why some women are affected by nausea while others remain free from it. A sluggish and poorly performing liver that is unable to detoxify the levels of hormones in the body or help in the reduction of the levels of toxic substances in the body may also be partly to blame. Physical activity like performing regular exercises can also help overcome the worst aspects of the problem, while inadequate exercise will greatly aggravate and compound the problem A lowered level of blood sugar and also seems to be strongly connected to incidences of nausea in a person. Regularly eating healthy snacks can also help avoid hypoglycemic reactions, these healthy snacks include light snack such as popcorn with nutritional yeast eaten before going to sleep. If heartburn is also present, then the consumption of fatty and spicy foods increases vulnerability to nausea, as they overburden the stomach and irritate the gastric region The diet must include plenty of vegetables and fruits, consumed preferably in raw form, with a lot of whole grains that are rich in natural fiber, this wholesome food must replace the consumption of processed foods and packaged items. Rising suddenly from bed must be avoided, and adequate rest and sufficient quantities of sleep every night is a must.

Supplements and herbs

Morning sickness as such is often relieved using the B vitamins as supplements. The optimal performance of the liver is assured by the use of the B vitamins as supplements and a healthy digestive system is also promoted in the body. The use of the vitamin B6 and B12 can remove morning sickness in a person especially when they are injected. Symptoms such as vomiting and nausea are specifically relieved through the use of the vitamin B6 The vitamins C and along with the vitamin K are two other substances that are effective in treating morning sickness. To immediate stop vomiting and the sensation of nausea the vitamin C is very potent and effective. All green foods and green food supplements contain the vitamin K, which supports the detoxification in the liver and is useful to combat the symptoms of morning sickness. The property to restrict nausea and vomiting and an ability to soothe the stomach is a property of many herbs, and they are thus very useful as supplements Nausea can be effectively removed by the use of tea made from the peppermint plant, while the ginger plant can act against the need to vomit. Whenever sensations of nausea develop, a tbsp. of 2-5 drops of ginger tincture mixed in water or a weak ginger tea in combination with peppermint can be taken. Another way to take these two herbs is to freeze them into ice-cubes, which can then be sucked. Two other herbs that can be very helpful against morning sickness are the leaves of the raspberry or the dried leaves of the peach tree. These two herbal remedies can be taken in daily dosages of 3 cups per day. To calm and soothe the stomach as well as to restrain the sensation of nausea, the juice of the herb chamomile can be drunk. Before arising, drink a tbsp. mixed in liquid or a cup of tea made from it. This tea of chamomile can be alternated with other herbal tea made from different plants such as the lemon balm, with fennel tea, with juice or tea made from the basil, or with tea made from alfalfa or the catnip herb. The stomach can be calmed and soothed by the frequent use of juices made from the stinging nettle and the horsetail plant, plants which are both rich in calcium and silica, substances essential to stomach function. The body attempts to eliminate toxins which may be dangerous to the baby carried within and this causes the occurrence of morning sickness so some sources believe, thus they link an attempt at detoxification as producing these symptoms of morning sickness. To aid the detoxification actions of the liver, a tbsp. of the juice of dandelion and the carrot can be drunk on a daily basis. The achievement of full detoxification through herbal measure before the onset of pregnancy would be the most effective prophylactic measure.


During the term of pregnancy, the use of homeopathic remedies is very effective in treating morning sickness; moreover the remedies as such are very safe to the women and can have many other beneficial effects, besides combating morning sickness itself. However an examination from a qualified doctor is required where there is the presence of extreme and major discomfort, or the presence of a difficulty in the woman in normal action such as difficulty in keeping food and liquids down for long periods of time, or if she is given to vomiting.


Colchicum is to be used in all cases of the appearance in the women of sensations of nausea that worsen and becomes uncontrollable, especially where the smell or the sight of food is concerned, in particular foods like eggs or fish. The abdomen may be bloated and there may be soreness as well, while woman may be given to retching and vomiting. Such patients are also characterized by an inability to eat, even though the desire to do so may be present in them, and they have a hard time keeping food down. Smells and odors that many other people do not notice and sense is very likely to easily trouble them. Colchicum is to be used as a homeopathic cure in all persons displaying these symptoms.




Ipecacuanha is to be prescribed as a homeopathic remedy where there is the presence of overabundant saliva, belching and retching along with an intense and constant feeling of nausea, persisting throughout the day. When lying down, the symptoms as such may worsen; the women may also suffer a worsening of symptoms when moving about. The nausea on the other hand persists as a sensation, even after the woman has vomited.

Nux vomica

Nux vomica is to be used as a homeopathic remedy where the woman is cold in the mornings and after having eaten, sensations of nausea may also be present. Irritability and impatience are other signs of the need for this particular treatment. Though nothing comes forth, the woman may be given to retch a lot and will posses a persistent urge to vomit. The patient in addition may be constipated and her stomach may be cramped and sensitive.


Pulsatilla is a remedy to be used in all cases where there is a definite time period associated with the nausea, that is the nauseous feeling worsens in the afternoon and evening and sometimes in the mornings. Though there is some relief from drinking cold liquids, thirst is not an evident desire in such women. The woman can fall sick due to eating all manners of foods, including the ones she desires, and foods in general can bring on nausea. Burping and vomiting and other uncomfortable symptoms can be brought on through eating some very appealing creamy foods or desserts. Emotional symptoms include the need for attention and comfort, and such patients tend to be given to weeping, are insecure and very sentimental.


Sepia is to be used as a homeopathic cure in cases where there is the presence of a gnawing feeling in stomach; an empty feeling in the stomach also brings along intermittent nausea in the person. Patients exhibit indifference to members of their family, becoming sad and irritable as if totally exhausted and faint. The symptoms manifest themselves most severely in the mornings, this is not improved by eating and the patient may vomit afterward, this worsening in the symptoms come before the women has eaten. When lying on one side of the body, the symptoms are the worst feelings of nausea kick in their most severe forms. The symptoms and signs may be worsened by odors of any type. Taste may be affected in strange ways; the patient may feel the food she eats is too salty. The patient in addition craves sour foods and will yearn for vinegar and other sour items, even though her taste for many foods disappears.


Tabacum is to be used as a homeopathic treatment option in all women experiencing a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs along with severe nausea. She may find rest only lying down keeping very still with closed or covered eyes. The patient can become very pale, feel faint and feel cold at most times. Violent reactions leading to vomiting can be brought on by the slightest movements; she may alternately be convulsed in a cold sweat feeling severely ill and incapacitated.

Additional things you may do

Make sure you get some rest and relax after having had your meals. To bolster and increase circulation and to aid in the prevention of toxins accumulating in the body as a result of increased hormonal activity during the term of pregnancy.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B complex, 100 mg Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg Vitamin B6, 20 mg Vitamin B6 or B12 injections Green food supplements, one tbsp.