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Multiple Sclerosis

The serious condition called multiple sclerosis or simply MS is a progressive degenerative nerve disorder which is extremely variable in the types of effects or the physical symptoms it induces in different patients. Typically the disease tends to strike young adults and may take a long time to become noticeable. The disease may cause problems to vision because of damage to the optic nerve, damage to the spinal nerve may cause problem with walking, other nervous tissue damage may bring on slurred speech and poor articulation, the loss of bowel or bladder functioning, the symptoms may also include clouded thinking and mental confusion, muscular paralysis is also often seen and the entire body may be affected by paralysis eventually. At the same time, the disability experienced by many MS patients tends to be minimal and some may experience long remissions from the worst affects of the disease-they may go unaffected for years on end. The current thought of many researchers is that an autoimmune disorder may be the real cause of MS. During an autoimmune disorder, the body's immune system attacks the body, and damages nerve tissues and other important or vital organs. A mystery still surrounds the real causes behind the sudden appearance of such disorders. Some scientist have suggested the cause might be common viral infections and perhaps a virus, such as those that induce measles or herpes simplex-might possibly lie dormant for years within he body and suddenly act up causing an autoimmune response from the body-this is simply theory and the underlying cause still has to be found.

Supplements and herbs

The use of supplements as regular therapy must begin at an early stage of the disease and as quickly as possible once a diagnosis has been made. The use of supplements is intended to active many goals in the body of the individual, first the supplements must enhance the activity of antioxidants within the body. Second, these supplements must shield the susceptible nerve cells from the worst effects highly reactive chemicals called free radicals which are often released in the body in large numbers via normal metabolic processes. Thirdly, the supplements must increase the production of fatty acids and all the other substances which are active in building up nerves. The supplements must also bring about a reduction in the inflammation affecting the nerves. The use of these supplements along with conventional prescription medications is alright and all the supplements can be used in supplemental combinations. The beneficial effects may only be noticeable within a month from the start date of the supplemental regimen. The antioxidant abilities of the nutrients such as the vitamins C and E are extremely effective in treating some of the symptoms of MS-these vitamins slow down the damage done to nervous tissues. Nervous structure and functioning is maintained by the vitamin B complex, along with supplemental doses of extra vitamin B12 and folic acid-these supplements will shield the nerves from the worst damages caused by free radicals. The use of these supplements is supported by the results seen in certain scientific studies, which indicate that patients with MS patients tend to have low levels of the vitamin B12 and some of them seem to have problems processing it in the body. The NAC (N-acetylcysteine) is an amino acid like compound, this supplement is an antioxidant which may be used to protect nerve cells from damaging. This supplement can be used along with the vitamins alternating every other day, the patient can also alternate the use of NAC on different days using a mineral combination of the essential minerals zinc and copper-these supplements will help bring a reduction in the inflammation occurring within the body. Supplements must also always include extra essential fatty acids; these can be sourced from herbal sources such as the oil of the flaxseed herb and the oil of the evening primrose herb. These supplements will bring about a reduction in the levels of inflammation. They will also aid in the restoration of tissues and build healthy nerves over a period of time. The antioxidant actions of the herb ginkgo biloba will also prove to be beneficial-this herb also helps improve the flow of blood to the nervous system and it will promote general health as well.

Additional things you may do

You should not expose yourself to excessive sunlight at any time as very hot body temperatures are not good for you. The symptoms of MS can be worsened by prolonged periods spent sunbathing, time spent in heavy physical exertion, or time spent in very hot baths. Nutritional therapies that are beneficial can be requested from your doctor. The progress of MS might be stopped by some newly developed special diets-try one of these diets. While the symptoms are dormant, make sure that you exercise for some time, gently in order to improve some of the lost muscular strength and flexibility-exercises must never be done when symptoms are present. If physical weakness does not permit you to work full time, then research the options of telecommuting or doing part-time jobs as these will be easier for you in the long run.

Usual dosage

Evening primrose oil, 1,000 mg thrice daily. Evening primrose oil can be substituted with 1,000 mg oil of borage once daily. Flaxseed oil, one tbsp. of flaxseed oil daily. Take every morning with meal. Ginkgo biloba, 40 mg thrice daily. Should contain at least twenty four per cent of flavone glycosides. Vitamin B complex, one pill of vitamin B complex two times daily for flare-ups; then reduce to one pill every morning. Look for a B-100 complex with 100 mcg biotin and vitamin B12; 400 mcg of folic acid, and 100mg all other B complex vitamins. Vitamin E / Vitamin C,  400 IU of vitamin E and 2,000 mg of vitamin C daily. Copper / Zinc, 2 mg of copper and 30 mg of zinc every other day. Copper should be added only when zinc is used longer than four weeks. NAC, 500 mg thrice daily (every other day). Take it between food. Alternate with minerals copper/zinc. Folic acid / Vitamin B12, 400 mcg of folic acid and 1,000 mcg of vitamin B12 daily.

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