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Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on the skin tend to occur randomly in the population and are not necessarily a sing of age or the result of childbirth, as a demographic disease it spares neither the young nor the old - it can affect males and females equally. The first physical symptoms or signs of stretch marks are an emerging red area or purple streak on the skin which becomes slightly raised above the surface of the surrounding skin. These areas will in time, turn very shiny and tend to become flattened, at times they even have a fallen in appearance on the surface of the skin. Areas of the body such as the thighs, the stomach and the breasts are common areas for the appearance of stretch marks in many people. There exists a great deal of difference between cellulite and stretch marks, in the former the skin have a raised and puckered appearance, and the affected area bears superficial similarity to an orange peel or golf ball. The development of stretch marks occurs when skin in the body is stretched beyond its elastic capacities, and the development or underlying reasons for stretch marks is quite dissimilar to conditions like cellulite, which is caused by the deposition of fatty tissues in the sub-surface region of the skin. People who have very poor skin elasticity are much more susceptibility to being affected by stretch marks as a condition. In addition, as a distinct demographic group, all women on the whole tend to be more susceptible to the development of stretch marks especially during puberty and during a term of pregnancy. The development of stretch marks can also occur if the weight gained by a person over a short period of time is substantial weight or if the person becomes obese in a matter of months. In addition, stretch marks can also be caused by the use of cortisone medications especially when such medications are taken on a regular basis over a long period of time.

Supplements and herbs

The prevention of stretch marks and the maintenance of skin elasticity are guaranteed by regular supplements of the vitamins C and E - these two nutrients are extremely important for the health of human skin. As proven in a large number of cases, the continued and regular use of vitamin supplements can bring big improvements in the nature and appearance of stretch marks especially when such supplementation is done for several months at a time. The skin also requires the essential mineral silica -which is a vital nutrient for the health of human skin. Healthy skin also requires the presence of adequate amounts of the vitamin B complex in the body of a person. The treatment of stretch marks on the body is an area requiring the presence of the essential mineral zinc in sufficient amounts. This essential mineral is of vital importance to the healing of tissues and in the regeneration of cells within the organs. The elasticity of skin requires adequate levels of the vitamin A - the vitamin must be supplemented to improve skin elasticity. The following herbs and herbal remedies can all be used in the effective treatment of stretch marks. Topical use of the herbal juices of the aloe vera along with the juice of the horsetail herb will help in the generation and rebuilding of skin over the scar tissue-these herbs will also increase the elasticity of the skin and strengthen it at the same time. These two herbal juices can be directly massaged into the affected areas of the skin on a daily basis, especially during early pregnancy -regular massage sessions using these herbs will help in the prevention of stretch marks. Herbal drinks of a single tbsp. of the juice of rose hip plants on a daily basis will keep the skin elastic and soft-this herb is an excellent source for the vitamin C, a nutrient vital to skin health.


Aromatherapy is a wonderful way of healing stretch marks. Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils and essential oils of lavender, jasmine, patchouli, vetiver, rose, geranium, neroli, helichrysum and mandarin are effective in alleviating this problem. All these essential oils are rejuvenating and help to inhibit the aging process of our skin, augment its suppleness as well as keep the skin hydrated to restore the health of the harmed skin cells. As essential oils are extremely potent, it is necessary to always dilute them by blending them with appropriate carrier oils prior to their application on the skin. Almond, jojoba, carrot, apricot kernel and primrose are a few excellent carrier oils you may use. In effect, carrier oils are also said to be extremely helpful tonic for treating stretch marks. To heal stretch marks you may prepare an excellent recipe by blending one ounce of any suitable carrier oil with five drops of chamomile and seven drops of lavender essential oils. Applying this home remedy on your skin will surely assist in avoiding stretch marks. If you are becoming frustrated finding that no home remedies is effective enough to remove the stretch marks, it is advisable that you prepare a recipe using 1/4 mug of aloe vera, 1/2 mug of olive oil, four vitamin A and six vitamin E capsules. First mix these ingredients and, subsequently, blend them using a juicer. When the blend is ready, store the recipe in a refrigerator and apply it to the affected body areas now and then. It is advisable that you apply this home remedy to the affected body areas every day, because doing this will facilitate the removal of stretch marks.

Other beneficial essential oils

Additional things you may do

It has been found that a lot of women worldwide suffer from stretch marks during some point or the other in their life. These are reddish marks that may occur is various body areas and, over a period of time, the color of these marks turn out to be white. In fact, pregnant women are often troubled with this problem. The major disadvantage with these stretch marks is that when they have already developed, they will remain on the body perpetually. However, there are a number of home remedies that are quite useful in preventing their development and you may use them effectively. A number of such home remedies for stretch marks are discussed briefly below. Provided you are enduring the problems related to stretch marks, it is essential that you incorporate exercises into your every day routine. Undertaking appropriate work-outs on a regular basis will help to tone up the muscles, which would eventually result in putting off the development of stretch marks. In addition, you should include a lot of vitamin C, vitamin E and proteins in your diet, as doing so will help you to put off the occurrence of symptoms related to stretch marks. This is mainly owing to the fact that this kind of nutriments facilitates the appropriate development of body tissues. As far as dealing with the problems related to stretch marks is concerned, it is advisable that you get olive oil and use it to massage your body regularly. This will surely considerably help you in dealing with the problems related to stretch marks. In addition, several people across the globe make use of cocoa butter with a view to tackle their problems related to stretch marks. Likewise, you may also use elastin cream in the form of a cocoa butter substitute. Topical treatments of the affected skin can also be carried out using opened capsules of the vitamin E; the vitamin can be applied directly onto the affected areas of the skin. The vitamin will aid in preventing the occurrence of stretch marks and at times may induce the complete removal of stretch marks when used over a long period of time. The use of topical compresses and external massages to the skin can greatly aid in the promotion of circulation and will help in removing the deposits of fatty tissues on the skin.

Usual dosage

Vitamin A, 25,000 IU. Must be avoided during pregnancy. Vitamin B complex, 50 mg thrice a day. Vitamin E, 400 IU. Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1000 mg. Silica, 1,000 mg. Zinc 15 mg, with 3 mg of copper.

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