Elma skin care ointments, creams and oils are the most powerful and natural products available! They are extremely effective in healing skin ailments such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, fungus and many other skin, hair and nail problems.

All Elma skin care products are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner using only the top quality ingredients and are based on the calendula stem cells. These stem cells are carefully extracted from the plant in a 100% natural process and they are the driving force behind our powerful products. They have the innate ability to bond to human tissues and to increase the body's ability to repair itself.

When our product is manufactured we make sure:

  • to keep the plant stem cells dormant within the ointment
  • that the stem cells will be delivered safely and effectively to the skin surface
  • that the plant stem cells will be activated on the skin and augment the activity of human stem cells

What makes our products different from the others?

  • they really work
  • they are made with passion and heart because we put quality over quantity
  • they are "home made products" manufactured by a family owned company
  • they are purely natural and don't cause any side effects
  • they do not contain steroids, artificial preservatives, parabens, antibiotics, other harmful chemicals and even water

Andrew Witowski B.Sc.,  M.Sc.   University of Warsaw

Founder and CEO of Herbtronic Inc., and creator of the Elma product line.

Andrew Witowski

Andrew Witowski was born in Poland and immigrated to Canada in 1991. At a very early age, Andrew developed a love for chemistry and was often found reading about chemicals and creating interesting mixtures at home.

In 1968, he graduated college with a diploma from the Chemical Technology College in Poland. In 1974, he received his Chemical Technology degree from the University of Warsaw. In Canada this degree is equivalent to a Master in Chemistry. During his studies, he worked at the University conducting distillations and 'rectifications' of liquid mixtures. Within the next three years, he set up the necessary technology for recycling solvents in an antibiotic company. He also put into production new antibiotics on a technical scale.

In 1978, he worked for De Gussa, a German company, in electroplating. In 1988, he owned and operated a chemical innovation company. With the support of a team of friends, the company successfully created a process whereby industrial waste materials could be used as a sustainable resource.

For the last 15 years he has worked for a cosmetic company in Canada. When Andrew found out that his granddaughter had psoriasis, he began a personal quest. The quest entailed designing and creating the finest, most effective product so that her skin condition could be treated.

After years of research, Andrew has expanded the Elma product line to treat multiple skin disorders, hair loss, and brittle/infected nails.

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