Elma 01 - Skin Ointment

Janek - Mississauga, Ontario
My friend ended up in the hospital in the critical condition. After two weeks of taking IV fluid and shots, his hands were swollen and bruised. From this he had non-healing wounds. I brought Elma 01 ointment to him when he was at the hospital and after 10 days of using it most of the bruises were gone and all the wounds were healed. The hospital staff could hardly believe what happened. Thank you Elmaskincare for such a wonderful ointment.

Lenky - Ontario, Canada
For about 8 years now I had a major sore in my head. The doctor told me that it was a fungus. Over the years I tried many different creams and had very little success. When I thought that it was better and I stopped using the creams the fungus gave back and kept on getting worse. Someone told me about an ointment and referred me to the ElmaSkinCare.com website where I got the product Elma 01 for Skin Disorder. I used it for about two weeks and started to see changes. At first the skin started getting darker and the swelling went down. I continued using it and noticed that the sore now started to shrink in size. Thank you Elma Skin Care, this is really a great product, which actually works!

Diane Moran - Etobicoke, ON
I want to thank you for introducing me to Elma products. Being a diabetic, I have to prick my fingers several times a day and they become very sore. After dabbing a small amount of Elma 01, the soreness leaves my fingers and they seem to heal. It is nice to know that these products contain no steroids, antibiotics and are anti-bacterial - This is a very effective product.

Angela - USA
As a sensitive skin and rosacea sufferer I thought I was limited to Cetaphil and other chemist solutions, but WOW your products are amazing! My skin is glowing like it never has before. Elma 01 is a god-send in summer when my skin is overheating. My rosacea is pretty much non-existent now and I have been told I look 5-10 years younger than I actually am, thanks again!

Elma 04 Acne/Psoriasis/Rosacea Ointment

Carlos - Sudbury, ON
I bought Elma after a friend recommended it for acne. Overnight I noticed the redness in my face was gone. After a week, my acne was almost completely gone. This product is a miracle and a life changer! For anyone struggling with stubborn acne, redness or blemishes, I cannot recommend a better product after trying different products for years. Thanks Elma!

Elaine - Ontario, Canada
My skin has been a problem since I was a young adult. I have tried many different brands including the leading ones to solve my acne problem. After I started using the Elma 04 Ointment, the difference it has made is amazing. My skin is so much clearer and healthier.

Natasha L. - Kingston, ON
My face used to suffer severely from acne, and once I found out about this Elma 04 ointment, the problem drastically improved. I was sceptical about using it at first, because after about a weeks time, I couldn't see any improvements. However, I continued using this product and the relief came after three weeks. Never have been so happy and satisfied with a product!

Elma 11 Hair & Scalp Revitalizer

Jan - Mississauga, Ontario
It was a lifeline for me. ELMA 11. Not only did I stop losing my hair but after 4 months of using ELMA 11, I noticed new hair in empty places on my head. THE MIRACLE OF THE MIRACLE. I recommend it to all WOMEN and MEN. Well you are in the network. Thanks, Jan.

Elma 14 Acne/Psoriasis/Rosacea Oil

Shreya Kaur - Brampton, Ontario
This product helped me fight off my acne problem of more than 10 years. When I applied it over night, I woke up next morning with a significantly less amount of red on my face. I have continued to use and the relief has been great.

Baldwin - Windsor, Ontario
I started using this product for my relentless acne. I saw that it worked very well, very quick, and now I use it to deal with the occasional blemish that pops up somewhere on my body. It seems kind of pricey, but the quality and quantity is impeccable.

Elma HA Serum

Walter Schlichtig - Schlichtig & Associates Inc.
I have used your product called Serum and after 2 weeks of daily use I saw a noticable reduction of facial wrinkles.

Audrey Arketa
I saw your ad on a website and wandered over here to read about your company and products. I decided to request a sample and I also bought the serum. Wow the serum is effective! I have seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp and parts of my face. While I detox I wanted symptomatic relief yet didn't want chemicals (hydrocortisone). I only used a small amount and my skin exfoliated the seborrheic dermatitis oily flakes... This serum helped in the re-epilthiliazation of my scalp and face but especially my hairline. The serum soothed the itch and burning I usually experience with the oily skin flakes. Thank you for making and selling this product. I don't need to use it much so that little jar sure lasted two seasons so far!

Elma Hand Cream

Richard - Chilliwack, BC
Elma hand cream is a life-saver! Having dried and cracked hands made a lot of tasks painful, so my brother recommended this product to me. Now my hands are smooth and not even the winter weather can dry them up.


Henry - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
I have been using your products for approximately the last six weeks and my skin is fantastic. I noticed such a big difference in a short amount of time and people have even made comments. Congratulations and thank you!

Cathy - USA
These products are amazing! After just a few days, my skin has improved dramatically. It's like magic! Thank you very much for your wonderful, fast, and personal service - it has been a joy shopping at ElmaSkinCare.com. I look forward to soon be visiting your web shop again!

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