Miniature Roses' Species
part 3

'Jim Dandy' Roses

Introduced - 1988

'Jim Dandy' rose was hybridized by an amateur and it bears vivid orange-red hued flowers having a yellow base. The double flowers of this miniature rose have a high-centered for and each measure about 1 inch in diameter. The foliage has a medium green color and it covers the entire plant that grows up to a height of 18 inches to 20 inches.

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'Julie Ann' Roses

Introduced - 1984

The blooms of 'Julie Ann' have a high-centered form and their color varies from vermilion to orange-red. Each flower of this miniature rose measures about 1 inch and is composed of 20 petals.

The flowers are pleasantly fragrant. The leaves of this rose are small, glossy and have a medium green color. They are resistant to diseases and clothe the entire bushy plants that grow up to a height of anything between 12 inches and 14 inches.

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'Kingig' Roses

Introduced - 1987

'Kingig' is amongst the most popular miniature roses and it bears medium-sized flowers that are borne either singly or in sprays of three to five. The double flowers have a high-centered form and each bloom is composed of about 18 light pink petals.

On their reverse side, the petals are dark pink. As the flowers mature, their color fades to creamy pink. This rose produces medium-sized matte leaves having medium green color, while the canes produce somewhat crooked white thorns.

The flowers give way to oval-shaped, green hips. The plants of 'Kingig' rose are bushy and have an upright habit. They can be grown in combination with other plants in garden beds and borders. You may also use this rose as edgings or grow them in containers as specimen plants.

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'Kristin' Roses

Introduced - 1992

This is among the miniature roses that have been praised by rose growers in North as well as the South. 'Kristin' rose bears white blossoms tipped with carmine. The flowers are borne singly and they last for a long period, which makes this rose a wonderful source of high quality cut flowers.

Similar to several other miniature roses that were introduced recently, 'Kristin' is a more vigorous shrubs compared to the midgets introduced earlier. Actually, as far as size is concerned, 'Kristin' is the equivalent of several polyantha roses and similar to those roses it is necessary to regard this miniature as a compact landscape shrub. In addition, 'Kristin' contributes an outstanding accent to any flower border as this rose will not grow beyond its neighbours.

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'Lavender Jewel' Roses

Introduced - 1978

'Lavender Jewel' rose produces pointed buds that unfurl into high-centered, somewhat fragrant flowers having a clear, soft lavender hue. Each flower measures just about 1 inch in diameter and is composed of anything between 35 and 40 petals.

When the flowers become mature they have a flat form. Occasionally, the petals of 'Lavender Jewel' rose have a magenta hue along their edge. The leaves of this rose are dark green, while the bushy plants are compact and grow up to a height of 10 inches to 15 inches. These plants grow equally high and wide.

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'Linville' Roses

Introduced - 1989

'Linville' rose produces pointed buds that unfurl into double white blooms having a touch of pink. As the flowers mature their color turns pure white. However, when grown in places having cool weather conditions, the flowers usually retain their pink tones.

The flowers are high-centered and are generally borne singly on elongated stems. They have a light fruity scent. The leaves of this miniature rose are medium green and semi-glossy, while the stems produce straight, pink hued thorns.

The plants of 'Linville' rose have an upright habit and are relatively tall for any miniature. The growth rate of these plants is average. This rose can be effective when grown as edgings or in garden beds and borders. You may also grow 'Linville' rose in a large pot as container specimens. The flowers are excellent for use as cut flowers as well as exhibitions.

'Little Jackie' Roses

Introduced - 1982

The flowers of 'Little Jackie' are pale orange-red with high-centered form, while the color of the petals on their reverse side is yellow. The individual flowers measure anything between ¾ inch and 1 inch and are extremely fragrant. As the flowers open, the petals reflex backwards forming points.

The plants of this miniature rose grow up to a height of anything between 18 inches and 24 inches, while the foliage is medium green and semi-glossy.

'Littlest Angel' Roses

Introduced - 1976

'Littlest Angel' is considered to be among the most excellent micro-mini roses. The color of the flowers of this rose varies from medium to deep yellow. The individual flower is high-centered and measures just about ½ inch and is composed of 28 petals.

The plants are low and bushy, growing up to a height of only 4 inches to 8 inches. If you are growing 'Littlest Angel' rose outdoors, it is best to plant them in partial shade, especially in places where the climatic conditions are hot.

'Loving Touch' Roses

Introduced - 1982

The flowers of 'Loving Touch' are relatively large for any miniature rose, especially when the weather is cool. The double flowers of this miniature rose have an apricot hue and each flower is composed of 25 petals. The flowers are borne singly, but produced copiously.

The blooms have a high-centered form and a light fragrance. The leaves of 'Loving Touch' rose have a medium green color and are semi-glossy. The flowers give away to attractive, globular hips. The plants have a bushy habit and are spreading.

They are perfect for growing in garden beds and borders or you may also use them for edgings. This rose is also well suited for growing as container and patio plants. This rose is an excellent source of cut flowers, which may also be used effectively for exhibitions.

'Magic Carrousel' Roses

Introduced - 1972

The flowers of 'Magic Carrousel' rose are semi-double and have a creamy white hue with a vibrant touch of red. The blooms of this rose have a bold as well as attractive color combination coupled with the fact that they bloom abundantly, making 'Magic Carrousel' one of the most well-like miniature roses that are cultivated.

Each flower of 'Magic Carrousel' rose measures anything between 1 ¾ inches and 2 inches wide and has a light fragrance. The leaves of this rose are small, glossy and have a leathery texture. It is worth mentioning here that 'Magic Carrousel' plants are spreading and they need to be pruned back in order to avoid legginess.

This rose is effective for growing in garden beds and borders. In addition, you may also grow this rose as container plants and for edgings. It is easy to grow 'Magic Carrousel', which is resistant to diseases. Often, florists use the flowers for boutonnieres.

'Mary Marshall' Roses

Introduced - 1970

This miniature rose has been named to honour an enthusiastic miniature rose grower. The flowers of 'Mary Marshall' rose have a deep coral hue with overtones of pink, yellow and orange. Each high-centered flower of this miniature rose measures about 1 ½ inches wide and is composed of anything between 24 and 30 petals.

The flowers last for a long period both on the stems as well as in vase. The plants are bushy in nature and winter hardy, growing up to a height of 14 inches. A climbing variety of this rose is also available. This form of 'Mary Marshall' rose can climb up to a height of 5 feet. The leaves of this rose are medium green and semi-glossy. Their ability to resist diseases is above average.

'Minnie Pearl' Roses

Introduced - 1982

'Minnie Pearl' is a versatile miniature rose that performs very well when grown in a border or as an edging shrub. This rose bears small flowers having perfect form, making them eye-catching cut flowers. This rose is at home when grown as a container plant or in a window box.

Similar to most other miniature roses, 'Minnie Pearl' is well suited for growing in small gardens and is a boon for people owning small properties. At the same time, it is also excellent for old gardeners for whom the usual roses are extreme strain on their backs.

They do not need to stoop for long hours when they plant this kind of compact miniature rose in a pot and place it on a waist-high wall or any other support.

'New Beginning' Roses

Introduced - 1988

'New Beginning' is among the first three miniature roses that won an MRS award - the other two being 'Joy 'n' Pride' and 'Debut'. The flowers of 'New Beginning' have a hot orange hue, while the petals have a yellow color on their reverse side.

The very double flowers of this miniature rose measures about 1 ½ inches across each and is composed of as many as 45 to 50 petals. The plants are rounded and grow up to a height of 14 inches to 20 inches. The leaves are dark green and resistant to diseases.



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