Roses In Alphabetical Order

'Old Blush' Roses (China, Introduced - 1752)
One of the oldest southern garden roses, this cultivar remains a favorite. The generosity of its bloom is partly responsible for this: 'Old Blush' is continuously in flower through all but the very coldest months. This rose is virtually indestructible and is commonly found lingering at abandoned home sites long after every other evidence of habitation is gone. Once established, it can withstand many weeks without irrigation or rain.
Borne in clusters, the medium-size lilac-pink flowers are slightly fragrant. If not deadheaded (snipped off as they wither), the flowers will produce large orange hips.

'Old Glory' Roses (Miniature, Introduced - 1988)
Double flowers with 30 to 35 petals are 1 to 1 1/2 inches across and colored medium red with a touch of yellow at the base of the petals. The high-centered flowers are long lasting when cut and bloom prolifically over dark green leaves on 16- to 20- inch plants.

'Olé' Roses (Grandiflora, Introduced - 1964)
Large, long-lived, ruffled flowers with luminous hues are bright orange-red, an exciting color reminiscent of a bullfight. Blooms have 40 to 50 petals, are 3 1/2 inches across, are high centered or cupped, and have a slight fruity scent. Bushy, 4-foot plants are covered in shiny foliage.

'Olympiad' Roses (Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1982)
The official flower of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, this rose is as impressive a performer as any of the athletes at those games, for it thrives in such disparate climates as southern California and coastal New England. This cultivar's brilliant medium red, double flowers have an especially velvety texture. If you protect yourself from its thorns, you will find 'Olympiad' to be an excellent source of long-lasting cut flowers. Its thorniness, however, makes it an unusually secure barrier when planted as a hedge.

'Orangeade' Roses (Floribunda, Introduced - 1959)
The slightly fragrant, 2 1/2-inch flowers of 'Orangeade' rose have 12 to 15 petals of pure, clear, bright orange accented by bright yellow stamens. The sprays are large, airy, and long lasting. The rounded, 3-foot plants have sparse, dark green foliage that needs extra protection from mildew.

'Osiria' Roses (Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1978)
Large (4- to 6-inch), well-formed, high-centered flowers with 50 to 60 petals are dark red on the inside of the petals and silvery white on the outside. The highly fragrant blooms repeat very quickly, especially for a large rose. Plants can grow 5 to 6 feet high, have dark green, semi-glossy, black spot-resistant foliage that is prone to mildew, and are very winter hardy.

'Othello' Roses (Shrub, Introduced - 1990)
Also known as 'Auslo', this rose has fully double, cupped, 4- to 5-inch flowers that are rich crimson to burgundy with a heavy old-rose fragrance. As the flowers fade, they turn mauve to purple. There is moderate repeat bloom. Vigorous, thorny, spreading plants grow 5- to 6- feet tall and are highly disease resistant.

'Over The Rainbow' Roses (Miniature, Introduced - 1972)
Vigorous, bushy plants grow 14- to 18- inches high and have flowers that are red on the insides of the petals and yellow-orange on the reverse. Double blooms are high-centered, slightly fragrant, and 1 to 1 3/4 inches across, appearing above medium green, leathery leaves.

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