Roses In Alphabetical Order
'M' part 2

'Maman Cochet' Roses

Tea, Introduced - 1893

'Maman Cochet' rose bears pointed, globular buds that unfurl to high-centered flowers, each measuring about 4 inches across. The blooms of this rose are double flowers each comprising anything between 35 and 45 petals, which are pale pink hued with their base having a lemony color. The color of the blooms deepens when the plants are grown under the bright sun.

The flowers are highly scented and displayed well against the deep green, leathery foliage. The canes of 'Maman Cochet' rose bear very few thorns. 'Maman Cochet' is an old garden rose that grows vigorously and has an upright habit. If left to grow on its own 'Maman Cochet' rose will grow to form an attractive bush.

The foliage of this rose is attractive. As the production of flowers of 'Maman Cochet' is steady, it is well suited to be grown in garden beds as well as borders. 'Maman Cochet' rose can endure the heat and humidity of hot summer easily. At the same time, the plant is very resistant to diseases.

'Ma Perkins' Roses

Floribunda, Introduced - 1952

'Ma Perkins' rose is a robustly growing dense bush. In fact, 'Ma Perkins' is equally exciting these days as it was when it was first introduced in the market nearly half a century back. The flowers of 'Ma Perkins' are extraordinary for any floribunda - they have a shell pink hue flushed with cream and apricot.

The blooms are deeply cup-shaped very similar to an old-time Bourbon rose compared to a characteristic floribunda. In addition, the flowers of 'Ma Perkins' are also scented, a quality that is usually absent in several other floribunda roses.

The foliage of 'Ma Perkins' rose is deep green and glossy. This is a shrub which grows very vigorously and is compact. This rose is very effective when grown as a border, looks wonderful when it is grown in a container and very attractive as a flowering hedge.

'Marchesa Boccella' Roses

Hybrid Perpetual, Introduced - 1842

The flowers of 'Marchesa Boccella' rose, also called 'Jacques Cartier', are full and large. They re-bloom all through the growing season. Each flower is a double bloom and has a delicate pink hue and their edges are blushed. The flowers appear in compact clusters on firm, short stems. The blooms are highly scented.

The petals of 'Marchesa Boccella' are numerous, but very small compared to most of the hybrid perpetuals. The foliage of this rose is radiant green and compact. 'Marchesa Boccella' is among the finest class of roses. It is a very vigorous growing plant and has an erect form - which varies from medium to tall in height.

The plant has a rather spreading habit. As 'Marchesa Boccella' rose has a recurring habit and verdant foliage, this rose is ideal for growing in large garden beds and borders.

'Marchioness of Londonderry' Roses

Hybrid Perpetual, Introduced - 1893

The blooms of 'Marchioness of Londonderry' are large, very scented and have an ivory white hue with a light pink to rose pink blush. The high-centered buds of this rose unfurl to cabbagy double blooms that are cup-shaped. Each flower measures anything between 4 inches and 5 inches in diameter.

While the plants do not bloom continuously, they do produce an excellent floral show during spring and in fall. The foliage of 'Marchesa Boccella' rose has a leathery texture, while the canes almost do not have any thorn. 'Marchesa Boccella' rose is a hybrid perpetual and an extremely robust grower.

The plants have an upright and robust habit. 'Marchesa Boccella' is ideal for growing in large garden beds and borders. In addition, you may also train the plants to grow on trellis or a fence.

'Mar�chal Niel' Roses

Noisette, Introduced - 1864

The long as well as pointed buds of 'Mar�chal Niel' rose open to double flowers which have a golden yellow hue. Each flower of this rose measures anything between 3 inches and 4 inches across and are potently fragrant - which is described as a combination of violets and tea.

The plants bloom proficiently as well as repeatedly. The stem of the flowers have weak necks as a result of which the blooms have a tendency to droop. This plant has a vigorous growing habit and when trained to grow as a climber, they may grow up to a height of 10 feet. Similar to most noisette roses, 'Mar�chal Niel' is also extremely tender in places where winters are very cold.

'Margaret Merrill' Roses

Floribunda, Introduced - 1978

Some gardeners consider 'Margaret Merrill' to be an ideal floribunda. The double flowers of this rose are large, scented and have a blush white hue. Initially, 'Margaret Merrill' produces buds that are similar to hybrid tea-type.

These buds unfurl into very wide blooms, which appear singly as well as in clusters. Each flower of 'Margaret Merrill' measures 4 inches (10 cm) across and comprise 28 petals. In fact, the blooms of 'Margaret Merrill' are so large that they are unusual for any floribunda.

Moreover, the flowers are heavily fragrant - a scent that has often been measure up to a combination of citrus and spice. While this variety of rose is somewhat susceptible to black spot, it does well even when grown in humid climates. Moreover, 'Margaret Merrill' rose is valuable as a cut flower source.

'Margo Koster' Roses

Polyantha, Introduced - 1931

The flowers of 'Margo Koster' rose are double blooms and globular in shape. The small flowers appear in sprays and their color varies somewhat from salmon pink to orange. Each lower of 'Margo Koster' rose measures between 1 inch and 1 � inches across.

The fragrance of 'Margo Koster' rose is light. The plants start flowering later in the growing season and they repeat blooming all through fall. A climbing sport of 'Margo Koster' is also available. The leaves are grey-green and partially shiny.

The canes have very few thorns. 'Margo Koster' rose is a bushy and dense plant and is usually grown in the form of a container plant - indoors as well as outdoors. This rose is resistant to diseases.

'Marie Louise' Roses

Damask, Introduced - 1813

The blooms of 'Marie Louise' rose are large, very double and are very heavy. In fact, the weight of the flowers of this rose practically weighs down the terminal branches. The flowers have a luxurious mauve-pink hue, while the petals are reflexed in a way that they are quartered around the green button eye.

The petals have a rich fragrance that reminds one of lemon. When the flowers are fully open, they appear rather flattened. The foliage of this rose is compact, while the canes produce very few thorns.

'Marie Louise' rose plants are compact and bushy in nature, which makes them very effective as a shrub that can be grown in small gardens. They are useful for growing in garden beds and borders. The form of 'Marie Louise' rose is arching as well as graceful. Similar to other damask roses, 'Marie Louise' is a quite hardy plant.

'Marie Pavi�' Roses

Polyantha, Introduced - 1888

The pink buds of 'Marie Pavi�' rose unfurl into several bunch of creamy white, fragrant, semi-double blooms. Each flower of 'Marie Pavi�' rose measures only 2 inches (5.1 cm) across. When in bloom, this rose is graceful as well as attractive. Usually, this rose is in bloom from that later part of sprint till fall.

Moreover, 'Marie Pavi�' rose is also adaptable. If you prune the plant a little, it can be a wonderful plant for growing in containers. If the plant is allowed to grow on its own, a row of these plants can give rise to an attractive low-growing hedge. Since this rose does not have any thorn and is also free of diseases, it may prove to be an excellent rose to grow in your kitchen garden.

'Marie van Houtte' Roses

Tea, Introduced - 1871

'Marie van Houtte' rose has an interesting story. In fact, central Texas-based Rose Rustlers, which is an enthusiastic and vibrant association of people who collect antique roses, had named this rose as the �hole rose�.

This because they found 'Marie van Houtte' rose growing in a depression along a road next to a deserted shed. This actually is proof of the fact that this rose is extremely tough as it successfully dealt with a climate that varies between drought and flood.

And it did so in a very relaxed manner. 'Marie van Houtte' is a vigorously growing tea rose, which has a tendency to sprawl. This rose produces large, very double, round, nodding blooms that have a light yellow hue. The flowers of 'Marie van Houtte' have an extraordinary distinction and that is a touch of rose pink at the tip of the petals.

'Marijke Koopman' Roses

Hybrid Tea, Introduced - 1979

The long and pointed buds of 'Marijke Koopman' rose unfurl into satin-like pink blooms. Each flower of 'Marijke Koopman' rose measures 4 inches across and comprises 25 petals. The flowers are fragrant and generally borne in sprays of three to five.

This rose re-blooms profusely all through the summer months. The foliage of 'Marijke Koopman' is dark green and has a leathery texture. The stems produce prominent red thorns. The plants have a vigorous growth and they usually reach a height of 4 feet.