Roses In Alphabetical Order

‘Queen Elizabeth’ Roses

Grandiflora, Introduced – 1954

‘Queen Elizabeth’ is said to be the first rose in its class. It is not only the maiden grandiflora, but even to this day it is among the best grandifloras. In fact, this rose has set a very high benchmark of all varieties of rose vis-à-vis its hardiness, resistance to disease and its plentiful as well as continuous blooms.

The medium pink flowers of ‘Queen Elizabeth’ are large, double and they are borne singly or may also appear in clusters. The range of its form varies from high-centered to cup-shaped. Since all the flowers in a cluster generally unfurl at the same time, this rose is also an excellent for use as cut flowers.

In fact, flowers borne in a single ‘Queen Elizabeth’ shrub are enough to fill a vase. This is a tall, slender shrub that should ideally be grown behind a border in order to prevent it from blocking the view.


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