Sweet Pea Varieties

Fairy Queen ( Original )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea have a flesh color occasionally shaded with pale pink. Normally, the flowers growing on petite stems are small and have a pitiable form. These flowers are not of much value.

Fandango ( Spencer )

This selection of sweet pea from Spencer bears a complete blend of flecked assortments that are useful both for decorating gardens and also cut flowers. The flowers of 'Fandango' are small, almost the size of a penny, and are mildly fragrant. They are found in a mixture of different patchy shades.

Fanny Adams ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Fanny Adams' sweet pea from Spencer are magenta in color and pleasantly aromatic.

Fantasia ( Dwarf )

'Fantasia' sweet pea has flowers of different hues, including rose, light blue, red, pink, mauve, purple and white. In addition, some 'Fantasia' sweet pea flowers are also found in tender bi-colors and extraordinary hues. The flowers are delicately perfumed and ideal for baskets, front of the border and even window boxes. 'Fantasia' sweet pea flowers are one of the prettiest of the Dwarf variety.

Fatima ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea from Spencer are found in different hues that include deep shining scarlet and somewhat silvery. The vivid scarlet flowers are occasionally superimposed with a silvery polish. These flowers are fairly perfumed and the red or scarlet color appears attractive when they are used to prepare bouquets with blue velvety and white flowers during the summer.

Felicity Kendal ( Spencer )

'Felicity Kendal' sweet pea flowers from Spencer are usually large and found in dynamic gorgeous vivid pinkish red or cerise color. The flowers are named after the actress Felicity Kendal and are heavily perfumed. These flowers usually grow in large clusters and blossom during the beginning of spring.

Fiona ( Spencer )

Flowers of this selection of sweet pea from Spencer are large, lacy and mostly duplex. When they blossom, the flowers are usually salmon pink, but gradually fade to appear creamy at the centre. Each stem of 'Fiona' sweet pea bears at least five flowers and they are ideal for use as cut flowers and also display at exhibitions. The flowers are robustly aromatic.

Firebird ( Spencer )

'Firebird' sweet pea flowers have an orange-red hue. This variety of sweet pea from Spencer is seldom found to be aromatic.

Firecrest ( Spencer )

Flowers of this selection of sweet pea from Spencer are found in astonishingly blistering red and orange bi-color. The base is usually scarlet with orange being superimposed all over. The flowers are pleasantly aromatic and ideal for display at exhibitions. They are also used for adorning gardens and as cut flowers.

First Lady ( Spencer )

'First Lady' sweet pea from Spencer bears flowers that are creamy with deep purplish red shades or carmine hue. The color of the flowers does not become paler and they are heavily aromatic.

Flakes Mixed ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'Flakes Mixed' sweet pea selection from Spencer include an assortment of flexed blossoms in different hues. This variety of sweet pea flowers are found in magenta, purple, vivid scarlet, rose, sugary pink and deep purplish red colors. This variety really presents a celebration of colors.

Flamenco ( Spencer )

The 'Flamenco' flowers from Spencer are small and somewhat tousled. The petals are orange on the top, while the overturned side is much lighter. The wings are supple orange in hue and paler at the rims and on the overturn. The flower's keel is light orange. Unlike many other sweet pea varieties, 'Flamenco' is not very productive.

Flora Cave ( Spencer )

'Flora Cave' sweet pea selection from Spencer bears white flowers with a reddish shade and is intimately spread out. The petals are reflexed and undulating. The wings too are extended and heaving. The flowers of this variety of sweet pea are faintly aromatic.

Floral Tribute ( Spencer )

'Floral Tribute' is a blend of different kinds of Spencer selections that are ideal for the garden as well as exhibitions. The 'Floral Tribute' sweet pea plant is extraordinarily aromatic and the flowers include an assortment of hues.

Flora Norton ( Grandiflora )

'Flora Norton' sweet pea variety is from Grandiflora and bears pastel blue flowers that grow on straight stems and have larger wings compared to the petals. This is an attractive assortment of sweet pea that earlier had two flowers on a stem. However, many a times you may find a stem bearing three 'Flora Norton' flowers that are robustly aromatic.

Florence ( Spencer )

This variety of sweet pea from Spencer bears white flowers with a reddish shade that are broadly spread out. The flowers are undulating and lighter along the rim. 'Florence' sweet pea flowers are faintly perfumed.

Florencecourt ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'Florencecourt' sweet pea from Spencer are usually large, well shaped and have a pinkish red or salmon cerise hue. The petals are normally reflexed, undulating and white with heavy shades of pink-red. The wings of this variety of sweet pea flower are undulating, extended and salmon cerise. The flowers are vaguely perfumed.

Floriada ( Dwarf )

'Floriada' sweet pea flowers are brilliant dwarf deep reddish in color. The petals are faintly pounded and creased frontward at the top. They are nearly scarlet in color. The wings are slightly milled, creased downwards and have lighter shades at the bottom. The base of the wings has a whitish blotch.

Flower Arrangers Blend ( Spencer )

'Flower Arrangers Blend' sweet pea flowers from Spencer are a mixture of robustly growing shades with multi-colored edges or picotees. The flowers grow on long and upright stems and have colored streaks. They are useful as cut flowers.

Fragrantissima ( Spencer )

The 'Fragrantissima' sweet pea from Spencer is a blend of different award-winning selections with focus on robust perfume. This assortment includes a wide spectrum of colors including pink, blue, red, purple, bi-colors, overturn bi-colors and even stripes. The flowers in this selection are usually large and growing on long and strong stems. They are ideal for use as cut flowers. All flowers in this variety of sweet pea are heavily aromatic.

Fragrant Ripples ( Spencer )

'Fragrant Ripples' sweet pea flowers from Spencer are an exclusive blend with every one possessing characteristic undulating manifestation. They are found in an assortment of stripes and hues, including blue, scarlet, red wine or claret and lilac. The flowers grow on long slim stems and are pleasantly aromatic. They are usually gracefully large, undulating and have a whitish background with different shades. The flowers are perfect for use as cut flowers or adorning small gardens.

Frances Perry ( Spencer )

Named after a well-known garden writer, Frances Perry sweet pea flowers from Spencer are delightfully lacy and salmon pink or reddish pink in color. They grow robustly and are bright and lustrous. These flowers are faintly aromatic.

Frolic ( Spencer )

Flowers of this selection of sweet pea from Spencer have rosy shades on a cream background at the edges. The petals of the flower are undulating. When the flowers blossom, initially they are creamy colored that gradually turns pink-veined and faintly undulating. The overturned side is somewhat pink and additionally pearly or pale grayish white in hue. Occasionally, some flowers are also found to be duplex variety and the shade of cream hue varies. The wings are nearly total creamy and embraced near the keel. The wings open out and transforms into robust pink-veined as they mature. However, the base continues to be somewhat creamy. The keel is creamy. The flowers are heavily perfumed.

Full Stop ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'Full Stop' selection from Spencer include an appealing mixture of maroon colored streaks, deep and pale blue, vivid pinkish red or cerise and purple. In addition, the flowers are found in original hues of blue, white and sugary pink that creates harmonizing mixture of streaks and also basic colors.

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