Sweet Pea Varieties

Gaiety ( Spencer )

Flowers of this selection of sweet pea from Spencer are much like the Spencer's old-fashioned varieties 'Painted Lady' and 'Blanche Ferry'. The flowers are brilliant pink in color, while the wings are whitish. Normally, the flowers have a white background with shades of apple blossom. The flowers are usually long and grow in abundance and are faintly perfumed.

Galaxy Series

'Galaxy Series' sweet pea grows vigorously and is a very productive species. Flowers of the 'Galaxy Series' sweet pea blossom quite early and remain in bloom for longer periods than the Spencer varieties. The flowers are found in a wide range of colors including rose, cream, cerise, scarlet, pink, blue and white. Normally, a blend of these colors is available. The flowers grow on long and sturdy stems and each stem bears around five to seven flowers. The flowers are pleasantly aromatic and ideal for use as cut flowers and in exhibitions.

Garden News ( Spencer )

'Garden News' sweet pea flowers from Spencer are found in exceptionally brilliant scarlet hue. The petals are widely undulating and possess a hazy light scarlet or scarlet-cerise color. The petals appear to be additionally lacy and have whitish rims that gradually turn more of orange-scarlet as the flower matures. The wings are similar to the standards, but have lighter shades at the bottom and a ruffled appearance. These flowers are delicately perfumed.

Geniana ( Dwarf/Intermediate )

'Geniana' sweet pea is a dwarf and bunchy or tufted plant that bears trumpet-shaped flowers. The flowers, found in brilliant deep blue and purple hues, are very attractive and blossom for a long period. They are faintly undulating and have a violet picotee. 'Geniana' flowers grow on short stems and each stem bears around two to three flowers that blossom quite early in the season. Both the standards and spreading wings are relatively small, and are heavily perfumed.

Geoff Amos ( Spencer )

Named after an expert garden writer, flowers of 'Geoff Amos' sweet pea from Spencer variety are typically large with profound crimson streaks. The elegant looking flowers have a chaste white background with scarlet waves. The flowers are beautifully scented and appear exquisite in gardens as well as bouquets.

Geoff Hamilton ( Spencer )

'Geoff Hamilton' flowers of sweet pea variety from Spencer bears large, deep purple flowers and are well perfumed. The selection is named after a popular television gardener.

Geranium Pink ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea from Spencer possess a pleasant unique salmon pink color and appear like pink geranium flowers. In other words, the flowers of 'Geranium Pink' are almost vivid pinkish red superimposed with an orange shade. The flowers are large and grow on long and strong stems. They are perfect for use as cut flowers as well as adorning garden fences.

Gertrude Tingay ( Spencer )

'Gertrude Tingay' sweet pea from Spencer bears flowers that are profoundly lavender in hue.

Giant Exhibition Mixed ( Spencer )

As is evident from the name, this variety of sweet pea is a collection from Spencer's best exhibition species. The flowers of this variety of sweet pea are available in a wide assortment of shades. They grow on long stems with each stem bearing five to six flowers.

Giant Hybrids Mix ( Spencer )

This is also a blended variety of sweet pea from Spencer with emphasis on the size of the blossoms. 'Giant Hybrids Mix' is found in various colors and is developed by mixing one or more selection of sweet peas.

Giant Waved Mix ( Spencer )

This variety of sweet pea from Spencer is a blend of the different undulating types of flowers. The flowers are available in different colors and some among them are nicely perfumed.

Glow ( Spencer )

This selection of sweet pea from Spencer bears an exclusive blend of large and pleasant flowers with peach and pink hues. Some of them are also found to have a cream base with pale orange pink shades. The petals are widely undulating, while the wings are vivid reddish pink or cerise in color. This is a stunning bi-color that is also well perfumed.

Gorleston ( Spencer )

Flowers of this selection of sweet pea from Spencer have a profound mauve or light purplish color. 'Gorleston' flowers are large and delicately lacy. Incidentally, flowers of the 'Gorleston' variety are the deepest amongst all mauve colored flowers.

Grace of Monaco ( Spencer )

The 'Grace of Monaco' variety of sweet pea from Spencer is named after the famous actress Grace Kelly and it bears large flowers that are rosy lavender in color. These flowers grow very robustly and are deeply perfumed.

Gracious Lady ( Spencer )

Flowers of the Spencer's 'Gracious Lady' sweet pea have a light salmon pink hue. The flowers grow on long stems and are beautifully aromatic. They are ideal for cut flowers and exhibition purposes.

Grandiflora Scented ( Grandiflora )

'Grandiflora Scented' sweet pea blossom is a blend of the best perfumed types of flowers from Grandifloras.

Grayson's Hybrids ( Spencer )

'Grayson's Hybrids' include sweet pea plant seeds resulting from crossing of separate varieties from Spencer.

Grayson's Mixture ( Spencer )

'Grayson's Mixture' includes a blend of the different varieties of sweet pea plants from Peter Grayson's Spencer kind.

Great Expectations ( Spencer )

Flowers of this selection of sweet pea from Spencer grow on long stems and are found in a mixed shade of lavender and lilac. These blossoms are heavily perfumed and ideal for use as cut flowers.

Gwendoline ( Spencer )

This variety of sweet pea from Spencer bears spectacularly large blossoms that have a white background with shades of rose. The flowers grow vertically and are pretty undulating with faint pinkish red hue. The petals are whitish at the bottom and light colored on the overturned side. The wings of 'Gwendoline' are tidily pointed and less undulating than the petals. As they mature, the wings become paler and whitish at the centre. Normally, blossoms of this variety of sweet pea are profoundly aromatic.

Gypsy Queen ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Gypsy Queen' variety of sweet pea from Spencer have a profound ruby red hue. This is a perfect selection of sweet pea blossom that may describe as crimson colored.

Gypsy Rose ( Spencer )

Flowers of 'Gypsy Rose' selection of sweet pea from Spencer grow on long stems and each stem supports as many as eight blossoms that are faintly aromatic. The flowers have a profound and brilliant rose pink hue and occasionally found as duplex. These flowers can withstand different weather conditions and may be cultivated without much effort.

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