Sweet Pea Varieties

Lady Diana ( Spencer )

'Lady Diana' sweet pea from Spencer is acquisitively gorgeous and has very light lavender pink flowers that are sweetly aromatic. This old fashioned sweet pea bloom that grows on well-built stalks and is different from 'Pink Diana'. They are ideal for use as cut flowers as well as for bouquets.

Lady Fairbairn ( Spencer )

Named after a long serving NSPS president, blooms of the 'Lady Fairbairn' selection of sweet pea from Spencer are remarkably big and grow on long sturdy stems. The flowers have a lavender rose hue and are beautifully aromatic. The flowers remain in bloom for longer periods from early spring to summer. They are old fashioned and perfect as cut flowers and make exquisite bouquets.

Lady Grisel Hamilton ( Grandiflora )

'Lady Grisel Hamilton' sweet pea from Grandiflora was first cultivated by Henry Eckford in 1895 and bears shining blue-lavender hued flowers that are very much covered at the top. Each sturdy stalk of the plant support three to four flowers that can withstand heat. The blooms are heavily perfumed and ideal for use as cut flowers.

Lady Penny ( Spencer )

'Lady Penny' sweet pea blooms from Spencer have a graceful profound lavender hue.

Lady Susan ( Spencer )

Blooms of the 'Lady Susan' selection of sweet pea are found in orange pink color.

Lady Turrall ( Modern Grandiflora )

The 'Lady Turrall' sweet pea from Modern Grandiflora bears normal magenta colored blooms, while the wings have a lilac or light blue hue. On an average, each stalk of the plant supports two to three flowers.

Larkspur ( Spencer )

Blooms of 'Larkspur' sweet pea from Spencer have a delicate light blue hue. The 'Larkspur' sweet pea plants have sturdy stalks that often bear double flowers.

Laura ( Spencer )

'Laura' sweet pea variety from Spencer bears big crimson blooms on strong stalks. Plants of this variety of sweet pea grow robustly, while the flowers are mildly aromatic.

Lavender Bridesmaid ( Dwarf )

'Lavender Bridesmaid' bears attractive small blooms that are found in dwarf bi-colors. The blooms' standards vertical with attractive purplish bristle and wire. The flowers are small, but grow in abundance. Also known as 'Teresa Maureen', the blooms of 'Lavender Bridesmaid' are heavily aromatic. The petals have a shade of purple at the top, while the overturned side has a deep purple splotch. The wings have a creamy white hue with purplish rims and at the bottom they are whitish. The wings are tidily pointed.

Lavender Flake ( Spencer )

'Lavender Flake' from Spencer bears supple lavender colored blooms on white flake.

Lavender Stripe ( Spencer )

Blooms of 'Lavender Stripe' sweet pea from Spencer have a delicate lavender hue with rich whitish streaks. When the plant is in bloom it is an elegant climber. The flowers are mildly aromatic and ideal for exhibitions.

Leamington ( Spencer )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea from Spencer are robustly undulating and have a profound lavender hue. The flowers are heavily perfumed and attract butterflies. They are ideal for use as cut flowers.

Lianne Marie ( Spencer )

Blooms of 'Lianne Marie' selection of sweet pea from Spencer are magenta colored, quite big and grow on long sturdy stalks. This variety of sweet pea was first bred by Andy Heathcote and named in the reminiscence of a girl from Staffordshire who succumbed to cancer at a caring age of seven. The blooms are perfect for use as cut flowers and display at exhibitions.

Lilac Ripple ( Spencer )

'Lilac Ripple' selection of sweet pea from Spencer was originally cultivated by Bill Thomas and bears attractive undulating blooms that have lavender streaks and are ideal for exhibitions. The flowers have pleasant aroma.

Lilac Silk ( Spencer )

As assumed from its name, blooms of the 'Lilac Silk' sweet pea selection from Spencer are found in slight lilac or pale pinkish blue hue. The flowers have a shade of pink on a creamy background. Usually, 'Lilac Silk' blooms are large and lacy. They grow on long stems and are beautifully aromatic. Ideal as cut flowers.

Lilac Time ( Spencer )

Blooms of 'Lilac Time' sweet pea variety from Spencer have a gloomy natural lilac hue that may also be described as lilac lavender.

Lillie Langtry ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'Lillie Langtry' selection of sweet pea bears blooms that are big, adequately undulating and profusely creamy hued. This variety of sweet pea has been named after a Victorian actress and the flowers are nicely aromatic.

Lily Price ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'Lily Price' selection sweet pea from Spencer are quite large and beautifully shaped. The blooms are deep reddish in hue and moderately aromatic.

Linda C ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'Linda C' variety of sweet pea bears flowers that have a double tone lavender blue hue. The petals widely undulating and creased onwards when tender and stand vertical. As the flowers mature, the lavender blue petals develop a pale shade around the edges and are more bluish in the middle. They are somewhat pearly and obvious veins on the reverse. The flowers grow on long and sturdy stems and are good for cut flowers. The wings of 'Linda C' are profound blue with a tendency to hold onto the keel when they are tender, but later they even out. The wings are nicely tousled, have a lighter shade on the overturned side and are faintly veined. The keel is shiny white with light shades of blue. This variety of sweet pea blossoms comparatively late in the season and are beautifully perfumed.

Little Red Riding Hood ( Modern Grandiflora )

Blooms of 'Little Red Riding Hood' selection of sweet pea from Modern Grandiflora have a spectacular bi-color. The petals have a scarlet background, while the wings are white making the flower attractive.

Little Sweetheart ( Dwarf )

The 'Little Sweetheart' is a dwarf variety of sweet pea that grows in abundance and is perfect for the sprucing up courtyards, especially beds and borders. Blooms of this variety of sweet pea are very small and found in seven hues. The flowers are faintly scented, but bright up the area where they are grown. Usually, the flowers are in bloom for three to five weeks.

Lively Lassie ( Spencer )

Blooms of the 'Lively Lassie' variety of sweet pea from Spencer are large having a white background with shades of lilac. This variety was presented by Robert Bolton & Sons on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. The flowers blossom in summer and are heavily perfumed.

Lizbeth ( Spencer )

Originally bred by Tremewan and presented in 1993, this variety of sweet pea from Spencer bears large flowers that are sugar pink colored with scarlet hued highlights. The petals are normally straight and neatly tousled with whitish base and profound rose pink in the middle and white along the rims. The overturned side of the petals has a deeper hue. The wings are more profound in color than the petals, but have a lighter color on the overturned side. The keel appears to look through the petals. The flowers last for longer periods when in water and are moderately aromatic.

Liz Bolton ( Spencer )

Blooms of this selection of sweet pea from Spencer have a pleasant almond pink hue gradually fading to white at the base.

Lord Nelson ( Grandiflora )

Flowers of this variety of sweet pea from Grandiflora are found in bi-colors of blue and pale purple or mauve. The petals are darkish mauve with traces of blue. On the overturned side, the petals are more profoundly colored that appears as indigo blue. They grow straight, are faintly undulating and pointed at the top. The petals are also somewhat slanted onwards. The wings are colored like the petals, but are more deeply hued. The overturned side of the wings is much lighter in color. The wings appear to be slanted over the keel and somewhat creased. Each stalk of the plant supports three to four flowers that are robustly aromatic.

Louise ( Spencer )

'Louise' sweet pea from Spencer bears flowers that are vividly pinkish-red or resembling salmon rose on a white background. The blooms are faintly aromatic.

Lovejoy ( Spencer )

Blooms of 'Lovejoy' sweet pea selection from Spencer have an exclusive and intense maroon hue. Plants of this sweet pea variety grow robustly and each stem bears around four flowers that are really lacy in appearance. The sweet pea generally has firm seeds and is ideal for gardens and flower exhibitions.

Lovely Lady ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'Lovely Lady' selection of sweet pea from Spencer are extremely attractive and have washed denim blue hue. The flowers are generally small, evenly hued and vaguely tousled. The petals grow straight with whitish background having misty blue shades. The edges of the flowers are cream colored, while the overturned side is faintly shiny. The wings have the same appearance as the petals, while the keel is blue at the top.

Love Match ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'Love Match', also known as 'Romance' and 'Kiwi Bi-colors', sweet pea from Spencer are usually bi-colored and heavily perfumed. They are found in hues such as light pink on rosy carmine or deep red background, white shades on lavender base, carmine pink on rose color, violet shades on blue and whitish pastels on carmine background.

Lucinda Jane ( Spencer )

'Lucinda Jane' from Spencer bears flowers that are strawberry pink in color and pleasantly aromatic.

Lustre ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'Lustre' sweet pea selection bears rosy carmine or vivid red blooms.

Lymmer ( Dwarf )

Blooms of 'Lymmer' sweet pea are very small or dwarf sized. The petals are plane and are rosy-pink hued on the façade as well as the overturned side. The wings are whitish pink with tousled edges downwards. The wings gradually fade to complete white color.

Lynn Davey ( Spencer )

Initially bred by E. W. James, flowers of 'Lynn Davey' sweet pea from Spencer are large and undulating. They grow on long stalks and are ideal for cut flowers and floral display. The petals are faintly undulating and bluish in color - deeper hued in the middle and lighter along the edges. The overturned side of the petals is paler. Soon after blossoming, the petals are generally pale purplish and creamy at the centre with blue wings. The 'Lynn Davey' flowers are heavily perfumed. Incidentally, the blue hue of the flowers doesn't fade even when they are mature.

Lynn Fiona ( Spencer )

'Lynn Fiona' variety of sweet pea from Spencer bears large flowers that are skillfully undulating. The flowers have a creamy base with shades of pink. They grow on long stalks and hence are ideal as cut flowers. The sweet pea plant is capable of enduring extreme weather conditions. The flowers are robustly aromatic.

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