Sweet Pea Varieties

Queen Alexandra ( Grandiflora )

Hybridized by Eckford in 1906, blooms of the Grandiflora sweet pea selection 'Queen Alexandra' are incredibly spectacular and vibrant found in brilliant scarlet red hue. The petals are plane and not smoothed. They are pointed with glowing deep red or carmine-vermillion hue with an intense shade near the gorge, while the underside has a deeper orange hue. The wings have a profound carmine rose color and are slanting above the keel. The wings have a brilliant crimson scarlet color and are faintly creased at the fore. The blooms grow on long stems and each stalk supports around three flowers. The flowers are nicely perfumed and usually ideal for display.

Queen Mother ( Spencer )

Spencer's Queen Mother sweet pea variety bears typical large blooms that are oddly have brownish speckles on a white background. The buds are creamy hued, while the petals are creased and undulating. The petals are creased, whitish with salmon orange hue stripes, have delicate veins and grow straight. The wings are lighter than the petals with whitish edges and bottom. The keel are creamy hued. The flowers are comparatively smaller and some of them are available in duplex. The blooms are beautifully perfumed.

Queen of Hearts ( Spencer )

Blooms of Queen of Hearts sweet pea selection from Spencer blossoms early in the season and grow in abundance. The flowers are large, undulating and have cerise or vivid reddish pink hue. The buds are profound pink with a yellowish shade. The petals of 'Queen of Hearts' have a white background with a misty shade of pink and wire on the underside. The wings have a faintly less intense misty hue and prominent veins on the reverse. The flowers have a lighter hue than the 'Comet' blooms and the general effect of the 'Queen of Hearts' bloom is simply astonishing.

Queen of the Isles ( Grandiflora )

Blooms of the 'Queen of the Isles' selection of sweet pea are truly a peculiar assortment with attractive bi-colors. The petals have a white background with crimson or sometime magenta streaks much like the 'America' blooms with the only difference being that the 'Queen of the Isles' have somewhat covered petals. Flowers of this variety of sweet pea are rather unusual, but have no particular quality.

Queen of the Night ( Grandiflora )

Grandiflora's 'Queen of the Night' sweet pea selection bears flowers that are a mixture of different dark hues such as mauve blue, navy blue, dark crimson and bi-colors in maroon and lilac and salmon-pink. This sweet pea variety is an old fashioned and a blend of tall growing types. The blooms are exclusively perfumed.

Quito ( Original )

Blooms of the 'Quito' variety of sweet pea have maroon petals and mauve or pale purple wings. This is an old fashioned sweet pea variety much like the 'Matucana' and the 'Original' species that grow naturally. Plants of the 'Quito' sweet peas are fragile in appearance and bears flowers that are pea-shaped and heavily perfumed. Each stem of the plant supports one to four small blooms, which are perfect for use as cut flowers and in bouquets and grow in early spring.