Sweet Pea Varieties
Wedding Day ( Spencer ) Welcome ( Spencer ) White Ensign ( Spencer ) White Leamington ( Spencer ) White Supreme ( Spencer ) Willie's Red ( Spencer ) Wiltshire Ripple ( Spencer ) Windsor ( Spencer ) Wings ( Spencer ) Winner ( Spencer ) Winston Churchill ( Spencer ) Winter Elegance Series Winter-Flowering Series W.J. Unwin ( Spencer )

Sweet Pea Varieties

Wedding Day ( Spencer )

Blooms of the 'Wedding Day' sweet pea selection from Spencer are available in an attractive tousled white hue. When the flowers blossom initially the petals are whitish with a tidy green hue along the rims. Afterwards the petals are nicely tousled and have an inclination to crease backward. The petals have a white hue on both sides - the front and the underside. The wings are also white hued all over with a tendency to crease in the region of the whitish keel. The flowers are available in chaste white color, but when the plants are grown naturally they have petals that are not properly placed.

Welcome ( Spencer )

Blooms of the 'Welcome' variety of sweet pea from Spencer are found in abundance and have a profound red hue. The blooms are usually large growing on long stems that make them ideal for use as cut flowers. The flowers are also pleasantly perfumed.

White Ensign ( Spencer )

The 'White Ensign' variety from Spencer bears chaste white blooms. They appear to be snow-white and truly extraordinary.

White Leamington ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'White Leamington' sweet pea bears big, nicely laced, chaste white blooms that grow on long stalks. Plants of this variety of sweet pea grow to a height of six feet and grow robustly. The blooms of this variety of sweet pea are nicely perfumed and perfect for exhibitions.

White Supreme ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'White Supreme' selection of sweet pea are among the untainted white variety of blooms of any sweet pea. The flowers are ideally shaped and perfect for gardens, cutting as well as display at exhibitions. The plants as well as the flowers grow vigorously and each stem supports around four to five blooms. The flowers are found in abundance and are pleasantly perfumed.

Willie's Red ( Spencer )

Blooms of the 'Willie's Red' sweet pea variety from Spencer are available in a gorgeous scarlet hue.

Wiltshire Ripple ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'Wiltshire Ripple' sweet pea bears flowers with exclusive color blends. The flowers have gorgeous and intense chocolate-scarlet steaks on a white background. The petals are stylishly undulating and wings are covered. The blooms grow on long and sturdy stalks making them perfect for cutting, display in floral exhibitions and also garden adornment. The blooms are intensely perfumed.

Windsor ( Spencer )

Blooms of Spencer's 'Windsor' sweet pea variety are available in chocolate maroon hue and can withstand rough weather conditions. This sweet pea variety was first bred by Keith Brewer and introduce by Unwins in 1999.The flowers of 'Windsor' are far superior to old fashioned blooms like 'Midnight' and are faintly aromatic.

Wings ( Spencer )

Blooms of the 'Wings' sweet pea selection from Spencer are available in mauve or pale purple color and are perfect for beautification of gardens. The blooms of 'Wings' are very heavily perfumed.

Winner ( Spencer )

'Winner' sweet pea bears scarlet hued blooms that are seldom found to be aromatic.

Winston Churchill ( Spencer )

Spencer's 'Winston Churchill' bears attractive blooms in brilliant and clear crimson hue. The petals are nicely undulated and crimson in hue. This is a tall climbing variety of sweet pea. The blooms are faintly aromatic.

Winter Elegance Series

Blooms of the 'Winter Elegance Series' sweet pea variety last for just 10 hours till there is sunlight. Hence, these flowers are perfect for growing in places where the summer sun is scorching. The blooms are available in a range of shades - 'Pink Diana' (light pink on a white base), 'Deep Rose' (gorgeous pink that is close to being reddish), 'Lavender' (pale lavender), 'Rose' (brilliant pink), 'Salmon Cream Pink' (salmon pink with a creamy base), 'Scarlet' (bright red) and 'White' (chaste white). The petals of the flowers are beautifully undulating and have a soft and gentle fragrance. This variety of sweet pea blossoms during spring.

Winter-Flowering Series

Blooms of the 'Winter-Flowering Series' of sweet pea are available in a wide range of colors, including white, lavender, crimson, rose crimson, rose pink, salmon pink, scarlet and intense blue. Each stem of the plant supports four to five blooms that are pleasantly perfumed. This assortment of sweet pea is best for moderate winter conditions and blossom from December till the climatic conditions become warm.

W.J. Unwin ( Spencer )

Flowers of the 'W.J. Unwin' variety of sweet pea from Spencer are available in gorgeous scarlet rosy hue and are paler than the blooms of 'Brian Clough'. The petals have a light scarlet rosy color that is much improved when compared to 'Nancy Colledge' blooms. The petals have a lighter hue at the base, hemispheres and on the underside. The wings are robustly curled downwards along the side and the surface is plane. The wings also have a light scarlet rose hue as the petals and are whitish at the base. They have a soft and rosier hue on the underside.

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