Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are not fussy plants and quite easy to grow. It is not hard to grow sweet peas in the garden, however, careful preparation and attention will permit the best and fastest growth. It is relatively speaking, easy to grow sweet peas in a clump of brushwood or in a wigwam of bamboo canes and this common method is easy to do; however, not many gardeners will grow their sweet pea plants along border plantings or employ them to bring about inspiring and beautiful plant associations that are visually appealing in a garden.

The sweet pea seems to have been ignored in the recently renewed interest in hanging baskets and other plant containers, however, the sweet pea is an ideal plant for this form of plant display and the many traditional varieties of the plant as well as the new types can be easily grown in containers in the garden. The greater part of the gardening literature about the sweet pea has been written over the last decades primarily for plant exhibitors, however, sweet peas have a big fan following among ordinary hobbyist and gardeners and these dedicated devotees can be but a small minority among the majority of enthusiastic sweet pea growers. Many floral exhibitors and gardeners have pioneered new methods of growing sweet peas, these dedicated groups of people have researched the history of the plant well, understand the peculiarities of the plant and have accounted for the pest and diseases that can affect it. In addition, these growers have also been responsible for raising many new varieties of the sweet pea plant. Though they are a minority among gardeners, their contribution to the cultivation of the sweet pea growing is great.

At one time, the sweet pea was one of the most commonly grown flower variety in gardens, however, it may no longer enjoy this position among gardeners around the world. With the introduction of many new and spectacular varieties, gardeners can again look forward to cultivating this once popular plant. There are new dwarf varieties of the sweet pea for growing in hanging baskets, strongly scented new varieties reminiscent of the old fashioned gardens have also been introduced, in addition, there has also been a renewed interest in growing tall varieties without tendrils. Therefore, it can be said that the sweet pea has returned as a favored variety in many gardens, and it has definitely regained its popularity.


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