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Most commonly, homeopathic remedies are sold in the form of pills and liquids, but the Boiron Company also markets sucrose pellets in small blue ampoules (vials). When the container's base is turned, small hard beads of the medicine go down in the transparent plastic cap, preventing the contamination of the remedies by coming in contact with your hand or any other surface. Pound the medicine beads using the back side of a spoon or keeping them in a clean envelope and subsequently slide the powdered remedy on the tongue of your dog. Alternatively, you may also add the powdered remedy to a little amount of cow's milk or spring water and administer the solution using a plastic syringe. In fact, you should handle the remedies as minimum as possible, as it will prevent them from being contaminated. Never give the remedies to your dogs on an empty stomach, but administer them between the meals.

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By and large, you should only try one remedy at one time. In case the remedy does not yield the desired results after a reasonable period of using it, stop using it and try a new homeopathic remedy. Please note that while dealing with a first aid, the reasonable period should be between five minutes and an hour. However, if the remedy is being used to treat a chronic condition, the homeopathic physician should observe the effects of the remedy for about a week before he assesses the results. When you find a remedy yielding the desired results, stop using it and continue with the original dose so that it may perform its task without any hindrance. As the body has the aptitude to heal itself, the remedy is simply a catalyst in the process.

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Whenever you are not certain about the use of any specific remedy, it is advisable that you give its lesser dose, instead of the normal dose or a higher dose. When you give a very elevated dose, it may actually work to worsen the condition of the dog that you are endeavoring to cure. On the other hand, when the dosage is very low, it is possible for you to increase it or make it further dilute as might be necessary.

While there are nearly 1,000 homeopathic remedies, only a few of them are used more frequently. If your dog is suffering from any common condition you may yourself administer the appropriate homeopathic remedy to the animal. However, when the animal is suffering from a chronic condition, it is essential to consult a professional homeopath.

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As in the instance of all other forms of complete healing, never use homeopathy instead of consulting an experienced veterinarian. At the same time, always bear in mind that the brief descriptions given for every homeopathic remedy actually contradicts the painful attention to specifications that is essential in homeopathy. In order to select the most appropriate homeopathic remedy for your pet dog, you need to examine its individual traits/ temperament as well as the condition of its health.

Some essential everyday homeopathic remedies are listed below. You may use any of them depending on the condition of your dog. However, you should only use them for common conditions, for instance, a wasp sting or diarrhea. Consider these remedies as the primary medications that you need to have in your homeopathic kit. For more serious or chronic conditions, it is essential that you consult a qualified and competent homeopath.

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Aconitum Napellus (Made from aconite or monkshood)
This homeopathic remedy is used to treat conditions that occur all of a sudden, without any forewarning, for instance, fever and shock. In addition, Aconite Napellus is also effective for treating emotional ordeals like irrepressible fright or panic. You should give this medicine to your dog trying to control the condition. However, it is likely that later you will need to change this medication and opt for another remedy to cure your pet.
Apis Mellifica (Made from honeybee venom)
Most often, this homeopathic remedy is employed to treat allergies, hives as well as swellings owing to insect bites. However, if the insect bite is not due to bees, it is preferable to use the homeopathic remedy Ledum. In addition, you may also use Apis mel. to treat other conditions that are accompanied by fluid retention and inflammation, for instance, hygroma (swelling of tissues) on the joints.
Arnica Montana (Made from leopard's bane)
Arnica is considered to be among the most helpful homeopathic remedies that are used for first aid and is mainly employed for treating conditions called closed-tissue wounds, for instance, tenderness and sprains. This remedy possesses the aptitude to augment blood and lymph circulation in the areas affected and eliminate toxins and liquids. While arnica, which comes from the sunflower plant family, may be used as an herbal medication, it may result in internal haemorrhages when given in excess doses. This is the main reason why the homeopathic version of arnica is used more frequently - it contains very small quantity of arnica and, hence, is safe for use. In its herbal form, arnica is sold as a cream, which is applied externally to the injuries and fractures to facilitate the healing process.
Belladonna (Made from deadly nightshade)
The homeopathic remedy Belladonna is primarily used to deal with fevers, infections of the ears as well as other health conditions that raise the body temperature. Optionally, Belladonna may also be used to treat heat and sun stroke, in addition to mastitis (breast inflammation) in bitches. In addition, this remedy is also employed to bring abrupt, aggressive conducts under control.
Bryonia Alba (Prepared from wild hop)
This homeopathic remedy is recommended for treating pain, which deteriorates when there is any movement, but improves when the animal is resting. Bryonia alba is also employed for treating coughs in dogs, especially when any movement by the animal causes hacking.
Calendula Officinalis (Prepared from marigold)
Calendula is available in cream form as well as any other homeopathic remedy. While the cream is applied topically, the homeopathic form is taken internally. Calendula officinalis is effective in promoting healing of cuts and injuries.
Carbo Vegetabilis (Prepared from vegetable charcoal)
This homeopathic remedy is effective for treating weariness and also possesses the aptitude to revitalize any unconscious animal. It is an ideal medication for animals that are plump and inactive. Carbo vegetabilis is an excellent homeopathic remedy for treating indigestion, accompanied by plenty of gas. Occasionally, this medication is recommended for treating bloating, but should essentially be used under the supervision of a veterinary physician.
Chamomilla (Prepared from chamomile)
A calming homeopathic remedy, Chamomilla aids in easing pain, particularly when it occurs in the mouth. You may consider giving this medication to teething puppies.
Cocculus (Prepared from Indian cockle)
The homeopathic remedy Cocculus is an excellent medication for dogs that travel a lot and are inclined to develop motion sickness. In addition, this remedy also aids in treating fatigue and insomnia.
Colocynthis (Prepared from bitter apple)
The sudden onset of bloating is perhaps the most terrifying to dogs. When this occurs, it causes distension of their stomach and occasionally resulting in twisting leading to a critical condition. In such cases, it is essential to get veterinary assistance. While the physician is on his way, you may try using Colocynthis to your dog. You may also give your canine pet a dose of the homeopathic remedy Nux moschata as a substitute.
Drosera (Prepared using round-leafed sundew)
Usually, this is an alternative homeopathic remedy that is given to treat kennel coughs, especially which are intermittent and marked by fierce hacking, similar to something having got stuck in the animal's throat.
Euphrasia (Made from eyebright)
The homeopathic remedy Euphrasia is prepared from a herb called eyebright, denoting the use of the plant over the centuries in the form of an eye tonic. Euphrasia is effective for treating eye irritations that are accompanied by a burning sensation and stinging tears. It may possibly also be used to treat conjunctivitis.
Gelsemium (Prepared using yellow jasmine)
This homeopathic remedy is recommended for treating paralysis, particularly when the condition is cause due to fear. In addition, Gelsemium, which is prepared from the herb yellow jasmine, is also useful for a condition called performance anxiety, wherein strain and anxiety make a canine athlete sluggish.
Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum (Prepared with burned oyster shells and sulphur)
This homeopathic remedy is prepared using sulphur and burned oyster shells and works to drive out initial stage of infections that may have been caused by an abscess or bite injuries. You may also consider using this remedy for treating infectious anal glands, eruptions on the skin and wounds filled with pus that are not so large they would necessitate stitches.
Hypericum Perforatum (Prepared with St. John's wort)
This particular homeopathic remedy deals with damage to the nerves as well as associated shooting and spreading pains. It is recommended for treating aching injuries that affect your dog's paws and tails, particularly injuries caused by puncture or crushing wounds.
Ledum Palustre (Prepared using marsh tea, wild rosemary)
Traditionally, the homeopathic remedy Ledum is given to treat punctures as well as wounds caused by bites, especially those that are not accompanied by bleeding. This remedy may also be useful for treating inflamed joints and abscesses.
Mercurius Solubilis (Prepared using mercury, quicksilver)
This homeopathic remedy is effective for treating conditions that are accompanied with pungent discharges, for instance, infectious anal glands. In addition, Merc. sol. may also prove to be useful for treating gingivitis and bouts of fluid-like diarrhea containing mucus.
Nux Vomica (Prepared with poison nut)
Often, Nux Vomica is required to treat anxious and edgy patients, who become so agitated that their actions lead to a stomach ache. You may try using this remedy on dogs that are experiencing constipation, indigestion, vomiting and gastric disorder owing to excessive eating or nervousness.
Pulsatilla (Prepared from windflower)
This homeopathic remedy is prepared from the herb windflower and is beneficial for dogs that are insecure and susceptible, particularly those that have an inclination to suffer from anxiety regarding a possible separation. Usually, this remedy is used to treat false pregnancy.
Rhus Toxicodendron (Prepared from poison ivy)
This homeopathic remedy cures exactly the conditions that it causes when taken in excessive dosage, for instance hives and rashes, particularly the ones that occur when one is exposed to any irritant like poison ivy.
Silicea (Prepared from silica, pure flint)
The remedy Silicea is prepared from unadulterated flint and it aids in rejuvenating the dead tissues as well as knit bones plus tendons. Silcea also helps to cleanse the body to get rid of all congestions, accumulated mucus and infections. It is also useful for healing scarred tissues.
This homeopathic remedy is frequently employed for treating skin disorders. In addition, you may consider using Sulphur for dealing with allergies that are marked with itchiness and irritated skin. Sulphur is also given to patients suffering from coughs, diarrhea, flatulence and ear infections.
Thuja Occidentalis (Prepared from Arbor vitae)
This homeopathic remedy possesses anti-bacterial attributes and is occasionally used to combat as well as neutralize the adverse consequences of over-vaccination.
Urtica Urens (Prepared using stinging nettle)
The herb stinging nettle is used to prepare this homeopathic remedy and it helps to heal the same conditions that the herb cures. You may consider using Urtica Urens for treating any severe condition that is accompanied by a scalding pain and burning appearance, for instance, burn injuries and hives.


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