Techniques Of Acupressure

Learning the proper techniques of acupressure is important for applying this self-health therapy. It is important to bear in mind that there is a specific technique to locate every acupoint and apply acupressure. Generally, the thumb or fingertip is made use of to find an acupoint as well as apply pressure on it. Occasionally, even the edge of the nail is utilized and, hence, care should be taken to ensure that it is clean as well as smooth. Initially, gentle pressure is applied and it is enhanced gradually to the point where the person receives gentle sensation, but does not feel any pain. However, while applying acupressure to people who are healthy or those having a strong constitution, the practitioner should apply relatively firm and direct pressure for them to experience the sensation. On the other hand, while applying acupressure to elderly people or those who are feeble and sensitive individuals care should be taken to apply very gentle stimulation, as their condition cannot endure firm and direct pressure.

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Once the acupoint has been located, acupressure may be applied in a continual manner or sporadically - the pressure ought to be applied intermittently by freeing, unwinding and replicating the action a number of times. Further stimulus may also be provided by application of mild, little massage rotary motions to the point. It is advisable not to force the stress or strain the muscles, since this will result in throbbing and nervousness in the shoulders, hands and wrists. It is also important to make sure that your body is in a relaxed and unwind position. Subsequently, locate the acupoint using your fingertips, edge of the nails or thumb and gradually and mildly apply pressure on the point together with tranquil breathing. Once you have completed applying pressure on the point, free the acupoint, exhale and unwind the body.

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There are a number of people who complain of a dreary tenderness or a minor 'electrical' feeling, which generally hits the highest point and subsequently subsides. In case you experience such a sensation following acupressure, it is advisable to stop applying acupressure when the feeling fades away, since this is an indication that a harmonizing has already taken place within the body. In addition, it is also advisable to stop or alleviate the pressure if the pressure turns out to be painful at any point of time while receiving acupressure. Alternately, keep on applying the acupressure for around 30 seconds to two minutes, or whatever duration may make you feel relaxed.

Acupressure to stabilize the body

There are several dissimilar methods of applying acupressure to balance the body. Initially unhurried and mild pressure ought to be applied and then gradually build up the pressure over one or two minutes while taking deep breaths, stressing while inhaling, provided the recipient experiences small sensation as well as a response of 'bareness' at any acupoint. On the contrary, if the feeling at an acupoint is powerful and tender, you may apply more forceful and gentle, but firm acupressure for a brief duration - approximately 30 seconds to one minute. While applying acupressure the concentration should be greater on exhaling compared to inhaling.

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It is important to bear in mind that it is essential to locate as well as apply pressure to the acupoints on both sides of the body, baring the points found on the Governor Vessel and Conception meridians, on the spine or mid-line as well as on certain other points. Applying pressure on acupoints on both sides of the body is imperative as the points, except on the spine, always occur in pairs. While applying acupressure, observe the dissimilarity in feeling while massaging each side of the body as well as the alternating side on which you begin applying acupressure.

Amount of feeling at acupoint

Different acupoints along the various meridians within the body may have different sensations. Generally, a powerful sensation is an indication of too much or overactive functioning, while when there is very little or no sensation in an acupoint, it denotes deficiency as well as debility. When the conditions or the sensations are in excess, it generally engrosses pain, inflammation, swelling or any severe symptom. When an individual suffers from deficiency, he/ she may experience symptoms, such as debility, exhaustion, and aches as well as prolonged or chronic symptoms. There are a number of factors that may result in both excess as well as deficient symptoms. The main causes may include poor eating habits, mental strain, flawed posture, mental disquiet or even an imperfect way of life, such as excessive work and absence of sleep and exercise. It is important to note that applying acupressure may also facilitate in reinstating the balance between Yang and Yin by means of controlling the flow of essential energy within the body as well as by augmenting the functioning of the internal organs.

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When the impression is disparate on any side of the body for a particular pair of mutual acupoints, it is advisable to apply acupressure first to the side of the body where the sensation is comparatively more at ease as well as less painful. When the equilibrium is reinstated, the feeling at the two bilateral acupoints will progressively be more comparable. In addition, sensitivity at different acupoints also differs somewhat in keeping with other issues, for instance weather conditions and even menstrual cycle. In fact, you may learn a lot regarding the state of affairs of your health if you remain observant and notice the manner in which these sensations vary.

Amount of pressure

The amount of pressure that is applied to an individual while giving acupressure is important and it differs from on person to another depending on a number of factors. For instance, while applying acupressure to babies and aged people, it is essential to use gentle or mild pressure. Similarly, mild pressure should also be applied to individuals who are feeble, exhausted and sensitive. It is also necessary to use light pressure while giving acupressure to pregnant women and individuals enduring high blood pressure (hypertension). Apart from the instances mentioned above, it is appropriate to apply firm pressure on most other people. It is important to note that while you are applying firm pressure, you should never use force with the muscles, but apply it by bending over with the body weight. Moreover, it may be noted that the fleshy body parts are able to absorb more pressure compared to the face and bony areas.

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The course of applying acupressure

Like the amount of pressure applied is vital, the direction in which acupressure is applied is also extremely imperative. Usually, it is recommended that the practitioners work in the same direction in which as the flow of the acupuncture meridian on which the point is to be found, since this facilitates the improvement of the essential energy flow inside the meridian as well as augment the functioning of the internal organs related to the acupoint. At times, the pressure is applied vertically or even in the reverse course of the flow with the intention of having a sedative as well as comforting effect. Nevertheless, in case of any uncertainty, it is advisable to apply the pressure in the direction of the flow, since conventional conjecture asserts that this actually improves the normal homoeostatic (sustenance of metabolic equilibrium inside a person by a propensity to balance for disturbing changes) functioning of the body as well as supports well-being in whatsoever manner the body may need.

Stress-free breathing during acupressure

While applying acupressure, it is vital to remain in a stress-free and relaxed position as well as to sustain stress-free and complete breathing all through. Normally, acupressure is given while the recipient is exhaling, since this facilitates to tone up as well as trigger the acupoint. However, you are likely to obtain superior results provided acupressure is applied on inhalation in case the recipient is suffering from acute pain, distension of any body part or inflammation. This is particularly owing to the fact that doing so assists in bringing in a sedative point and has the aptitude to result in lessening of the symptoms.

Acupressure along with visualization

An apparent and optimistic visualization may help to make acupressure all the more effectual. When you are aware of the location of the meridian conduits, you may envisage essential energy passing the length of these channels when you kindle an acupoint. At the same time, you will also visualize that the organ you are relating to as being hale and hearty and functioning fine. In case you are applying acupressure to cure or alleviate a specific illness, try to picture the condition as getting better and healed. For instance, if you are stimulating or making use of the acupoints to augment the functioning of the respiratory system, try to envisage that the lungs are strong and in fine health and each and every one of the respiratory functions are doing fine while you are employing acupressure. On the other hand, if you are applying acupressure to cure a common ailment like cold or cough, you ought to evidently visualize that the normal functioning of the nasal passages as well as the lungs are being reinstated and the condition is getting cleared up. When you take profound and full breathing while visualizing, it not only improves focus and intelligibility of your thoughts, but, at the same time, appears to enhance the effectuality of acupressure.

Determining on acupoints

In order to deciding on the acupoints, it is always advisable to employ your personal sensitivity as well as awareness. This will enable you to determine the specific points which are of utmost efficacy and focus on them. There are a number of people who get improved results using more acupoints, while there are others who obtain better results making use of lesser points. Hence, in such cases, the practitioner is the best person to judge the precise acupoints where he/ she should apply acupressure. It is advisable that you should always apply acupressure to the acupoints in the sequence provided that related to the order of acupoints in a specified meridian, the conventional sequence of flow between meridians or in the order consistent with the body part where the point is found as well as its consequences. Normally, the application of acupressure is done from the top of the body to the base as well as from the front of the body to the back, since this causes a comforting as well as harmonizing impact within the body.



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