Enzyme Therapy

Treatment with enzymes, known as enzyme therapy, entails administering appropriate enzymes into the body with a view to heal ailments, certain insufficiencies as well as other medical conditions. In fact, enzymes are macromolecules (very large molecules, such as colloidal particles or a protein comprising hundreds or thousands of atoms) that accelerates the natural developments in our body and act to absorb ingested foods, purify the blood, disintegrate toxic materials, fortify the immune system, lower pressure in the pancreas as well as make protein muscle. Simply speaking, enzymes make a lot of things happen or bring about several developments in our body.

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Also called, systemic enzyme therapy, enzyme therapy is usually made use of to cure a wide range of medical conditions. In other words, enzyme therapy denotes the course of action involving the flow of enzymes all through the body bringing about helpful as well as remedial transformations. Generally, alternative health practitioners (people who use acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology, herbal therapy, massage therapy or biofeedback to cure ailments) employ enzyme therapy, but even mainstream or allopath physicians make use of it by means of asparaginase (an enzyme that hydrolyzes asparagine to aspartic acid and ammonia), especially in chemotherapy. For instance, enzyme therapy may be utilized to heal pancreatic deficiency, cystic fibrosis (a hereditary chronic disease of the exocrine glands) as well as in the treatment of specific types of cancers. The enzymes may be administered topically, orally by means of tablets or capsules and also intravenously.

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Basically, two types of enzymes are used in this mode of therapy - plant enzymes and pancreatic enzymes. While the plant enzymes in enzyme therapy are obtained from foods, such as papaya and pineapples, pancreatic enzymes are derived from animal sources. Plant enzymes generally help the digestive system to function effectively, while pancreatic enzymes used in enzyme therapy endorse vigorous immune and digestive systems. In addition to the enzymes that promote the digestive system, there are another variety of enzymes known as metabolic enzymes that help to develop new cells as well as refurbish the damaged cells all through our body.

A different form of healing or treatment, known as the enzyme replacement therapy, is employed to complement certain deficiencies endured by some people. The primary objective of this type of healing makes sure that the body possesses sufficient enzymes that would be helpful for the body to carry out its normal functions. Enzyme replacement therapy is generally given through injections administered intravenously.

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It is interesting to note that a debate is raging among the medical professionals regarding the dependability of this mode of treatment. In fact, so far there is very little or no proof substantiating the success of complementing the body with additional enzymes taken orally, intravenously or administered topically. Despite the fact that numerous researches and experiments have been undertaken by scientists to validate the usefulness of enzyme therapy, it is unfortunate to note that not a single study or test has been impartial enough to be regarded as by and large dependable by the medical professionals and pharmacists.

Advocators of the enzyme therapy assert that the use of this mode of medication or administering enzyme enhancements has produced a number of encouraging end results. People who have claimed advantages of using enzyme therapy or administering enzyme enhancements assert that it has successfully alleviated conditions, such as ulcers and allergies, helped to lose weight, fortified the immune system as well as augmented the circulation system.

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A number of practitioners of alternative medicine are optimist regarding the future of enzyme therapy that has reportedly proved to be successful in prolonging the survivability of patients enduring cancer of the pancreas. It is believed that the pancreatic enzymes used in enzyme therapy may possess superior virtues that may be helpful in combating cancer and perform in the same manner as chemotherapy in restricting the tumor cells from dividing as well as extending to new areas of the body. In addition to being administered with enzymes in a number of ways, this therapy also entails taking a diet that is modestly processed, ingest a lot of mineral as well as vitamin enhancements and get the body rid of poisonous substances with coffee enemas (fluid injections) or eliminate all waste substances from the liver.

It may be noted here that the enzymes are responsible for all the chemical reactions taking place in our body, as they encourage these reactions. In all, the human body produces around 22 different digestive enzymes that have an aptitude for absorbing protein, sugars, carbohydrates and fats. As a specific protein molecule, the role of the enzyme is to activate chemical reactions inside the cells in order to enable physiological developments to take place. In fact, the digestive process starts in our mouth, proceeds to the stomach and finishes off in the small intestines. Specific enzymes split up or disintegrate different kinds of ingested foods during each phase of the digestive process. The entire digestive process is balanced by means of acidity and each of the organs or body parts involved in this procedure possess a precise level of acidity that enables specific enzymes to perform while slowing down the others. In fact, each particular enzyme has the ability to attach to only a solitary specific substrate or the substance acted upon by an enzyme - this process is best portrayed as the lock-and-key representation of enzyme function, or a cluster of substrates that are connected chemically. When any food enters the upper part of our small intestine from the stomach, the pancreas supplies pancreatic enzymes to disintegrate the food even more. In fact, the pancreas is an organ in the digestive tract that provides enzymes to the alimentary canal.

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In every sense, the action of the enzymes is genuinely complete or comprehensive. In fact, majority of the enzymes function jointly as co-enzymes or as co-factors when acting on substrates like vitamins, minerals and even trace minerals for the most favorable competence of our body. Actually, there are three fundamental types of enzymes - digestive enzymes, metabolic enzymes and enzymes present in uncooked or raw foods. While the metabolic enzymes are responsible for the functioning of the different processes in our body, repair the harms and decomposition as well as curing ailments, digestive enzymes absorb proteins, carbohydrates, fats into our body. On the other hand, the enzymes present in raw foods are responsible for commencing the digestive process and also help the digestive enzymes in our body by relieving some of their workload. Altogether, there are more than 1,000 alkaline, acid and neutral enzymes in our body that are very specific in carrying out their respective occupations.

In plant enzyme therapy, there are basically four types or groups of plant enzymes, and they are as follows:

  • Amylase - digests carbohydrates
  • Protease - digests protein
  • Cellulase - digests fiber
  • Lipase - digests fat

As the human body is unable to produce cellulase, plants are the only source of the substance for people. In fact, cellulase is present in the firm cell walls of the plants and they are required to absorb cellulose whenever necessary. It was Dr. Howell who first suggested in 1920s that the function of the plant enzymes in the stomach is to pre-digest the foods ingested. Actually, the pre-digestion of food takes place in the stomach during the provisional phase, prior to the buildup of hydrochloric acid (HCL) in the stomach to initiate the subsequent phase of digestion or assimilation of nutrients present in the ingested foods. There are people who have difficulty in digesting raw or uncooked food as they suffer from a cellulose deficiency. Hence, it is important to note that cooking vegetables and other foods may obliterate a number of important plant enzymes. In fact, compared to vitamins, the plant enzymes are more susceptible to heat and, hence, they are the first to be wiped out during the cooking process. While plant enzymes are destroyed when heated above 118°F, they are either neutralized or wiped out when they are canned, warmed in microwave ovens and pasteurized. Although it is advisable to consume raw foods, eating completely or 100 per cent raw foods is not required. Since long, the US Food and Drug Administration has endorsed the use of plant enzymes, but only in the form of dietary enhancements.

Consumption of diets comprising mostly of cooked foods may result in adverse conditions, such as different types of irritations and tenderness, toxic colon, pancreatic hypertrophy or enlargement of the pancreas as well as numerous allergies. And, in turn, inflammations may result in conditions like sinusitis (inflammation of sinuses), rhinitis (inflammation of the nose), cystitis (inflammation of the urinary bladder) and even arthritis. These conditions may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as redness, fever, swelling and soreness or aches. Pancreatic hypertrophy or swelling of the pancreas occurs when an individual's diet has a deficiency of enzymes and, hence, this puts an additional workload on the pancreas vis-à-vis enzyme production. In such situations, the pancreas grows larger and larger with a view to produce more and more enzymes to fulfill the requirements of the digestive process.

When the food is not digested or absorbed into the body, it may stay put in the intestine and not eliminated as from the body as waste in the form of feces. In such situations, the undigested food molecules are transformed into contaminants that enter the liver by means of the bloodstream for detoxification. And, in case the liver is already overburdened, it would not be able to detoxify the blood leading to the contamination of the colon. In fact, if an individual continues consuming meals that mostly comprise cooked foods, it may result in digestive leukocytosis, an ailment characterized by a swell in white blood cell count. When there is an increase in the white blood cell count, it signifies that the immune system has been activated. And when such situations occur, they come along with contagions and exterminations and can happen any time - after breakfast, lunch or dinner. In fact, such reactions create additional stress on our immune system. In fact, it was Rudolph Virchow, regarded as the father of cellular pathology, who first put forward the hypothesis in 1897 that our immune system is invigorated whenever a person eats.

It may be noted that the pancreatic enzymes only operate in the small intestine and in the blood. Pancreatic enzymes never assimilate food in the stomach or in any way help in the pre-digestion process, which is an important phase in the entire digestive procedure. In fact, protein molecules are to some extent assimilated in the small intestine are capable enough to be soaked up by the bloodstream. When they are absorbed by the bloodstream, these partially digested protein molecules are considered as intruders and are in the form of circulating immune complexes (CICs). When a person is healthy the CICs are counteracted in the lymphatic system (the network of small vessels and tissue spaces that move lymph throughout the body). However, when a person is ailing, the CICs build up in the bloodstream at a place where they are able to set off allergic reactions. As the kidneys are not able to expel sufficient amount of wastes, the CICs usually start building up in the soft tissues resulting in inflammations. However, it is fortunate enough that this problem can be rectified by means of the pancreatic enzyme therapy. This is mainly owing to the fact that the pancreatic enzymes have the ability to split up the CICs.

Laryngitis (Inflammation of the larynx)

It is possible to alleviate the inflammation, pain as well as swelling of the larynx using complete enzyme therapy. In addition, systemic enzyme therapy also helps in invigorating the immune system as well as perking up the blood circulation throughout the body. The other functions of enzymes include accelerating the repair of damaged tissues, providing nourishments to the damaged region, carry away the waste products, augment the heath and also fortify the body all together. In addition, enzymes also help to make up the general resistance against alien bodies, especially pathogens.

Alternative medicine practitioners commonly use digestive enzyme therapy to perk up the absorption of ingested food into the body, lower the workload on the gastrointestinal mucosa (the mucosa is the innermost layer of the gastrointestinal tract that is surrounding the lumen), detoxify the body, facilitate in sustaining the usual pH levels as well as endorse the development of healthy intestinal flora. By these means, digestive enzyme therapy helps in keeping the body in good health in order to enable it to fight laryngitis or inflammation of the larynx. In addition, the digestive enzymes also operate as substitutes for the pancreatic enzymes produced by the body. This not only takes away a lot of workload from the pancreas, but also enables the pancreatic enzymes to undertake other functions in the body, for instance, improving the immunity system and, at the same time, reducing inflammation.

It may be mentioned here that the actions of different enzymes are maximized by the Enzyme Absorption System Enhancers (EASE). In addition, EASE is also able to enhance the soaking up and bio-availability of different nutrients and, at the same time, reduce the exhaustion of the body's own digestive enzymes. By this means, the Enzyme Absorption System Enhancers lengthen the life of the digestive and pancreatic enzymes produced by the body.

Leaky gut syndrome (Altered or damaged bowel lining)

Alternate medicine practitioners also use systemic enzyme therapy that affects the entire system to perk up the immune system, alleviate inflammation, boost the circulation system, facilitate the repair of damages tissues, carry nutrients all through the body, eliminate the waste products from the body as well as augment the physical condition. These physicians make use of the digestive enzyme therapy to enhance the absorption of food into the body, lower burden on the gastrointestinal mucosa (such stress or burden usually makes the alimentary canal feeble), to assist in preserving the standard pH levels, endorse the development of vigorous intestinal flora, get the body rid of toxic materials and also advance overall wellness. Using dietary supplements with enzymes may aid in enhancing the digestive performance as well as rectify or lower the consequences of leaky gut syndrome, a condition where the bowel lining is altered or damaged. In addition, the digestive enzymes produced by our body also perform as substitutes for the pancreatic enzymes produced by the pancreas. This action of the digestive enzymes alleviates the workload of the pancreas which is now able to produce lesser amounts of enzymes to take care of the other functions in the body. As a result of this, the pancreatic enzymes are free from their responsibility to digest the food in the small intestines, and look after other functions, such as enhancing the blood circulation and perking up the immune system.

As in the case of laryngitis, the actions of the enzymes are maximized by Enzyme Absorption System Enhancers (EASE) which are able to enhance the soaking up and bio-availability of different nutrients into the body. At the same time, it also reduces the exhaustion on the digestive enzymes produced by the body, thereby, extending their life span.

Lymphedema (Swelling in subcutaneous tissues)

Oncology (study of malignant tumors) experts in Europe are of the view that it is possible to lower the rate of occurrence of acquired lymphedema by means of anti-inflammatory systemic enzyme therapy. Lymphedemas occurred in just 4.5 per cent of breast cancer patients taking enzymes after surgery, while as many as 26 per cent of the breast cancer patients who did not take enzyme therapy developed lymphedema - a condition marked by swelling in subcutaneous tissues.

Enzyme therapy that affects the entire system is also made use of to lower inflammation, invigorate the immune system, boost circulation, facilitate the rate of repairing damaged tissues, transporting nutrients to the damaged tissue areas, eliminate waste products from the body, perk up the overall wellness, fortify the body all together and also put together general resistance.

Alternate medicine practitioners also use digestive enzyme therapy to augment the absorption of food into the body, lower the burden on the gastrointestinal mucosa, assist in sustaining the usual pH levels of the body, get rid of toxic substances from the body as well as endorse the development of healthy intestinal flora. These actions of the digestive enzymes help to make the body healthier in order to enable it to fight the consequences of lymphedema. In addition, digestive enzymes also function as substitutes for the pancreatic enzymes produced by the pancreas, enabling the pancreatic enzymes to perform other functions in the body, such as improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

Macular degeneration (Damage of the central portion of the retina)

Soon after the diagnosis of macular degeneration or damage of the central portion of the retina, it is essential to administer enzyme supplements to the patient with a view to enhance enzymatic actions. The enhanced enzymatic activities should be initiated at the earliest and before any further wearing away of blood vessel lining and development of additional problems. In case there are any deposits in the walls of the blood vessels and the condition aggravates, the vessels will start deteriorating and even enzyme therapy can break up the degenerative deposits only to a certain extent. Irrespective of the health conditions of the patient concerned, an enhancement in blood supply will possibly lead to a little lessening in the symptoms when enzymes are administered orally.

In the case of macular degeneration, oral enzyme therapy is of great significance, as the enzymes and enzyme blends help in slowing down inflammation without holding back the functioning of the immune system. At the same time, using oral enzyme therapy also helps in disintegrating fibrin and by invigorating the fibrinolytic actions of the body, it is able to encourage the disintegrate thrombi or blood clots and slow down the process of forming new thrombi or clots. Oral enzyme therapy also helps to disintegrate the fibrin and lipids that form a coating on the walls of the blood vessels constricting the opening of the blood vessels. By breaking up the lining of the lipids and fibrin on the blood vessels, oral enzyme therapy helps to augment the blood circulation and, thereby, ensure sufficient supply of nutrients to the tissues.

Using systemic enzyme therapy or treatment with enzymes that affect the entire system also helps to inhibit the macular degeneration, augment blood circulation to the eye by means of disintegrating the cholesterol and fibrin accumulations, thereby enhancing the visual acuity or sharpness of vision. In addition, the enzymes kindle the immune system, perks up the rate of repairing damaged tissues, transport nutrients to the damaged tissues, eliminate waste products from the body, augment wellness on the whole as well as fortify the resistance mechanism of the body.

It may be noted here that alternative medicine practitioners commonly use digestive enzyme therapy to enhance the digestive and absorption of food nutrients into the body, lower the burden on the gastrointestinal mucosa, assist in sustaining the standard pH levels, get the body rid of toxic substances as well as endorse the development of healthy intestinal flora. The combined actions of digestive enzyme therapy help in enhancing the health of an individual on the whole. In addition, the digestive enzymes produced by the body function as substitutes for the pancreatic enzymes produced in the pancreas, making the pancreatic enzymes free to take care of the other functions in the body, such as boosting the blood circulation and perking up the immune system.

In some tissues of the eye there is a high concentration of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase and zinc. In fact, it has been seen that at times the concentration of zinc in the eyes is over double the amount present in other tissues of the body. When this exceptionally high concentration of zinc in specific tissues in the eyes drops unusually, it may result in conditions like macular degeneration. Advocators of enzyme therapy have asserted that when people enduring macular degeneration are treated with zinc, they experience enhanced or superior vision, as zinc helps to break up as well as lessen the deposit of the degenerated visual pigments. According to scientists, this is possible because of the fact that zinc is a co-factor in as many as 1000 dissimilar enzymes produced by our body. In addition, the amalgamation of antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase and zinc is considered to be indispensable for preserving visual acuity or sharpness of vision.


It is important to note that natural therapies, such as enzyme therapy, herbal medication, acupressure etc., are very useful in restoring the immune system and, at the same time lessen inflammation and pain. Thus, alternative medicine practitioners often make use of systemic enzyme therapy affecting the entire system to lessen inflammation, kindle the immune system, disintegrate the circulating antigen-antibody compounds, boost the blood circulation system, facilitate the repair of damaged tissues, transport nutrients to the harmed tissues, eliminate the waste products from the body as well as augment the overall health of any individual. Owing to the fact that enzyme therapy fortifies the immune system, it is effective in treating lupus (a chronic inflammatory disease).

Usually, alternative medicine practitioners use digestive enzyme therapy to augment the disintegration as well as absorption of food nutrients, lessen the burden on the gastrointestinal mucosa, facilitate sustenance of the standard pH level, and also endorse the development of vigorous intestinal flora. In addition, digestive enzymes also work as substitutes of the pancreatic enzymes reducing the burden of the pancreas and enabling the pancreatic enzymes to perform other functions in the body, such as perking up the immune system as well as lessening inflammation.

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