Ammon. carb.

Ammonium carbonicum

The homeopathic remedy Ammon. carb. is prepared chemically using ammonium carbonate and it is used to treat a number of health problems, especially those related to lack of oxygenation to the tissues, for instance, mild heart failure and respiratory disorders.

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There was a time when the chemical compound ammonium carbonate was used in the form of smelling salts to bring people who had fainted back to consciousness. In addition, this substance was also used to treat blood poisoning due to scarlet fever (an acute infectious disease marked by fever). Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of the alternative stream of medicine homeopathy, had found that following potentizing, ammonium carbonate to possess a greater assortment of actions.

In fact, ammonium carbonate is familiar to most of us and it is reasonably recognized for the therapeutic benefits the substance offers to us. Over the years, the chemical compound ammonium carbonate has been the base for preparing smelling salts and has been used by people practicing mainstream medicine. Several centuries ago, ammonium carbonate has proved to be a very useful homeopathic remedy by one of the founders of this alternative stream of medicine.

In homeopathy, ammon. carb. is a well recognized remedy and used to treat several dissimilar purposes. In effect, this medication is effective in curing a number of health conditions. To prepare this homeopathic remedy, ammonium carbonate, which is available in crystal form, is distilled in purified water. The solution is diluted repetitively and succussed to bring it to the desired level of potency. The resultant product is the homeopathic remedy ammon. carb., which possesses wonderful therapeutic properties.

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People who respond well to the homeopathic remedy ammon. carb. are those who often change from an impulsive state to an unrealistic condition and experience a confused feeling and are to some extent bemused. In effect, very frequently they underestimate their individual capabilities and this gives rise to a feeling of discontent or they tend become indignant. Owing to their changing or swinging moods people belonging to the Ammon. carb. type usually suffer from a misconception that they would never be successful in life. In addition, they are likely to have a feeling as if they are seeking value and further significance of their lives all the time.

Parts used

The chemical compound ammonium carbonate forms the base for preparing the homeopathic remedy ammon. carb., which is used to treat a number of dissimilar health conditions.


The homeopathic remedy ammon. carb. is especially given to patients suffering from lack of oxygenation to the tissues, for instance, in mild heart failure and respiratory problems. In addition, this medication is also prescribed for people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome as well as skin disorders. A brief discussion regarding the efficacy of this homeopathic remedy in each of these health conditions is presented below.

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Poor blood circulation
While poor blood circulation may manifest in various ways, in this case it is generally related to palpitations, breathlessness, wheezing and even weariness. Turning to ammon. carb. is capable of facilitating in curing these issues and symptoms, for instance, a swollen face that is likely to be related to poor blood circulation.
Respiratory ailments
People suffering from respiratory ailments are likely to have an unusual feeling that a persistent or dry cough may be related to this kind of feeling. In homeopathy, ammon. carb. works excellently in treating cough that may keep the patients as well as others awake during the night. It is advisable to ask for medical help immediately when the symptoms begin to appear first, since if the patient is left unattended, it is likely to result in palpitations. In effect, this health condition may also result in bronchitis or other chest ailments. Turning to the homeopathic remedy ammon. carb. in such cases not only helps in curing the original health problem, but also eases the associated symptoms.
The homeopathic remedy ammon. carb. is very effective in treating tremendous weariness, which when settles is generally related to further symptoms like debility, depression and tetchiness. In such cases, there is a possibility that the disposition of the patient will change somewhat significantly, since he/ she may experience nervous exhaustion, which occurs when they receive no medical assistance. In homeopathy, ammon. carb. is a remedy that works excellently to cure exhaustion and related symptoms.
Scarlet fever
Till recently, very few people were aware of the health condition called scarlet fever. Although it also existed in the past, most people were unaware of this ailment. People suffering from this ailment usually have rash of minute reddish spots that eventually spread all over the body. Occasionally, the patients may also endure headaches, tender throat and fever that are all related to the rash. Using the homeopathic remedy ammon. carb. in such situations not only helps to cure the ailment, but also provides relief from the associated symptoms.
Skin complaints
In homeopathy, ammon. carb. is known to be an excellent remedy for hives and rashes as well as the violent itching that is associated with these skin conditions. In effect, when people endure skin complaints, for instance, boils, pimples and also tiny red spots on their skin surface, they find it difficult to get rid of these conditions. Turning to ammon. carb. in such conditions is an ideal homeopathic remedy. The skin of some people may be apt to allergic reactions and be susceptible to plain elements like water! Such skin conditions may occur individually or they may be related to more acute conditions.


The homeopathic remedy ammon. carb. is prepared chemically using ammonium chloride and sodium carbonate.

Ammon. mur.

Ammonium muriaticum

The homeopathic remedy Ammonium muriaticum (Ammon. mur.) is prepared chemically using the chemical compound ammonium chloride and this medication is used to treat a number of health problems, especially lung problems, such as coughs, bronchitis and pneumonia.

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Soon after ammonium chloride was introduced in the West in the second century, it assumed great importance among alchemists. In addition to its medicinal use, ammonium chloride is still employed as an electrolyte in batteries and also in tinning, galvanizing as well as soldering. Besides, in orthodox medicine, ammonium chloride is used to treat cold and cough. Precisely speaking, it forms a major ingredient of cold and cough medications. While the Fire Mountain in central Asia formed the only source of ammonium chloride till the 9 the century, presently it is manufactured by chemical processes.

Parts used

Ammonium chloride forms the basis of the homeopathic remedy ammon. mur. and is used to treat a number of health conditions.


The homeopathic remedy ammon. mur. is especially given to patients suffering from lung conditions, for instance, coughs, bronchitis and pneumonia wherein dense, persistent mucus is produced. The symptoms experienced by people suffering from these conditions comprise a slippery feeling in the mouth and throat, a low backache, distended glands and neck and tendons that seem to be stretched as though they are very short. In addition, this homeopathic medication is also prescribed for people suffering from backache and sciatica which worsens on the left side of the body.

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In homeopathy, ammon. mur. has a wonderful action on people who are obese and lethargic and suffer from respiratory ailments. In addition, this homeopathic remedy is also appropriate for people who have a large body with slender legs. These people suffer from cough that is dry lacerating, but becomes loose in the afternoon accompanied by copious coughing and spitting up mucus as well as clattering mucus. The voice of such patients becomes hoarse and they may experience a burning sensation in larynx. They cough more violently when they are lying on their back or on the right side. They cough copious saliva, which is accompanied by symptoms of the liver. In such cases, the phlegm is so firm that it cannot be hawk up. In other words, it becomes quite impossible to clear up the throat. They also have diluted watery pungent and hot discharges from the nose, which wear away the inside of nose as well as the upper lip in coryza (severe inflammation of the mucus membrane in the nasal cavity). Congestion of the nose results in lack of ability to smell and they have a stuffy feeling in the nose with the yearning to blow it out.

Ammonium muriaticum is also effective in treating constipation when the patient passes different kinds of stool at different times. In addition, stools differ in color and are covered with viscous mucus. At the threshold of the anus, the stools often break up. This homeopathic medication is also effective in treating diarrhea that is accompanied with bloody discharge from the bowels during menstrual cycles. Ammonium muriaticum is also useful for healing hemorrhoids (mass of dilated veins in swollen tissues at the border of the anus and in the region of the rectum) following repressed leucorrhoea (a white or yellowish release of mucous material from the vagina, often indicating an infection). The patients also experience tender and smarting rectum accompanied by a smoldering and stinging pain while passing stool and even several hours after. This homeopathic remedy is also effective for treating leucorrhoea. There is also a propensity unbalanced or erratic blood circulation and it appears that blood is in unvarying tumult, pounding. The patients suffer from cough which is accompanied by numerous categories of symptoms. Turning to the homeopathic remedy ammon. mur. not only helps to cure the main health conditions, but also eases the associated symptoms effectively.


The homeopathic remedy ammon. mur. is prepared chemically using the chemical compound ammonium chloride.

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