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Homeopathy Aurum met. Gold

Aurum metallicum

The very name of the homeopathic remedy Aurum metallicum (Aurum met.) suggests that it is prepared using the precious metal gold and it is especially used to treat mental disorders, such as depression which may often lead to suicidal thoughts. A chemical element, gold, whose symbol is Au, derived from the Latin word aurum denoting gold, and atomic number is 79. As we all are familiar, gold is a dense, soft and shiny precious metal that is extremely malleable and ductile. Unadulterated gold has a vivid yellow color and sheen that has been attractive traditionally. In effect, gold almost always retains its color and shine as it does not oxidize either in water or air. It is known that gold hardly enters into chemical reactions, barring the noble gases. Over the ages, gold has been used for various purposes and history shows that this precious metal has been highly desired since man discovered it. It has been used to manufacture coins, jewelry as well as other objects of art much before the history of mankind was recorded. During the 12th century, the Arabian medical practitioners valued gold highly for treating disorders of the heart. However, after its use by Arabian physicians, gold was not used medicinally till the early part of the 20th century when it was used for curing ailments, such as tuberculosis, and in blood examination for determining the sexually transmitted disease (STD) syphilis. Nowadays, gold is used in conventional medicine to treat rheumatoid arthritis as well as in treating cancer. In effect, homeopathic physicians prescribe aurum met. for people who endure precise clinical complaints that may vary from depression to heart ailments. During the era when the world was ruled by several feudal lords, gold was generally considered to be favorable for health. This belief originated from the fact that something as beautiful, attractive and rare could be nothing but good for people's wellbeing. In fact, even today several contemporary esotericists (people who practice secret medicine) as well as physicians of different alternative forms of medicine consider metallic gold to possess healing attributes. In addition, a number of gold salts do possess anti-inflammatory attributes and are used in pharmaceuticals to treat arthritis and other analogous health conditions. Nevertheless, only the salts and radioisotopes of gold have been found to be of pharmaceutical value, since elemental or metallic gold is inactive to all chemicals that it comes across within the body. It has been observed that being an individual belonging to the Aurum remedy type is not much fun. However, there is one nice thing regarding treating people belonging to the Aurum remedy type and that is one may witness some agility or lightness return to their lives following the use of this homeopathic remedy. Similar to metallic gold from which the homeopathic remedy Aurum met. is prepared chemically, there is great heaviness about the individuals belonging to this remedy type. In most instances, such heaviness has been associated with such individuals since their childhood. Thus, if any patient complains that he/ she has been suffering from depression throughout their life, you may consider them to belong to the Aurum remedy type. In fact, some extent of depression is a usual condition of being for most of the Aurum individuals. Now and then, such individuals enter into profound and apparently desperate depression. However, even during the intermittent periods, such individuals are not free from negative thoughts regarding themselves and they always have a feeling as if a dark cloud is suspended over them. According to astrology, gold is placed just below the sign of the Sun. The Sun is known to generate its energy by means of several nuclear reactions. Most of us are also aware of the fact that the different plants came into existence from the Sun - hence, it may be said that in a way the Sun occupies the position of the father/ mother of our solar system family. What is more important is the fact that all forms of life on the various planets are solely dependent on the Sun. Being aware of these facts regarding the Sun, it is explicable that people who require the homeopathic remedy Aurum metallicum (Aurum met.) possess a powerful feeling of responsibility and the conception that they need to resolve all their problems on their own. Going by the principles of astrology, the Sun is a symbol of everything concerning us - our core, our individualism, our spirit as well as our inner most self. In fact, astrology also relates other qualities, such as valour, self-trust, self-consciousness, and self-esteem, sense of honour, righteousness, human dignity, vivacity, life-force and happiness with the Sun. Hence, it is not surprising to note that all these attributes are obviously evident in a balanced individual belonging to the Aurum remedy type. However, if the Aurum personality happens to be imbalanced, the Sun appears to have discontinued shining. Rather than radiating their own individualism, they actually display an inclination that leads to the total destruction of themselves. These are the individuals who require the homeopathic remedy Aurum met. the most. Individuals belonging to the Aurum remedy type are known to be the harshest critics of themselves and also for their self-condemnation. This type of people suffer from intense depression and often have suicidal thoughts or tendencies. People who are said to have Aurum personalities are generally truthful, sincere and dependable individuals who possess some type of natural leadership qualities - this may be compared to the central position of the Sun. Such individuals are usually ambitious, apply themselves hard and are generally successful in life. For such personalities, it is important to have money, gold and a material position, since these help to draw others' appreciation. Individuals belonging to the Aurum remedy type want the maximum from themselves and the people in their surrounding or those who are associated with them. They loathe failure and do not consider it to be an option. Aurum-characters genuinely give themselves absolutely with a view to become successful in achieving the objectives in their life and if they are unable to achieve their goals, they consider that everything has been lost. Such individuals generally hold themselves responsible for all their failures and punish themselves with scathing self-criticism. When they failed to achieve their desired goals in life or something does not work or goes wrong, such individuals generally suffer from the perception that their entire life has been ruined. Sometimes, the may even endure a feeling that inability to achieve their life's objectives have made them fall from the celestial grace. As a result of such depressing feelings, the Aurum remedy type personalities actually suffer very much within. When others criticize them, they take it by heart and, at the same time, demoralize themselves with self-criticism. Sometimes, such people may become so imbalanced that in their extreme anxiety and acute depression, they may also consider that suicide is the only solution to the problems confronted by them. Despite so much depression and sufferings, generally the pain and sorrow endured by them goes unnoticed by others around them. However, Aurum personalities are people who do not give up easily and continue to work as long as it is possible for them. They not only endeavour hard to solve their personal problems, but also try hard to maintain their dignity and will not easily talk about their inner feelings. Now and then, you may have read stories about a certain businessman who work hard to set up a large company. However, when some trouble appeared in his business and he faced the threat of going insolvent, he did not give up hope. Instead, the businessman worked positively to save his company and toiled for as long as 18 hours every day and his employees too had faith on him that he would come out of all the troubles unscathed. While all this was on, one day the businessman suddenly jumped out of the window and was discovered dead! All this happened while no one, neither his family nor employees, had the faintest idea of the pain and sorrow he was bearing within or how depressed he was. Now, to cut the long story short, this businessman was certainly an Aurum character. Several factors are responsible for the complaints developed by individuals belonging to the Aurum remedy type. The many include loss of a loved relationship, grief, death of someone beloved, self-criticism, loss of money, insolvency, offence, loss of dignity, and intense emotions, such as fury, bad temper as well as disillusionment. When such people are under some kind of pressure or strain, they may even turn out to be extremely adamant. It is interesting to note that the Aurum personality normally feels better during the day as the sunshine helps to remove much of the darkness within them - in effect, the Sun lightens their spirits. Since this type of individuals is generally religious, they feel better when classical or religious music is played. In addition, being outdoors also helps to improve their conditions. On the contrary, their conditions deteriorate during the night and they feel worse. The most common physical and psychological complaints suffered by the Aurum personalities include depression, disorders of the heart, excruciating pains in the bones and joints and acute headaches. In addition to these, they may have several other health problems, which are effectively cured by taking the homeopathic remedy Aurum met.

Parts used

The homeopathic remedy Aurum metallicum (Aurum met.) is prepared chemically using the precious metal gold.


Homeopathic physicians generally prescribe Aurum metallicum (Aurum met.) for individuals suffering from mental ailments, for instance depression that is accompanied by suicidal thoughts. It has been found that individuals who require this homeopathic medication are usually very susceptible to their views and opinions being challenged by others and when such situations occur, they are likely to burst into anger. At the same time, their appearance turns reddish and they begin to shudder. In addition, Aurum met. is also given to augment blood circulation that may result in blockage of blood in the head or other body parts, for instance, a headache accompanied by evident pounding in the temples. In homeopathy, Aurum metallicum (Aurum met.) is also an effective medication for treating heart ailments. The heart ailments that are helped by this homeopathic remedy include difficulty in breathing or breathlessness, sporadic pain in the chest behind the breastbone, a sensation that the heart might stop functioning any moment, and a sensation that the blood vessels are hot. In addition, this homeopathic medication is also prescribed for people suffering from liver ailments, for instance jaundice, pain in the bones that is related to loss of bone wherein the bones are extremely susceptible to touch, and even sinus congestion. In addition, aurum met. is given especially to young boys who endure ascended or not descending testicles, especially on the right side as well as to treat persistent tenderness and swelling of the testes.


The homeopathic remedy Aurum metallicum (Aurum met.) is prepared chemically using gold, which is found in a number of places across the globe, including South Africa, Australia, the United States and Canada.

From Glen A. - Apr-06-2011
My son had Tourrette's syndrome. The very first remedy was aurum met. and within 4 hrs, my son was so much better, it wasn't funny. I then knew that homeopathy was going to cure him Well two yrs later my son is cured, with other remedies that followed. Streptococcus was the last remedy, to have my son cured.

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