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Homeopathy Rhododendron Siberian Rhododendron / Yellow Snow Rose

Rhododendron chrysanthemum

The rhododendron plant belongs to genus of flowering plants in the Ericaceae family. This plant, rhododendron, has derived its name from the Greek terms rodon denoting 'rose' and dendron signifying a 'tree'. The national flower of Nepal, rhododendron was first introduced to Europe from Siberia where people had been traditionally using it as an herbal medicine to treat rheumatism as well as gout. In 1831, the medicinal efficiency of rhododendron was established in homeopathy. It has also been proved that people who require the homeopathic medicine prepared from rhododendron leaves, which is prescribed to treat a number of diseases, are seriously distressed by any approaching thunderstorm. Rhododendron actually belongs to a vast genus of flowering plants that include more than 1000 species, together with plants that are familiar to gardeners as azaleas. In Siberia and the Alps, one would usually find the chrysanthemum species - a small species of relatively less familiar member of the genus. The rhododendron plant is usually a small sized bush that generally grows to a maximum height of just 0.5 meter. In effect, the rhododendron had the status of being a valuable herbal treatment for dissimilar health conditions, such as gout, rheumatism and a sexually-transmitted disease (STD) called syphilis. The freshly obtained leaves of the rhododendron plants form the source for a homeopathic mother tincture that cures a number of ailments.

Parts used

Fresh leaves.


The homeopathic remedy prepared from the freshly obtained leaves of the rhododendron plant is used to treat a number of medical conditions, including rheumatism, arthritis and gout. This homeopathic medicine is also effective in healing conditions like splitting pain in the ligaments, joint tissue and cartilage as well as swelling and rheumatic pains. In addition, homeopaths also recommend rhododendron for treating fever, headaches, hallucination, neuralgic eye pain as well as inflammation of testicles. It has been established that individuals who need the homeopathic remedy rhododendron are basically nervous by nature and are afraid of approaching thunderstorms. It is interesting to note that people who endure such symptoms worsen prior to a thunderstorm and improve when the thunderstorm breaks. In homeopathy, rhododendron is an extremely effective medication for patients suffering from gout. In fact, this homeopathic medicine is especially beneficial for patients who endure rheumatic pains that occasionally travel from one joint to another and worsen when the sufferer takes rest. In addition, the condition of such patients deteriorates prior to thunderstorms, in cold and wet weather, while the symptoms improve when they are wrapped with warm clothes. Such pains may occur in the heads and also in the limbs. The homeopathic remedy rhododendron provides great relief to elderly people who have been suffering from gout for long. In addition, rhododendron is also prescribed by homeopaths to treat swelling of the joints, tenderness in the aponevroses during night and when the patients are at rest. It is interesting to note that people who need the homeopathic remedy rhododendron are able to forecast a thunderstorm, during which the patients endure splitting and shooting pains. In addition, such people also experience bruised soreness as well as firmness of the joints as well as the neck and back. Such people are very susceptible to cold weather and their condition deteriorates when the weather becomes cold. While the patients feel weakness when they take rest, they also feel feeble due to hard work. People who respond well to the homeopathic remedy rhododendron are those who get relief during continuous motion. Such people are extremely susceptible to windy cold weather and have jerky movements prior to a storm. Usually, these patients get relief when they are in continuous motion and also when the aching part is worsened by moving the affected body parts. In homeopathy rhododendron is a very effective remedy for treating the terror of thunder in any individual who suffers from nervous anxiety and forgetfulness. In fact, such people usually forget what they have been talking about while they are communicating. Such people also have the habit of omitting words while writing and have a dislike for business. In addition, wine has an easy effect on such people. In addition, the homeopathic remedy rhododendron is extremely useful for people who experience violent rheumatic headaches during the morning hours in bed. Such people may get relief by moving around and also by covering their head with warm clothes. The symptoms worsen when the patients are exposed to cold and humid weather. People needing the homeopathic remedy rhododendron also experience headaches prior to any storm. The pain is mainly restricted to the temples and forehead and they have a feeling like the head is bruised. Application of heat from outside helps to provide relief from such headaches. People who respond well to the homeopathic medicine rhododendron also experience eye pains before the onset of a storm and their symptoms can be alleviated when they are in motion or by applying external heat. In addition, such patients also suffer from weakness of the internal recti (any of numerous straight muscles, like those of the abdomen, thigh, eye and others) muscles accompanied by stitching aches prior to a storm. All these symptoms can be effectively cured using the homeopathic remedy rhododendron. Moreover, people who require rhododendron also experience vicious ear aches, which are occasionally splitting, when a storm is approaching. They also endure deafening, ringing and bustling sounds in their ears. These symptoms may be ameliorated by applying external heat. The symptoms of the patients who experience gout accompanied by neuralgia of the face are worsened when the subjects are in motion or exposed to cold wind. However, these symptoms are ameliorated when external heat is applied. In addition, the condition of these patients usually deteriorates when they are in rest and also during stormy weather conditions. They also experience pain in their teeth prior to a storm, but get relief when they eat and get some warmth. The pain in the teeth is usually accompanied by earache. Patients enduring such symptoms get relief by external heat application, but the condition deteriorates during the night and when they take any cold drink. Again, people who require the homeopathic remedy rhododendron most are those who experience ripping rheumatic pains in their limbs, usually the forearms and legs, during a stormy weather. This symptom worsens prior to the storm, when the patient is taking rest and during night-time. The pains, especially affecting the bones and periosteum (a fat fibrous double-layered membrane covering the bone surface), generally shift from one place to another in the limbs and the joints. Such patients are generally unable to sleep unless their legs are crossed and often the pain is so intense that it drives them out of bed and they are without sleeping after midnight. The excruciating pain almost paralyzes the limbs. They also experience such acute pain in the shoulder joint that they are unable to even move their arms. However, both the patient as well as the pain can be ameliorated when they walk about and use the homeopathic remedy rhododendron, which is very effective in curing such conditions and associated symptoms. Rhododendron is also an effective homeopathic remedy to treat drawing pain in the bladder accompanied by recurrent urge for urinating. Rheumatic patients may also suffer from orchitis or inflammation of the testicles which may be caused by taking cold food or drinks, sitting on a chilly stone or from concealed gonorrhea. The inflammation is worse on the right testicle. In addition, they may also experience a drawing pain in the spermatic cord (a cord that suspends the testis within the scrotum) while sitting. Patients enduring such symptoms may get relief by walking about and application of external heat. As aforementioned, such people also experience excruciating pain in their testes, spermatic cord as well as hips and extreme itching of the scrotum (the skin pouch containing the testicles). Homeopaths have often used rhododendron to heal hydrocele (accumulation of serous fluid in the scrotum) in young boys. Besides taking the homeopathic medicine rhododendron, all these symptoms may be ameliorated by applying external heat and walking about. Patients requiring the homeopathic remedy rhododendron may also experience rheumatic edging pain in the chest during stormy weather conditions as well as when they are at rest. When such pain occurs, these patients have a feeling as if their chest is being constricted with a tight band. At times, the pain also spreads to the heart and patients may experience rheumatic pains causing the neck and back to become stiff. The pain in the upper portion of the back often spreads to the arms during cold and humid weather and the symptoms worsen when the patients are at rest. The excruciating pain in the neck and the back often drives the patients out of bed and they are sleepless owing to it. All such conditions as well as related symptoms are effectively cured by using the homeopathic remedy rhododendron.


The rhododendron plant whose fresh leaves form the basis of a homeopathic mother tincture is native to the mountainous areas of Europe, Asia and Siberia.

From Keshar Bahadur Pun Magar - Dec-21-2012
Rhododendron 200 is very useful on testes' pain and give up tobacco habit.

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