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Bach Flower Remedies

Ulmus procera

There are several varieties of elm and it is important to take care while identifying the different species, particularly because the flowers only do not help to make the right distinction. While identifying elm specimens, it is advisable that you be watchful regarding wych elm (botanical name U. glabra) that is more or less unaffected by diseases. However, this species of elm is not used in preparing the Bach Flower Remedy. In effect, Dr. Edward Bach had opted for the English elm (botanical name U. procera), whose bark is similar to wych elm, but this species is comparatively taller. In addition, the English elm develops suckers and branch off from the column of its trunk. On the other hand, the wych elm is a wider tree that resembles a fan. There are other differences between the two species also. While the seeds of wych elm are bigger and it has longer, sharp leaves with a even stalk, the new growth on English elm is always hairy. The flowers of elm appear prior to the leaves. In fact, the tiny reddish brown clusters of elm flowers almost stifle the branches. The mature elm tree having all its characteristic features grows up to a maximum height of 20 meters to 25 meters, but this tree is generally seen growing in hedges.

Flowering Period

The elm trees bear flowers either in February or March, prior to the appearance of the leaves. It is important to note that the elm trees do not bear copious flowers every year.


The flower essence remedy Elm is prepared by employing the boiling method. To prepare this Bach Flower Remedy, you need to cut segments of the stalks and flowers in such a manner that they can be accommodated in the saucepan. It is advisable that you choose the flowers from various different trees, as many as possible.


A Bach Flower Remedy, Elm is especially useful to cure the condition of having a feeling of being overpowered or cowed down when faced with duties and responsibilities.

Individuals who are of the Elm temperament are frequently found in high positions involving lots of responsibilities. In effect, Elm type individuals are competent people, who have plenty of self-belief and are absolutely able and eager to tackle different types of situations. Nevertheless, when such people engage in added duties or are weighed down with additional accountability, what may actually occur following a promotion, they are likely to all of a sudden become besieged with the thought of what others expect from them. In such situations, the Elm type personalities start losing their self-confidence, begin to feel dejected and have qualms regarding their aptitude to manage; and this is the time when the flower essence remedy is required to reinstate confidence and optimistic thinking as well as remind such people of their abilities.

When an individual is enduring the Elm state, his or her mind has a feeling as if they are not capable of overcoming the challenges or fulfilling the responsibilities that are being offered or those that still lie in front. In such cases, these people think that the jobs ahead are impossible; something like it had exactly developed beyond his or her competencies, frightening in front, whereas they feel feeble and petite facing it.

In the Elm state, an individual also commits the error to view the several steps of present as well as the future tasks in the form of a total mass of overpowering responsibility, rather than focusing on one step at one time and allowing the remaining be as they are.

In fact, duty or responsibility is yet one more characteristic of the Elm state of the mind. While, earlier, the tasks may possibly have been pleasurable and within the individual's power of accomplishment, now they seem to be rather menacing, daunting, something akin to a onerous or dreaded responsibility.

A Bach Flower Remedy, Elm is also given to people whose minds are busy at work on details, whilst they do not have any suitable indication of the range of tasks and are unable to plan the best approach to finishing the job. In such situations, the Elm personality may possibly get lost in particulars and have a feeling that they have not been able to make any real progress on the task.

When an individual is suffering emotionally, Elm has the aptitude to assist the mind that is not able to search through the strength of emotions and may possibly facilitate the individual to arrive at a place of calm within him or her, wherein it is possible to have a general idea as well as regain the balancing strength of rationale and clearness. Elm is an wonderful remedy to assist in recovering mastery within one's mental dynamic, in case the problems of his or her life become a burden, the individual tries to dodge a solution to the problems and, instead, preoccupy his or her mind into any obsession.

While undergoing the Elm state of the mind, an individual experiences the feelings of being besieged, of trepidation, inner fatigue, nervousness, insufficiency, intimidation by the sum of responsibilities, hopelessness, desolation and disenchant. Precisely speaking, Elm is a state of the mind when one experiences losing his or her wings of elated advancement and a condition of not feeling authorized. While, previously there was optimistic looking forward into the future, now there is fear when faced with massive duties. In such cases, the patient may experience feelings of sorrow, particularly when principles were lofty and the service approach powerful and then all of a sudden the individual comprehends that his or her objectives were impractical and beyond their reach to attain.

While undergoing the Elm state of the mind, some individuals do not desire to surrender, but make an effort to keep the struggle continuing. In fact, individual elevated hopes as well as an intense perception of duty will provide such people with some motivation, though the significance might be to take rest and take care of him or her. There are other people who try to keep away from facing the specific overwhelming circumstance and keep themselves occupied with other responsibilities in their respective lives - duties or responsibilities that are well within the reach of their capabilities.

The flower essence remedy Elm is beneficial for people who are generally very competent individuals, possibly having responsible jobs, large families or dependants to take care of and all of a sudden they find themselves having a feeling that they are overloaded, weighed down and atypically not able to deal with their responsibilities. The negative state of Elm is perhaps best described as 'the final straw that broke the camel's back'. When taken for a brief period, Elm will be beneficial for people belonging to this temperament in deciding on the responsibilities that are genuinely their own as well as to balance these with the requirement for looking after the individual.

Animals also endure the Elm state of the mind. In fact, animals with the Elm temperament are those which feel loaded or fraught by a perception of responsibility. Animals who endure this state of the mind may include dogs, cats as well as horses who participate in events and which may in general be rather self-assured creatures, but all of a sudden become panicky when they are just going to enter the arena for a show, and may wince and exhibit other indications of suffering. While Rescue Remedy may possibly be useful to cure stage fright, but you ought to consider Elm as an additional remedy, particularly if this action takes place in generally dependable and balanced animals.

In addition, Elm may also be helpful for a mother who discards her litter, as she is not able to face or deal with the anticipations of her little ones. In fact, hearing dogs as well as guide dogs may also occasionally require the flower essence remedy Elm. These types of dogs are selected for their competent, composed as well as trustworthy disposition, but there may possibly be times during their training sessions, when they seem to be unable to find their self-assurance and composure and when the duty that is entrusted to them turns out to be a encumbrance.

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