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Ilex aquifolium

Holly (botanical name llex aquifolium) is a very ordinary evergreen bush or tree that usually grows to a maximum height of 20 meters. While the bark of holly is even and grey hued, this tree can be recognized best by means of its leaves, which are spiked. Generally, the leaves are less thorny in the upper parts of the tree and in mature trees the spine may also be somewhat absent. Holly produces tiny white flowers tinged with pink and each has four petals that are very scented. Holly trees are either completely male or female and this is the basic reason why some trees of this species do not produce fruits at all. The male flowers of holly are somewhat larger having outstanding stamens, while the female flowers possess basic stamens and a big pistil that eventually develops into a berry. A number of holly species are basically ornamental trees and these should never be used for therapeutic purposes.

Flowering Period

Holly trees are in bloom during the period between May and June.


The Bach Flower Remedy, Holly is prepared by employing the boiling method. To prepare this medication, you need to collect the flowering twigs of the tree. However, they ought to be picked in such sizes that they can be accommodated in a saucepan. Both, male and female flowers may be used for this purpose, but you need to select them from many dissimilar trees. The leaves of holly are somewhat outsized and may be big enough for fitting in a saucepan, but it is essential to include a number of leaves while preparing the flower essence remedy.


The flower essence remedy Holly is particularly used to cure pessimistic or hostile emotions or thinking that are usually distinguished by rage or confrontation in reaction to any apparent menace.

Precisely speaking, Holly is basically a cure for exasperations - for instance, the feelings that wear away the soul, such emotions that fill the thoughts of an individual with a craving for vengeance. People who are said to be in the Holly state are without any love and their feelings are founded on powerful pessimistic emotions that are directed at other people.

Any individual who is in the Holly state of mind is easily able to distinguish troubles as situations or others as risks to their calm as well as happiness. Often, such people become oversensitive even to trivial happenings that would have otherwise left most individuals in peace. In fact, in such a condition, the annoyed mind is set upon a negative response even to the extent of harming other, like it happens in severe cases. It is said that the Holly state is actually the attitude of a fighter - a disturbed and antagonistic condition - either articulated by means of words or gesticulations or merely held within the individual, while provoked emotions seize the individual.

As the mind is very quick to recognize others as a risk for them, it is inclined to be affected and turn out to be unreasonable owing to misgivings, covetousness, rage, vengeance as well as injured pride.

As far as mental problems are concerned, the flower essence remedy Holly is extremely valuable in treating antisocial personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, behavioural disorder as well as delusional or any additional malady accompanied by suspicion and belligerent characteristics. In the case of persecutory or paranoid hallucinations or apparition, there may be discriminating allegations as well as resentments against the imaginary danger from other people. In the case of problems accompanied by impulse management, when anger is not restrained, therapy with Holly can help to reinstate the essential internal control.

Individuals who are in the Holly state of the mind may experience very powerful emotions and they may have the aptitude to govern the individual. Often, such individuals are endowed with a great deal personal force, while the individual enjoys as well as reawaken the negative. In the Holly state, an individual may feel emboldened/ inspired or stimulated by such emotions, as the combatant's charge runs through his/ her inner self. On the other hand, while the preliminary force calms down, the individual in Holly state may find him/ her scheming steadily or silently employing him/ her in conniving contemplations.

In such a condition, the more the individual loses perception and arguments the negative emotions, it becomes all the more problematic to find the balance centered on the heart, which is necessary in such conditions.

The flower essence remedy Holly is extremely beneficial to people having noble intentions, but are short-tempered and easily infuriated with no need to examine in the negative thoughts or deeds. In effect, the Holly state of the mind may possibly be a condition of fatigue, weary nerves and a state of being invigorated by the consequences of the environment. Too much clamour and chaos, which may be caused by kids, may ruin the mood of the sufferer and result in an impulse to 'fight' him or her free. If such feelings are suppressed within the person, the individual will undergo immense internal anguish and distress. On the other hand, if the emotions are articulated, it may cause sufferings for others, even as there may perhaps be the delusion of having facilitated the self to have a lesser feeling of suffocation. A great deal of aggression and mistreatment generates in this disturbed Holly state of the mind, and unrestrained conduct may occur even though it may not be desirable at all.

In the Holly state, the sufferers are inclined to be upset and in distress, giving rise to plenty of inner suffering. Generally, such individuals have a yearning for calm relaxation as well as tranquil environment. People in this state often have an inclination to look for the reason behind the commotion in the external world, while the fact is that the inner balance between cause and response that requires to be reinstated as well as an affectionate approach inside.

Holly is also associated in the same manner with animals as it is related to humans, though animals may express their emotions more obviously compared to humans. For instance, in the case of humans, malice may perhaps increase to the unusual scathing remark or murmured away, in the case of animals it may be more palpable and they may express their emotions by barking, growling, snapping, hissing and even sometimes by wanton attacks. In addition, envy is also likely to be apparent, possibly owing to the coming of a new animal or arrival of a new infant into the family, indeed it may be someone who actually intimidates the present associations; and in cases like this the banished animal is likely to struggle to reaffirm itself by displaying antagonism towards the trespasser or the new arrival. In such conditions, you may consider giving Vine to the animals either as a substitute of Holly or in conjunction with it.

Here, it may be noted that you need to bear an important factor in the mind while taking into account the use of Holly, a flower essence remedy. In effect, Holly is perhaps the most excessively used Bach Flower Remedy when it comes to assisting suffering animals. In effect, in most animals, aggression, when it is targeted towards humans, is founded on apprehension and not so much on detestation or loathing.

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