Bach Flower Remedies
Star Of Bethlehem

Ornitholagum umbellatum

The Star of Bethlehem (botanical name Ornitholagum umbellatum) is actually a perennial bulb and belongs to the lily family. While the plant is in bloom, it has a stem measuring about 10 cm to 15 cm in height along with leaves. The deep green leaves of the Star of Bethlehem have a white central vein and are narrow as well as piercing. They emerge from the perennial bulb. The flowers of this plant are clutched in an umbel - a head of about six to ten flowers growing on separate stems and each flower having six petals and measuring about 30 mm across. The flowers are vividly white having a deep green stripe on the backside - this is owing to the twin role of the flowers as sepals fashioning a green hued bud prior to blossoming. Inside the six petals there is a central coronet comprising six stamens, which are really distinct and elevated on white hued stalks encircling an inner dome.

The flowers of the Star of Bethlehem are flaunted in such a manner that it gets maximum light and they open up completely when there is bright sunlight. It is very easy to recognize the Star of Bethlehem, but a number of its close relatives, such as ramsons and wild garlic, may deceive. For example, while wild garlic and ramsons generally have wide leaves and their flower head comprises simple white stars, those of the other related species have a noticeably dissimilar formation.

Flowering Period

The Star of Bethlehem is in bloom during the period between April and June.


Star of Bethlehem is a Bach Flower Remedy and is prepared employing the boiling process. In order to prepare this natural remedy, you need to find a location where the plant grows profusely and collect the complete flower heads. It is important to note that the flowers ought to be completely open and hence, it is advisable to pick them on a bright and clear morning.


The Star of Bethlehem is a Bach Flower Remedy, categorized in the Rescue Remedy, and is effective in curing sorrow and shock.

The architect of Bach Flower Remedy, Dr. Edward Bach had depicted Star of Bethlehem akin to a comforter of aches and grief. Individuals who require this medication most are those who are enduring the consequences of any appalling incident or accident as well as people who have received such upsetting news. In effect, the Star of Bethlehem is useful in any condition wherein an individual has experienced any type of ordeal or shock, whether recently or previously. When this Bach Flower Remedy is administered right away when an individual experiences any shock or distress, it facilitates in removing the deadening impact and also helps in recuperation from the state. It is important to note that Star of Bethlehem is never a substitute for any medical therapy, but it definitely facilitates the curative as well as recovery processes. In effect, this essence may prove to be extremely helpful for people who hold on to trauma or shock at any level from situations or events that have occurred in the past. Circumstances such as accident, demise, divorce, losing one's job, any kind of distressing news and so on, are every situation where the sufferers would benefit by using Star of Bethlehem.

Individuals who are said to be suffering the Star of Bethlehem mental state experience that their mind is shut down and has recoiled into a condition of sorrow and shock. Often, bad or distressing news received by an individual may be so harsh that it cannot be completely accepted by the conscious mind. In effect, the mind of such individuals may find it extremely difficult to contend with the inexorableness of the situations that are responsible for the grief or agony.

When we receive any shocking or distressing news, our mind employs various means to protect us against the assimilation of this type of news. To begin with, generally we are faced with hullabaloo and dissent such calamity. Afterwards, there may be rejection as well as a restless anticipation that the news might not be factual. In addition, there may be an inner numbing or festering that stops the experience of sorrow from coming completely to the surface. Such deferment of distresses may possibly continue for a maximum of two years and during this period, the sufferer generally becomes aware of symptoms of emotional/ mental numbness, something like the parts of the individual had gone into a slumber or they had shut down owing to the shock.

There may also be other types of responses to sorrow and shock and this is the float over or taking those things that cannot be amended in a lighter vein. There may be instances when the individual may in fact demonstrate cheerfulness with a view to lift the spirits of others who are also in their anguish. In effect, there is great anguish internally, but the individual makes a deliberate effort to conceal it from other people. In such cases, there may also be some numbing of the senses in the initial stages.

Our system also has another means to tackle shock and sorrow and that is expressing unwarranted fury and drawn out outrage that facilitates the suffering individual in prevailing over vulnerability as well as re-emphasizing personal power that had failed to avoid the depressing incidents. Conversely, in case the suffering individual succumbs to vulnerability and submission, he or she is likely to withdraw into quietness as well as depression and conceal their inner sentiments from other people. This actually helps the sufferer not to be felt or worked by means of other people's assistance.

In the event of the death of a loved one or mulling over fond memories, there are two other mechanisms by which the mind may be elevated to a probable reintegration sooner or later. In addition, these are also means to reduce the intensity of sorrow as well as assist the mind to understand the unavoidability of incidents. It has generally been seen that these mental conditions occur when the preliminary shock settles down.

Another way to avoid enduring the absolute experience of sorrow and shock is to feel bitter about one fate as well as rebuffing the shocking experience. Even condemning the entire inevitable incident by not allowing it to integrate completely into his/ her heart also helps to avoid creating any pain. In addition, generally in such circumstances one may also take recourse to inflated thoughts of pessimism as well as insignificance and mark down the worth of life as also the treasures of life.

The Bach Flower Remedy Star of Bethlehem is effective in healing when emotional troubles owing to the shocking influence prevails in the phase after the shocking stress disorder. In addition, this natural remedy has been indicated for treating adjustment disorder that manifests a gentler response to a much less sensitive trauma.

When one permits his/ her emotions to surface completely, they experience absolute grief accompanied by a heart-wrenching shock, intense pain as well as desolation. In effect, emotions like hopelessness and despondency sink on the heart in the form of a weighty blanket. In such a phase of disturbance, denoting complete enduring of the emotions, other reactions, for instance, fright, disgrace as well as aggravation and culpability are also likely to emerge.

When the preliminary hullabaloo, which can often occur together with rejection, is over, the intrusive phase readies the Star of Bethlehem personality to integrate as well as express the appalling experience and advance to the phase of admitting the restrictions and all the prospects. From this stage, as healing takes place and emotions steady by means of rationale as well as intelligibility, it once again becomes possible to move ahead and proceed with one's life.

It may be noted that the Bach Flower Remedy, Star of Bethlehem, is not only meant for curing shocks or grief which have occurred to people recently. Several people also find this medication beneficial for animals that have endured shocks and ordeals or have faced mistreatment at some point in their life. It is for this particular cause, several animal shelters as well as animal rescue homes use Star of Bethlehem (the Rescue Remedy) every day.

Star of Bethlehem may be given to any animal who might have endured shock or anguish. In effect, Star of Bethlehem is one important component of Rescue Remedy - a medication that is more easily available in times of emergency and, hence, can also be administered instead of Star of Bethlehem. Nevertheless, using the Star of Bethlehem individually is likely to be more effective in curing rolling sufferings, something that engulfs sorrow.