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Wild Oat
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Bach Flower Remedies
Wild Oat

Avena sativa

Wild oat (botanical name Avena sativa) is an extremely long grass that has a small number of stalks whose length is about 1.5 meters or even more. The leaves of this plant are like wide blades measuring about 15 mm in width. These leaves hold onto the stems to fashion a bundle that is covered with profuse bristles. The flowering heads of the plant are called panicles and are slack like actual oats. While it is not very easy to delineate a technical classification, it ought to be possible to identify wild oat since it is dissimilar to the additional bromes. The significant differences are the plant's height, the bristles or hairs on the sheaf as well as the look of its panicle or flower head.

Flowering Period

Wild oat blooms during the period between July and August. It is important to note that the flowering period of this species is considerably later compared to majority of the other flowering grasses.


The sun method is used to prepare the remedy from wild oat. The flowers of this plant are used for this purpose. Pick the flowers when they are ready and the bracts open up all of a sudden to expose the rusty brown hued pollen on the anthers. You need to collect the spikelets' flowering ends from several dissimilar grasses of the species and drift them on water.


Speaking specifically, Wild Oat actually tackles dearth of inspiration, absence of direction as well as aspirations that have not been rewarded or fulfilled.

Individuals who are said to be in the Wild Oat state are not certain regarding the objectives in their life and are somewhat directionless, wondering around and seeking the exceptional mission of their life. It is likely that such individuals will try different paths or vocations, but remain disgruntled and never completely inspired, as nothing appears to be reasonably correct. The mind of such people is likely to be disturbed and they may also be forgetful, lacking that particular flash of inspiration and inducement that encourages as well as takes one forward. The happy focus on the jobs at hand as well as the enthusiastic commitment towards their duties is also absent. To such people even play and entertainment may not be interesting.

In such a mental condition, wherein indifference or lack of concern may in fact prevent flashes of interest from growing in the patient, as active focus and receptiveness are likely to be restrained. In such cases, a pessimistic reaction is generated, which again reinforces the aimlessness of the patient.

This kind of absence of inspiration and inducement applies to greater tasks of life as well as vital directions of self-actualization. In addition, this is also applicable in an individual's everyday habitual errands and responsibilities. Gradually, these things are likely to infuse monotony, frustration and lassitude.

In addition, the Wild Oat state may occur momentarily in individuals who have been pursuing the work of their life. They may experience an unexpected disinterest signifying a one-sided schedule with excessive importance on work, while ignoring other activities that are also important and might help in providing a break from the everyday routine. Wild Oat therapy will help to reinstate the happiness of development as well as induce the normal inspiration in the patient.

When children are in the Wild Oat state, they become disinterested in going to school or even to play. In such a condition, Wild Oat therapy will help to invigorate the mind and take it in the direction of jubilant interaction as well as receptiveness.

In a number of mental ailment types accompanied with dysfunction of organs as well as retardation of the organs, Wild Oat as a remedy will provide the utmost inspiration and inducement within physical restrictions.

Individuals who are enduring Wild Oat state experience emotions that generally center on unhappiness, aggravation, discontent, loathing, boredom, purposelessness as well as uselessness. In addition, they have a feeling of not being completely aroused to their potential. Such individuals have an internal impulse or desire for development and they somewhat are not aware as to the manner in which they need to express themselves, and the path they need to adopt. Owing to such unreciprocated questions, they endure the pressures of restiveness as well as dissatisfaction. Alternately, people in Wild Oat stage are also likely to have an assortment of thoughts and plans, but they are unsuccessful in incorporating them as well as realizing them of the ground. Despite this, the fact remains that a visionary desiring to make significant contributions to the society gets additionally distracted by trivial, technical aspects of actual advancement.

In addition, Wild Oat therapy also encourages an internal confidence regarding the vocational path of an individual's life. People who require this medication are those who are yet to be connected with the inner direction of their soul that actually would provide them with transparency on the route of the path they choose. Such individuals are generally very ambitious having a number of endowments and gifts, but since they suffer from an absence of potent internal felling of the manner in which they ought to utilize their talents, they have a tendency to end up darting from one vocation to another. In effect, the state of ambiguity endured by these people denotes that they are continually seeking the accurate direction in the outer world, but the answers to their queries are actually present in their inner self. In fact, Wild Oat therapy aids in reinforcing their internal link as well as encourage simplicity of direction.

Patients who are enduring the Wild Oat state of the mind have a feeling that they have come to a crossroads in their life. Such people crave to do something that is meaningful, but are not aware as to which route or path they should choose. In fact, they have already tried various different options, but continue to be dissatisfied with their life or with whatever they might have achieved. Wild Oat therapy facilitates such people to find the right direction as well as believe that they are more content or satisfied.

It is interesting to note that even some animals may come to a stage wherein they have a feeling that they are lost and directionless. Such a state may occur to any animal that is evacuated all of a sudden from any circumstance wherein it had been satisfied and forcibly put into another situation where its earlier motivation for living does not exist any more. For instance, envisage a working dog that has now retired to a new place or home. The animal might been accepted by the family member of his owners who perform their best to welcome the dog, but in case his entire life has developed around his life on the farm, the dog may have a feeling that there is no point in his life any longer. As a result, he may feel disgruntled and disturbed. It may be noted here that the Wild Oat is one natural medication that may be considered for helping the dog to once again discover a sense of reason as well as contentment in his new place of dwelling. In such a condition, the affected dog may in all probability be given Wild Oat in conjugation with Walnut.

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